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5 Pros of Energy Saving Appliances in the Kitchen

5 pros of energy saving appliances in the kitchen

Many have spent decades trying to make things bigger and better than they were before. And everyone is always on the search for the latest and greatest new product, whether it be for energy saving appliances or those not so energy efficient. Unfortunately, for the latter, we are only in recent years discovering all the damage this may have cost our world.

To compensate, we can all do our part by investing in items that will do the least amount of harm possible – especially those items that are used on a daily basis, such as kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, for example. Energy saving appliances in the kitchen not only help the environment as a whole but also bring you some perks, too. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To create electricity itself, fossil fuels must be burned. However, this process releases carbon dioxide into the air, and, as a result, it and other greenhouse gases begin to create a layer of insulation that allows the sun’s rays in but doesn’t allow it back out. Thus, this process contributes to global warming and climate change.

By opting for energy saving appliances, you can reduce energy consumption and, in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Conserve Water Consumption

Like electricity, water use is another thing we need to pay attention to. We need water to live, but we don’t need to take 30-minute hot showers or leave the faucet running on full blast while we brush our teeth. Taking small steps to monitor water usage is a great idea. One way you can do that is by purchasing appliances that use less water and energy than the alternatives.

A dishwasher, for instance, with a smart wash cycle, will only use the amount of water necessary to get the dishes thoroughly clean without going overboard. Not only will it use less energy, but it will use less water, too.

3. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

The term carbon footprint gets passed around a lot, but did you know that it is actually a representation of the number of carbon compounds (like carbon dioxide from fossil fuels) that come from your house and life? In other words, it is your contribution to the carbon compounds that cause global warming.

The lower the number, the better. You can reduce your carbon footprint by investing in energy-efficient appliances. These units give off fewer emissions into the environment and have much less of an impact on climate change.

4. Save Money

Not only are you helping the environment when you choose to use energy saving appliances in the kitchen, but you also save money, too. Energy-efficient appliances are designed to reduce their energy consumption while still working efficiently (as their name suggests).

Many manufacturers even go the extra mile and create more than just an appliance that runs efficiently, but they also include features that further contribute. For instance, adding LED lighting and LED displays.

Introducing energy saving appliances into your kitchen is a decision you can feel good about. You will use less energy and, in turn, have a lower utility bill.

5. Boost Your Quality of Life

You have the power to make decisions that impact the future – including the purchase of energy saving appliances. Because they are designed with you and the environment in mind, you reap the benefits as they make your life easier. Not only do they work well, are built with convenience in mind, and save you money, but they also are designed well. They require less replacement and less maintenance yet still run strong and efficiently.

What’s more, you also know that you are giving off good to the environment and that it benefits not just you, but everyone in your family. Doing the right thing just feels good.

THOR Kitchen’s Energy Efficient Appliances

So now that you know all the good things that come from energy-efficient appliances, it is time that you learn about a few you could be using in your own home. Thor Kitchen has created a line of professional appliances that give you incredible beauty and durability while still maintaining energy conservation and efficiency.

24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

THOR’s 24-inch built-in dishwasher, model number HDW2401SS, is equipped in multiple ways to save you money and help the planet. It comes equipped with a multiple filtration system that allows optimal performance using less water and energy, as well as a Smart Wash System that uses the perfect amount of water for each wash load.

This stainless steel unit is durable, professional quality, with a touch of softness that fits beautifully in your kitchen.

36-Inch French Door Refrigerator

Model number TRF3601FD, a 36-inch french door refrigerator, is energy-star certified and has many features that contribute to its overall level of efficiency. For instance, showcase LED lighting is not only efficient in itself, but it also allows you to get in and out by being able to see everything clearly. A triple-tech cooling system controls the temperature of each compartment with a separate airflow to boost humidity levels and reduce frost buildup so that it can run most efficiently.

Thanks to the door alarm, you never have to worry about accidentally letting all the cold air leak out of your fridge again.

30-Inch Professional Electric Range

Model number HRE3001, this professional 30-inch electric range comes with powerful features that help you cook your meal with utmost efficiency. It has multiple cooking modes, a true convection fan for even baking, and flexible burners, so you always have just the right amount of heat needed to do your cooking. The large 4.55 cubic foot oven capacity allows you space to cook multiple dishes at once, which reduces the amount of energy needed to cook an entire meal. And finally, add on LED lighting that is energy-efficient in itself, and you can feel good about using this range.

Shop Energy Saving Appliances Today

As one person, it may seem like taking a step to reduce energy is a daunting task – and it may leave you wondering whether or not your choices will make a difference. The truth is, it does. Each time someone (like you) purchases energy-efficient appliances for their kitchen, there are fewer carbon compounds making into the environment. What would happen if everyone made the switch?

Now is the time to make a difference. Get with your nearest THOR dealer and be a part of the change.