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January 23, 2023 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES | Microwaves

4 Types of Drawer Style Microwaves

4 types of drawer style microwaves

Ah, the lovely microwave. Many people underestimate the power of this kitchen appliance. After all, you can cook just about anything in a regular microwave or even drawer style microwaves – and enjoy it much faster than if it were cooked any other way. It truly is convenient cooking.

Types of Drawer Style Microwaves

Did you know that all microwaves are not created equal? And we aren’t just referring to their wattage. There are actually four main types of microwaves that you can invest in – though some rank a bit higher on the must-have list. Let’s take a look.

1. Countertop Microwave

The handy-dandy countertop microwave is one that you can pick up just about anywhere. For as little as $50 you can bring one home, place it on your countertop, and plug it in.

Will it heat up your food? Absolutely. Will it cook it quickly? Probably. Though be prepared as you may have to cook it longer than the package directions.

While you can find a good one every now and then, often, these countertop microwaves are lower wattage, which doesn’t make them as efficient as those of better quality. And although this type of microwave is primarily placed on a countertop, it can be nestled inside many different spaces to turn it into a drawer style microwave to suit your needs.

2. Built-In Microwave

Built-in microwaves come with the same traditional look as a countertop microwave, except they are built-in to the cabinetry. Sometimes you may find them in the lower cabinets of a kitchen island, too.

They have to be professionally installed in order to fit seamlessly.

3. Over-the-Range Microwave

An over-the-range microwave is one that has a traditional design like the first two we talked about, but it is installed over the range. It, too, is often built into the cabinetry.

The way this is designed to look is that the range and microwave look like one uniform unit. Instead of having a range hood, this type of microwave works as an exhaust for the stove top cooking. It is not vented.

Having a microwave installed over the range makes it more convenient to be off of the counter, but it does take away from the ability to have a highly-efficient range hood which some could see as a downfall.

4. Drawer Microwave

As its name suggests, a drawer microwave oven pulls out like a drawer rather than the traditional swinging door. You pull it out and reach down into it to place your food. As a result, these units are installed in the cabinetry below the countertop.

They are easy to use and have a lot of space to even fit large items. Because they work well to heat foods evenly, they do not require a turntable. This gives you even more space.

In all ways, a microwave drawer gives you a better experience.

Perks of a Drawer Style Microwave

There are quite a few advantages that come with choosing a drawer style microwave, including:

-It looks like it was custom-built into your kitchen

-Smooth, gentle drawer to avoid spills

-Large capacity – and ability to hold large square dishes since there is no turntable

-Looks like a high-end appliance

-Can be used in main cabinetry or island


-Gives you more space on the countertop

-Allows you to have an efficient range hood

-Easy access to insert, remove and stir foods

THOR Kitchen’s Must-Have Microwave Drawer

24 Inch Microwave Drawer by Thor Kitchen
24 Inch Microwave Drawer by THOR Kitchen

The 24-inch microwave drawer in stainless steel from THOR Kitchen is a must-have. Model number TMD2401 will allow you to show off your microwaving chef skills. And it comes with a ton of features to help you find success with your venture in creating the best recipes without turning on the stove or oven. Check them out:

-Unique drawer design to get your microwave off your countertop and into a convenient spot

-12 sensor functions to get you just the right amount of heat, such as defrosting, beverage, melting chocolate, softening ice cream, and more

-Extra 1-minute add-on feature

-10 power modes for heating the most delicate things to the most frozen

-Auto touch open/close control allows you to open and close the drawer with the touch of a button

-1.2 cubic feet of cooking space can accommodate containers of many sizes

-The “Keep warm” function allows your food to stay warm without overcooking it

-Sleek design with a touch LCD display that makes it easy to control

-The stainless steel finish is easy to keep clean and shines beautifully

What Can You Cook in a Microwave?

If you don’t have a microwave or it has been a while since you have used one, you may very well be underestimating the power of this appliance. See, a microwave is an easy way to cook a lot of things – without having to get a ton of pans dirty, wait for the water to boil, and so forth. Here are a few recipe ideas of things you can cook in the microwave:

-Spaghetti squash

-Scrambled eggs




-Mac’ n cheese

-Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes



-Peanut brittle

Roasted garlic

This doesn’t even include your everyday instant oatmeal, microwave popcorn, can of soup, etc. The list of things you can cook in the microwave can keep going and going.

Keeping Your Microwave Clean

Once you invest in your microwave drawer, it is rather simple to keep clean, too. Never, ever use harsh cleaners (or any chemical cleaners at all) in your microwave. Instead, simply place a microwave-safe mug or bowl of water inside the microwave. Heat it for about 2 to 3 minutes so that it gets nice and hot, and steamy.

Once it’s done, carefully remove and discard the water and quickly wipe down all the areas within the appliance. The steam from the water loosens everything nicely, so you don’t need anything else to get it clean!

Shop Drawer Style Microwaves at THOR Kitchen

If you haven’t noticed by now, microwaves – especially drawer style microwaves – can bring a positive vibe to your kitchen. Life just isn’t the same without one.

Get yours today when you shop THOR Kitchen.