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July 24, 2023 | Ranges

3 Types of Electric Ranges for the Modern Kitchen

types of electric ranges

Are you ready to take your cooking to the next level with one of the new types of electric ranges?

For many years, gas ranges were touted as providing a superior cooking experience over electric ranges. And while they each do have their own set of exceptional characteristics, it is the electric range that is wildly growing in popularity today.

Quite different from their gas counterparts, electric ranges use electric currents flowing from a metal coil to heat up your food. They are highly efficient and more compact, but very mighty.

Do yourself a favor and check out these 3 types of electric ranges you need in your modern kitchen.

3 Types of Electric Ranges Your Kitchen Needs

Kitchen ranges have been around for a very long time. But your kitchen range doesn’t need to look like it is an original model, does it? With new technological advancements in the industry, the electric ranges keep getting better and better—with more efficiency and must-have features to offer homeowners.

Let’s take a look at 3 types of electric ranges that stand out above the rest.

Professional Electric Range

A good, solid, and high-functioning professional electric range by THOR Kitchen is all you need to handle your family’s cooking needs with ease. In fact, it provides you with everything you need – without doing the cooking for you. Stunning stainless steel with a smooth glass top makes it a perfect fit in a modern kitchen.

Plus, check out the features:

  • Heating elements that provide a wide range of capability
  • LightningBoil Element
  • True convection fan for even and thorough heating
  • LED control panel lights
  • Large oven capacity
  • Heavy-duty control knobs
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • Blue porcelain interior

It is the electric range you need in your kitchen.

Tilt Panel Professional Electric Range

Interested in a Tilt Panel Professional Electric Range by THOR Kitchen? With a movable control panel, you can have a customized and flexible experience. This beautiful stainless steel range comes with all the must-have features, too, including:

  • Convection fan for even cooking
  • Large oven capacity
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • Hidden bake element
  • Powerful healing elements – including a 3,000W quick boil element
  • Self-cleaning
  • Large window so you don’t have to open the oven door
  • Halogen oven light – which makes peaking in even easier

Plus, this range comes with an air fryer option, too.

Contemporary Professional Electric Range

THOR Kitchen’s contemporary professional electric range is a stainless steel powerhouse. It not only has all the great features, but it has incredible functionality, too. It looks great in your modern kitchen while giving you a superior cooking experience.

Did we mention that its sleek, contemporary look sets it apart from other electric ranges on the market?

With this electric range, you get the following features, too:

  • Smooth, frameless glass top
  • Heating elements that range from a 1,200W single burner to a high-powered 3,000W dual heating element
  • Convection fan for even cooking
  • Large oven window – reducing the need to open the door to check food
  • LED display screen, oven function, and button operation
  • Large capacity oven
  • Heavy-duty control knobs
  • Black porcelain spill tray for easy cleanup
  • Halogen oven lights

This type of electric range is a combination of power and style.


Purchasing new kitchen appliances is making an investment in your home. It is best to get all your questions answered before you move forward. Here are a couple of the most commonly asked.

What are the benefits of cooking with an electric range?

There are many benefits of cooking with an electric range. It provides consistent heat which leads to thorough cooking. Electric ranges heat more efficiently than gas ranges, thus keeping the heat out of your kitchen as you cook. And they are so much easier to keep clean.

What is the average electric range size?

The average range size found in most homes is 30 inches wide. Though there are different sizes available based on the amount of space that you have. These include 24-inch ranges, 30-inch ranges, 36-inch ranges, and even 48-inch dual fuel ranges.

How do I choose a new electric range?

When investing in a new electric range, get to know what is available, including types, features, finishes, and so forth. Then measure your space so that you know what size range you need. And finally, set your budget. As a well-informed shopper, you are likely to secure the best electric range for your kitchen.

Upgrade to an Electric Range Today

If the time has come for you to replace the range in your kitchen with one that will match your modern decor, you need one of THOR Kitchen’s 3 types of electric ranges. They are designed with the budding chef in mind, made of professional quality, and all the best features.

Just imagine how much better your meals will taste with the help of a high-quality electric range.

Shop THOR Kitchen’s electric ranges online or at a local retailer.