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5 Types of Range Hoods to Complement a Kitchen

5 types of range hoods to complement a kitchen

Whether you realize it or not, your cooking can cause a lot of fumes, odors, smoke, grease, and more to fill the air of your kitchen. And, if not removed, they can linger, too. Think about waking up to the smell of last night’s fish dinner. Besides being smelly, some of the fumes can be quite toxic and downright dangerous, too, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. So how can you prevent, eliminate, and/or cut down on these unpleasantries? The solution is to use a range hood and luckily, there are many different types of range hoods out there to complement your kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods for Your Home

Investing in a range hood means that you can feel confident you have clean, healthy air to breathe all the time. Not to mention that they remove excess heat, provide a lighting source, boost your home’s value, and create a beautiful eye-catching point in the kitchen.

Below you will find five different types of range hoods to complement a kitchen.

1. Over-the-Range Microwave with Vent

Many kitchens have a microwave over the range, letting it all appear as one unit. It is also sought to save on counter space. Underneath the microwave will be the filters for the vent. This will remove the fumes and toxins from the air, leaving you with a clean space.

2. Wall-Mount Range Hood

Wall mount range hoods are placed directly above the range and attached to the wall. There is no need for them to be attached to any cabinets or cupboards, which gives them the freedom to go up a little bit higher if you’d like.

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3. Ceiling-Mount Range Hood

If you are looking for a range hood to go over an island range where there is no wall or cabinets to hang it, then a ceiling-mount range hood is a great option. It hangs from above and often presents itself as an eye-catching appliance within the kitchen.

Ceiling-mounted range hoods are usually slightly larger than the range below it to ensure that they can get all of the dirty air out so you can continue to breathe nothing but the freshest.

4. Under Cabinet Range Hood

Under the cabinet range hoods is a type of hood that is mounted under the cabinet above the range. It is often surrounded by cupboards which allow it to blend in and fit the design beautifully.

5. Downdraft Vent Hood

If you are lacking space in your kitchen for a range hood, a downdraft vent hood could be an ideal option. Instead of being sucked up into the hood, this type is found alongside the cooking surface of the cooktop. It then sucks the smoke, grease, fumes, and more downward (sometimes sideways).

Ducted vs. Ductless/Recirculating Range Hoods

It is important to know that there are two different ways to hook up a range hood – either ducted or ductless.

A ducted range hood means that the air pulled from the kitchen is literally carried through the ductwork and dropped outside of the house. All the heat, odors, toxins, and more are simply removed. However, if your house doesn’t already have ductwork done, it could be quite the project to get it done.

Ductless or recirculating range hoods are a bit different. As their name suggests, they do not require any ductwork throughout the house. Rather, they use filters to clean the dirty air and then release fresh air back into the kitchen.

Both a closed ductless system and a ducted system effectively work to benefit your kitchen. Choosing which works best for you will be a matter of preference only.

Thor Kitchen’s Stainless Steel Range Hoods

Thor Kitchen offers stainless steel range hoods that are designed to shine and stand out. They are not only functional in your everyday use of your kitchen but are aesthetically pleasing, too.

Here are a few that you will want to take notice of, as well as the features that make them the best.

48-inch Professional Range Hood Under-the-Cabinet

THOR’s 48-inch professional range hood under-the-cabinet, model number TRH4805, is 16.5 inches tall and adds a modern look to your kitchen. It is sleek yet very effective.

-Powerful suction at 1,000 CFM to remove odors, smoke, and steam from multiple different pots and pans cooking.

-LED lighting to help you navigate what you are cooking.

-Ducted or ductless.

-Commercial-style baffle filter.

-Push button controls.

-Large 7-inch round duct vent for premium performance.

36-inch Wall Mount Range Hood

A different type – a 36-inch wall mount range hood, model number HRH3607, looks stunning in any design kitchen. It is as functional as it is beautiful.

-Multi-fan speeds to determine the proper level of suction

-Ducted or ductless.

-Commercial-style baffle filter

-600 CFM power to remove odors, smoke, grease, and more

-Touch control with digital display

-Remote control for convenience

-LED lighting to save energy

-Quiet operation at 60 decibels

36-Inch Professional Range Hood Under-the-Cabinet

For those looking for a range hood that fits most range sizes, our 36-inch professional range hood under-the-cabinet, model number TRH3606, offers power and performance – along with long-lasting durability that you can count on.

-Powerful 1,000 CFM suction to remove the heat, steam, toxins, and fumes. It can handle output from multiple pots and pans at once.

-LED lighting for energy efficiency.

-Quiet operation at a maximum of 67 decibels.

-Push button controls.

-Commercial-style baffle filter.

-Ducted or ductless.

-7-inch rough vent for maximum ventilation.

30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood

Finally, for those with smaller ranges, having ventilation is still very necessary. The good news is Thor Kitchen has the perfect fit via a 30-inch wall mount range hood, model number HRH3007. This range hood fits above smaller ranges or cooktops beautifully without looking too big or bulky. Like the others, it, too, comes with quite a few features.

-LED lighting to see what you are cooking – or just to lightly illuminate the kitchen at night.

-Touch control with digital display.

-Remote control for convenience.

-600 CFM of power to vent the space.

-Ducted or ductless.

-Multiple fan speeds to meet your suction needs.

-Quiet operation of 60 decibels.

Shop THOR Kitchen for the Perfect Range Hood

Whether you cook every day or once a week, you never want to compromise your health – and the health of those you love. Invest in a range hood. So many types of range hoods are available that will not only look great but also provide you with fresh air to breathe. And, well, that’s pretty important in life.

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