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March 4, 2024 | Uncategorized

A 60-Inch Range for the Modern Kitchen

A 60-inch range can transform the way you cook and bake — and is a necessity in every modern kitchen. With eight high-powered burners, two 30-inch ovens, and a griddle, your ability to create culinary delights has no limits. Its eye-catching yellow and stainless steel finish is the cherry on top for your modern kitchen design.   

Not sure if a 60-inch range is necessary for your modern kitchen? Think again.  

There are many different things you buy for your kitchen — from cookware to small appliances. But there is nothing quite like having the power of a premium gas range that is designed with you in mind. Let’s just say when you have everything you need on your range, you no longer have to worry about serving a cold meal or cooking all of your baked goods in batches.  

What’s more? It looks incredible.  

Take a moment to learn more about this 60-inch range your kitchen is begging for.  

Transform Your Cooking Experience with a 60-Inch Range 

Are you in the market for a new range? Are you interested in taking your culinary abilities to the next level? What would you do with a 60-inch gas range that has two ovens, eight burners, and a griddle? 

You can create anything you want. 

Wrap the power and strength of a commercial range in soft eye-catching elegance and transform your cooking experience with this 60-inch range.  

Features for a Modern Kitchen 

With such an extraordinary range, there is no doubt that the features are going to be plentiful. While we would like to say you should try it to get a full understanding of its value, we will give you the highlights of some of this 60-inch range’s key aspects that you won’t want to overlook.  

Buckle up — here we go.  

Two 30-inch ovens. Yes, you read that right. Not one, but two 30-inch ovens each with 4.55 cubic feet of capacity. Do you know what you can do with that? You can cook more than one dish at the same time.  

Eight high-powered burners. From a 3,500 BTU simmer to a fast boil at 18,000 BTU, you can get just the right amount of heat every time.  

Durable cast-iron grates. Each burner is up for the challenge of any size cookware thanks to their continuous cast-iron grates.   

LED indicator lights. While you control the oven with durable knobs, LED lighting will reflect blue when it is on and red when it is preheated and ready to use.  

Commercial convection fans. Everyone knows if you want consistent, even heat flow throughout the oven, you need a convection fan. In this 60-inch range, THOR Kitchen has designed each oven with a commercial convection fan for the best distribution of heat and the most efficient cooking.  

Cast-aluminum griddle. For those extra-special recipes, a nonstick griddle with a PFAS-free ceramic coating is the perfect addition to this range.  

Easy to clean. The gray porcelain found in the oven and the spill tray under the burners make cleanup so easy — leaving your range looking stunningly beautiful regardless of how much you use it.   

The Benefits of a 60-Inch Range 

Some things in life are just too much. Take ice cream, for example. It is delicious and when you have your favorite flavor,  you may feel as though you could easily eat the entire container. Somewhere along the way, however, you are likely to not feel so good.  

But, if you find yourself asking whether or not a 60-inch range is too much, let us stop you right there. See, there is something special about having everything you need without any extra bulk — and believe it or not, that’s what you find with a large range. You don’t get anything you don’t want, but rather everything you need. 

Don’t believe us? Check out these benefits of having a 60-inch range.  

Limitless opportunities. Whether you are a professional chef or someone who just loves to get creative in the kitchen, the last thing you want is to have your culinary exploration bound by the limits of your appliances. With a 60-inch range, you have the space and power to master any technique.  

A fully hot meal. You simply cannot serve your guests a meal that is half hot and half room temperature. It is tough to cook a big meal in a space that doesn’t give you what you need — whether an oven capacity is too small or you don’t have enough burners. Let’s just say this is not a problem you will encounter with a 60-inch range. Your entire meal will be hot and fresh when it is served.  

Strength and durability. This large range is going to provide you with strength and durability that you won’t find in smaller ranges. Why? Because it is built for those who are going to use it often — and push its capabilities. Therefore, you can trust its strength.  

Advanced features. When you invest in a 60-inch range from THOR Kitchen, you are getting top-of-the-line features. This means you can cook and bake with flawless ease.  

When you combine its power with its beauty, you will easily understand just how much you need this 60-inch range in your modern kitchen. 

Enhance Your Kitchen Experience 

If you are ready to take your kitchen to the next level in both appearance and functionality, then you know what you need to do. After all, you cannot #cooklikeagod without the right tools.  

THOR Kitchen’s remarkable yellow colorway with stainless steel on its 60-inch range is the must-have appliance for any modern kitchen. Its strength, versatility, power, and stunning appearance set it apart from every other range on the market.  

A kitchen decked out in modern decor will not be complete without it.  


Think you can handle THOR Kitchen’s 60-inch range? You don’t need to have the skill of a top chef to take advantage of all it has to offer — just enthusiasm for creating. Bring the power of a commercial range into your home and transform your kitchen.  

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