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6 Perks of an Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerator

6 Perks of an Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerator

Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a world of convenience. Why go to the store to buy something you want when you can just order online and receive it tomorrow? Why go out to eat and wait in line for your order when you can just have it delivered right to your front door? And why on earth would you ever wait for a weekly episode of a show when you can stream the whole thing at once? The same can be said about the convenience of having an undercounter outdoor refrigerator…

So as you and your buddies or your kids and their buddies are hanging out on the back patio this summer, why make them come inside for a drink? With an undercounter outdoor refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about it! You can stay outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, and keep the cold drinks coming.

Check out these six perks of installing one in your home’s outdoor kitchen suite this summer.

1. Socialize Longer

When you have a get-together of people, you sit around, socialize, and enjoy some snacks and beverages, right? But what happens as the day goes on and the food and drinks start getting more sparse? The guests will begin to leave. After all, who wants to hang out somewhere when the well has started to dry up?

When you have a well-stocked refrigerator, you can keep the party going longer. You will have plenty of space to store drinks and snacks – and can even consider it a backup to your indoor kitchen refrigerator.

2. Convenience

Imagine cooking outdoors using your outdoor kitchen suite but having to go back inside every time you need seasoning, condiments, beverages, and so forth. Quite an inconvenience, wouldn’t you say?

With an outdoor refrigerator, you get a convenient solution. This unit can hold everything you need for what you are cooking and drinks, too. It makes using an outdoor BBQ grill as convenient as cooking in your own kitchen.

3. Have Room for Overflow

If you are throwing a big bash and you need extra storage for food and/or drinks, an outdoor refrigerator can give you extra room for overflow. Take away your worry about not having enough space and allow yourself to enjoy festivities instead.

4. Reliability and Durability

Outdoor refrigerators are designed to handle the elements of the outdoors. The extreme weather conditions, harsh climates, and more will not keep your refrigerator from keeping your food and drinks cold for you. Plus, those made of stainless steel do not corrode, which means that they will continue to look beautiful.

In other words, there is a lot of value outdoor refrigerators can bring to your patio – and will continue to do so for years to come.

5. Keep the Heat Out

A well-designed outdoor refrigerator will keep the cold inside, with the perishables fresh and the drinks ready to quench your thirst. So, of course, it will keep the heat out. But what we are referring to is keeping the heat out of your home!

That summer sun can beat down hard, and temperatures can skyrocket. This is when most people notice their electric bill creeping higher and higher with everything working harder to keep the house cool. If you are having an outdoor get-together and the door keeps getting opened with guests looking for drinks and snacks inside, you are letting the cold air out and letting the hot air in. As a result, this is likely to impact your wallet.

With an outdoor refrigerator, no one has to enter your home! Everything you need is right outside.

6. Stand Out From the Crowd

Sometimes it is just cool to have something different from everyone else. Sure, having a refrigerator outside is not unheard of – many people have them. However, it is not as common as having a refrigerator inside.

Maybe the day will come when outdoor refrigerators will be the norm. But until then, why not stand out from the crowd?

Add your undercounter outdoor refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen and watch your friends find it fascinating. Watch the shiny stainless steel catch their eye as the sun hits it just right. Go on – be one of the Jones’ that everyone else is always trying to follow.

Thor Kitchen’s Must-Have Undercounter Refrigerator

Perfect for summer and time spent outdoors, Thor Kitchen’s under-counter refrigerator drawer (model number TRF2401U) is just what you need to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature.

This unit pairs beautifully with the outdoor kitchen that comes with the stainless steel grillstorage cabinetsinkpizza oven, and more. Or, it does just fine shining on its own. All you have to do is take a look at its features to see why it is such an incredible choice. Below are a few of the highlights:

-Use both inside and out. While the unit is perfect for outdoors, it is also something that can be used in, say, your game room, basement, or even just for overflow in the kitchen.

-Offers 5.4 cubic feet of storage space.

-Two drawers (no doors) that are soft close.

-LED lighting so you can find what you are looking for when the sun goes down.

-Quiet operation. You don’t have to worry about your outdoor fridge humming too loudly for conversation.

-Digital controls. A digital touchpad with a blue LED display makes adjusting the temp a cinch.

Convection cooling. Since you want to make sure that your refrigerator can stay cool even in the summer heat, you can feel confident in this system that provides a quick cool down and consistent temperatures.

-Adjustable legs to keep the unit balanced and leveled on your outdoor patio.

Easy to clean stainless steel, so it always looks sharp.

As you are hanging out with your friends and family on your back patio this summer, don’t waste energy going in and out of your home. Besides, you may miss the best part of the conversation when you head inside.

Shop Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerators

Do yourself a favor and invest in a stainless steel undercounter outdoor refrigerator from THOR Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

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