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5 Ways to Organize Kitchen Appliances for Spring

5 ways to organize kitchen appliances for spring

Spring cleaning – have you started it? This is the time of year when you focus on clearing out the clutter and welcoming in a new, refreshed space. After all, rejuvenation is what spring is known for, isn’t it? And being that you’ve probably placed a lot of time and effort into your kitchen, it’s always great to organize kitchen appliances as a part of your spring cleaning ritual.

Why Organize Kitchen Appliances?

It doesn’t matter how many times you clean your kitchen throughout the year, including getting that gorgeous stainless steel oven spotless – when it comes to spring cleaning, it is important that you take that extra step to get everything cleaned up in ways you normally don’t. And that means decluttering. Besides, how many of those little kitchen appliances do you really use? It is easy to collect small appliances throughout the year – and convince yourself that you need to keep them. A juicer, a new blender, a mini blender, a mixer, an air fryer, a dehydrator, a waffle iron, a panini maker, and so on. You may even have more than one of each. But, what in the world do you need two blenders for? Two coffee pots?

Friend, it is time to downsize.

And you don’t even have to think about where to start or what you should focus your attention on. Why? Because we are going to tell you.

Here are 5 ways to organize your kitchen appliances for spring.

1. Pull Out All Your Appliances – and Evaluate

The first step in getting yourself organized is to see what you’ve got. That means pulling out all of your small appliances and evaluating them. You can even separate them into groups based on how frequently they are used. Those you use often will find a space to keep. Those you don’t – or those you’ve never used – will have a different outcome.

Clear out a cabinet designated for the small appliances you use regularly. Not those you use when you make that one particular recipe every six months or so. You want to save your cabinet space for those things you use daily or weekly. If you need to get a stool and reach the upper cabinets, then do it. At least you are keeping them accessible.

 2. Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

If you cannot remember the last time you used an appliance, or you know it was a very long time ago, then declutter your kitchen by getting rid of it. If it still works, consider donating it to a local charity or put it on a site like OfferUp and sell it. If it doesn’t work, then see what you can recycle and get rid of the rest.

If you absolutely cannot see yourself parting with the appliance, but it is something you don’t regularly use at all, then find somewhere else for it to go – say, a box in the garage or attic.

3. Un-Clutter Your Cabinets

If you are struggling to find space for small appliances, then this is the perfect opportunity to declutter your cabinets. All those extra reusable cups that you will never use or those random coffee mugs you have been given as gifts. Or even that huge stockpot that you used once a couple of years ago.

Get rid of them – just like you did with your small appliances. If you need to keep them, store them somewhere else. Otherwise, donate or sell them.

4. Save Your Countertops

Look, it is easy to leave appliances on your counter. When you need them, you know where they are, right? Sure. But have you taken a look at how cluttered and frumpy your kitchen looks with all those appliances everywhere?

It’s no secret – leaving appliances out on your countertop looks unappealing and it takes away from the overall look and feel of your kitchen. As you have downsized to only the appliances you use regularly, give them their own space. Wrap their cords around them and store them neatly. Feel good about doing this.

When you need an appliance, pull it down and use it. Then, clean it up, wrap the cord again, and store it back where it belongs. Try it and you will surely like it. And, no we aren’t talking about your coffee pot. Things you genuinely use on a daily basis, such as your coffee pot or espresso maker, you can leave out. But everything else needs a shelf.

Additionally, consider saving space by investing in appliances that are made to stay out of the way. For example, a microwave drawer is a great option to free up counter space, leaving you room to spread all your fresh ingredients during food preparation.

5. Repeat The Process

It is spring, and you are organizing your kitchen appliances. Why not try it again in the fall? And the winter? Or maybe even make it a seasonal deep clean. The more you do this, the easier and less taxing the chore will feel. It will make you feel more in touch with your kitchen, too.

Having an organized and decluttered space makes you want to be in there. You will be more likely to spend more time in your kitchen and enjoy it.

Spring Cleaning Tips

While you are decluttering and organizing your space, why not do some of that extra cleaning, eh? Pull out your refrigerator and clean the floor under it. Dust the coils while you are at it. How about these tips:

â—Ź Wipe down the top of your range hood and remove and clean your baffle filters.

● Clean the outside of your stainless steel appliances, bringing back their youthful shine.

● Clean inside your appliances. That means wiping down inside your microwave, running the self-cleaning cycle on your oven, and cleaning out your          refrigerator. Wipe down the interior and then re-organize your food.

â—Ź Clean out your drawers and cupboards, take everything out, wipe them down, and then put them back in. Do this in your pantry, too.

● Give your sink a good deep clean, too.

â—Ź Wash down your countertops and your backsplash.

Clean Kitchen, Clean Slate

Taking the time to do some spring cleaning gives you a fresh slate for keeping your kitchen clean throughout the rest of the year. Not to mention that it makes you feel really good, too. So, don’t wait another minute. Organize your small appliances, get rid of the ones you don’t use, and get your kitchen in tip-top shape – just in time to cook dinner.

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