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7 Essential Kitchen Appliance Accessories

There are plenty of big additions to your kitchen that you will make throughout your lifetime. Maybe you need a new range or a new refrigerator. Or maybe you finally think it is time to save yourself from dishpan hands and invest in a dishwasher. Then again, maybe you went ahead and splurged for an appliance suite, upgrading all the appliances in your kitchen! 

If you buy pro-style appliances that are designed with durability and long-lasting reliability in mind, then you can have confidence in the fact that they will be there for you for years to come. And, because they are so well-designed, you will find that they come with a list of accessories to make the product more adaptable to your needs. Think of it as adding a little splash of spice to your dish. 

To help you understand your options, here are some essential kitchen appliance accessories you may be interested in. 

1. A Stainless Steel Duct Cover for Your Range Hood

Do you have a range hood? These are such important additions to your kitchen because they keep out toxins and odors while also helping you to remove the heat caused by cooking. They then leave you with clean, healthy air to breathe – and no long-lasting odors from dinner. 

These range hoods come in two types – ducted and ductless. If yours is a ducted range hood, then that means the dirty air is carried through ductwork and straight outside. But, no one wants to see this ductwork, do they? Not at all. 

This stainless steel duct cover for your range hood conceals ductwork. It clearly matches the vent hood and can even extend beyond the height of the hood for those high 10-foot ceilings. It is available for a 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch range hood. 

2. A Telescopic Rack for Your Professional Range

If you ever do much baking or cooking in your oven then there is a good chance you have pulled out your rack to remove your food and almost lost the rack (and the food) to the floor. Traditional racks only pull out so far before they are no longer going to remain part of the oven. And it is an unfortunate event if your food is still on it when this happens. 

Telescopic racks use ball-bearing rack guides that allow a smooth and effortless glide. They extend out much further than regular racks — and they don’t come with the risk of tipping over. Which means no food wasted! And this even applies to the heaviest dishes.

These telescopic racks are available for 30-inch and 36-inch professional ranges. 

3. Charcoal Filter for Your Range Hood

Ductless range hoods filter the dirty air out of your kitchen and return fresh, healthy air. While they work great at keeping the toxins out and the clean air in, the filters will not last forever. You need to clean them regularly and replace them with these charcoal filters as time passes. 

The charcoal filter will filter out grease, dirt, and other contaminants from the air, leaving your kitchen healthy and odor-free. 

These filters are available for the TRH range hood and for the HRH07 range hood. 

4. Island Trim for Finished Appearance

Your kitchen is yours to design however you see fit. If you would like to put your range on your island rather than up against your wall, then you are absolutely able to do that. In fact, many people prefer to save the counter space along the perimeter and use the center island for all their cooking. In some ways, it makes meal prep a little more inclusive for everyone in the kitchen. 

But a range is designed to go up against a wall. So when it is placed within an island, there is a not-so-pleasant back that you will not want to look at. Does this mean you should resort to putting your range against the wall? No way. All you need is an island trim. 

Just as the name suggests, island trim provides a finished appearance to the back of your range when used within an island. And with a stainless steel finish, it complements the appliance for a flawless look. 

This easy-to-install island trim is available for 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch ranges. 

5. Bamboo Cutting Board Griddle Cover

Having a range with a griddle can mean a lot of great things for your home – especially some delicious meals. But you don’t use your griddle all the time. This means you can make it useful for other things, such as adding a bamboo cutting board on top. It provides you with a stable surface for all your cutting and chopping needs. And, it is super convenient since it’s right next to your burner. 

This bamboo cutting board is made 100% from renewable resources making it a very eco-friendly solution. 

6. A Wok Ring

Do you cook a lot of Asian cuisines? If you have a wok and have ever tried using it on a regular burner, you’ve likely found it a bit challenging. If this sounds like you, then this wok ring is a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

The non-slip design keeps your round-bottom wok in place while cooking. And it is very easy to clean, too – simply load it in the dishwasher!

7. Reversible Cast Iron Griddle and Grill Plate

What’s for dinner tonight? It doesn’t matter what you choose because you will have a reversible griddle and grill plate. Looking to make pancakes? Use the griddle. Want to grill a steak? Use the grill plate. You can transform your griddle in seconds, depending on what you are cooking. After all, choosing the right surface will lead to delicious results. 

With this griddle and grill plate, you will get even heat distribution and superior heat retention. It comes with an extra-large surface and is dishwasher safe — which is like the icing on the cake. 

So, which accessories are you going to bring home? Enhance your life – and the appliances in your kitchen – with one (or more) of these accessories from THOR Kitchen.