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January 9, 2019 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

The Best Kitchen Appliances for Modern Kitchens

If you’re interested in creating a kitchen featuring a sleek modern design, there are a few things you should consider when selecting your kitchen appliances.

In this article, you will discover the best kitchen appliances for modern kitchens and what makes them stand out.

Best Kitchen Appliances

Best Kitchen Appliances for Modern Kitchens

Choosing your kitchen appliances can either make or break the look you are going for. Your design style will determine what type of kitchen appliances you include to achieve the desired look. Not taking the design into consideration can leave you with a mess of jumbled up colors, textures, and looks – which may result in a very chaotic appearance.

To avoid this situation, let’s take a look at the best kitchen appliances for a modern kitchen. This is a popular design style and, if it is something you are interested in, you won’t want to miss these appliances.

The Range

When it comes to cooking in your modern kitchen, you are going to need a stove and oven. This combination comes together in a wonderful range – and in several sizes – so you will be sure to get one that meets your needs.

You have several options here, including classic gas ranges and dual fuel ranges.

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One of the best ranges for your kitchen is the Thor Kitchen Stainless Steel 48-in Professional Dual Fuel Range. The reason why? First, the size of this range works well for those who like to cook a lot and tend to need more space. It comes with 6 burners and a griddle on the stove top. The range is fueled by gas for easy cooking.

This range comes with two ovens, one regular and the other convection. Both ovens use electricity, rather than gas, so you can enjoy even cooking throughout.

This dual fuel range offers you the best of both worlds at a size that is just right.

Learn more: HRD4803U 48 Inch Professional Dual Fuel Range in Stainless Steel

The Range Hood

Range hoods have become the main focal point of the modern kitchen. These kitchen appliances provide the ventilation needed to ensure potentially harmful fumes are quickly removed or filtered from the air in your kitchen and beyond.

What is a range hood?

Range hood offers filters that remove heat, odors, grease, and other pollutants from the air. It has lighting to help you see better while cooking, a timer for an automatic shut off, and even allows you to wash its filters in the dishwasher. The best part is, with its sleek and timeless stainless steel, it looks good, too.

If interested in installing a range hood in your kitchen, you will want to decide what style you prefer. The two main types of range hoods include wall mount range hoods and under cabinet range hoods.

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Both provide the ventilation needed, so it’s really up to your preference. Either style will complete the modern kitchen style you hope to create.


Every kitchen needs a dishwasher, and that includes your modern kitchen. Having a sleek dishwasher in stainless steel that will do its job without being noticed is the best fit for your space.

If you’re looking for a dishwasher featuring a modern touch, consider the benefits of top control dishwashers. This provides all the controls on the top of the dishwasher as you open it, which elegantly hides the controls from the front facing surface of the dishwasher.

The Thor Kitchen 24-inch dishwasher offers you exactly that. This appliance is a must-have for your kitchen space, as it has top controls and a smooth front with a stainless steel finish, which fits nicely with your clean angles.

The delay start wash comes in handy, too, for a nice wash after you have left the kitchen – not to mention all the other bonus perks that come with this dishwasher, such as its petite sizing and numerous wash settings.

Refrigerator and Freezer

As one of the largest appliances in your kitchen, the refrigerator is something to consider when striving for a modern design.

There are a couple of types of refrigerators, including those that command attention and those that hideaway.

Freestanding refrigerators are one of the most popular selection, as these provide ample space to store food for the whole family. On the other hand, undercounter refrigerators are more discrete, offering a sleek design that doesn’t command too much attention.

If there is an appliance that seems to be necessary for a kitchen, it is likely the refrigerator and freezer. This combo keeps your perishable food items safe and keeps your beverages chilled, too. If you are looking for the best available refrigerator to fit your modern kitchen, then you won’t want to miss Thor Kitchen’s French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel.

It’s big, it’s sleek, and its metal finish is everything you need. Plus, all these bonuses – check out what this appliance gives you:

  • A freezer split into two large drawers. This not only helps with organization, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Two large humidity controlled drawers keep your fruits and veggies healthy.
  • An automatic ice maker is almost a necessity these days.
  • Retractable shelving makes it easy to deal with large items, such as gallon jugs and other tall items.

And those are just a few of the perks of this refrigerator, making it the best choice for your modern kitchen.


Microwaves come in handy with things that can cook quickly, handing your defrosting, helping the kids make their own meals or snacks, and the like. A microwave is always something is good to have, even if you don’t use it every day.

If you’re not interested in installing a range hood, over the range microwaves are a perfect fit for space over the range.

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Thor Kitchen’s microwave that installs right over your range. This professional looking microwave comes with sensor cooking, quick start buttons, easy defrost and easy soften buttons, and so much more.

The Best Extras

A modern kitchen doesn’t just stop there with its appliances; there are others that can add to the ambiance, the beautiful look, and design of your space. Plus, these extras can add to the functionality of your kitchen:

A wine cooler and an ice maker.

A wine cooler, such as Thor Kitchen’s single-zone wine cooler, can offer the perfect place to store up to 40 bottles of your favorite wine. With a clear glass door and wooden shelves, it offers a modern and beautiful touch to your kitchen.

As for the ultimate kitchen appliance for your modern kitchen, you are going to love this ice maker. Thor Kitchen has created a built-in ice maker capable of giving you 50lbs. of ice every single day. If you are one who likes to entertain or simply loves your ice, then this is a perfect addition to your kitchen. The fact that it comes in stainless steel and fits flawlessly among your other appliances is an added bonus.


When creating your modern kitchen design, don’t leave anything out. Go above and beyond to give yourself a wonderful modern kitchen with all the perks. These best kitchen appliances in stainless steel won’t let you down.