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September 26, 2022 | modern kitchen appliances | Refrigerators

Choosing a Beverage Refrigerator With Glass Door for Your Kitchen

Choosing a beverage refrigerator with glass door for your kitchen

Sometimes you walk into a house, and it looks like the owners really know what they are doing. Everything seems so well organized and put together. It seems rather, well, grown-up. Or, maybe, it is just the home of an adult who has their stuff together. Whatever it is, it looks good – and you want to have it. So, first things first, you need a beverage refrigerator with glass door for your kitchen.

Why? Because grown-ups who have it together know just how handy, cool, and sophisticated this addition to their kitchen is.

Before you make that purchase, consider the following questions.

What Will You Use it For?

Beverage refrigerators, also dubbed wine coolers, are the perfect place for storing wine. It is like having a wine cellar without the cellar. You can display wines just as they are intended to be – on their side, keeping the cork moist, perfect humidity, ideal temperature, and all for the optimal taste.

The good news is that beverage refrigerators don’t have to store wine at all. You can use it to store water, juice, soda, beer, and the like, as most can store different size bottles and cans, too.

Having an idea of how you intend to use your beverage refrigerator can make it a bit easier when finding the best option for your kitchen.

How Many Drinks Will You Store?

Do you have a lot of drinks you are looking to store? Is this going to be for your everyday use? Will you stock it up for parties and social gatherings? Is it something you want to use to showcase your wine collection? If so, how many bottles of wine do you have?

A beverage refrigerator with glass door can come in all different sizes, so having an idea of how much you’d like for it to store is always beneficial. After all, investing in one that is too small can mean you will have to restock regularly – and find yourself without cold drinks when the supply gets too low. Too large, and you may find that you either need to buy extra just to fill it or stare at a silly-looking half-empty fridge.

Take some time to consider your answer to this question before you make your purchase.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Again, there are different sizes of beverage refrigerators, so you should be able to find one that fits your space. Where will you place it in your kitchen? Do you have enough space for a single door, or will french doors be a better fit? Will you install it under a countertop? Or next to it?

Know the space you have available before you shop so that you find the perfect fridge for the beverages in your kitchen.

Which Special Features Matter Most To You?

Beverage refrigerators may be small, but they sure are mighty. They come with many different special features that you can choose from. Some may offer them all, others just a few. But if you don’t know what is available, how can you make sure you are getting a beverage refrigerator that will best meet your needs?

Below are a few of the features available found on these refrigerators:

Precise Temperature Control

You are going to want your drinks to be stored at different temperatures than you’d keep your refrigerator – and at different temperatures based on what you are storing. For instance, wines have a certain temperature that they should be kept to ensure their perfect taste; you will want your beer to be extra chilled, and so on.

Dual Temperature Zones

Just as we talked about its precise temperature control, there are times when you may want to store more than one thing. Red and white wine have different ideal temperatures. You may want your beer colder than your bottled water (which could freeze) and the like. With dual temperature zones, you are able to maintain two distinct sections with two unique temperatures for the best beverage storage.

Pull Out Racks

Extendable racks come in handy because – let’s be real – no one wants to bend and stretch to get the drink in the back.

Interior Lighting

LED lighting within the beverage refrigerator allows you to see everything inside clearly. With the glass door, you can peek inside and know just what is available. When you open it, you waste less cold air because you are in and out. This makes it more energy efficient. Plus, the LED lights are energy–saving, too!

Security Lock

Interested in protecting your drink fridge? Whether you just really love your soda or you are trying to keep young ones out of the alcohol, you may find that a security lock comes in handy. This is a good feature to have, just in case. Even if you intend to only use it for drinks for the family, there may come a time you’d like to lock up the hard stuff.

Door Alarm

Accidentally leaving the door open can lead to warm drinks. And if you are storing something that is sensitive to temperature, such as wine, then having a door alarm to let you know it was left open can be very helpful.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

It feels good to do something good. A new beverage refrigerator with glass door may come equipped with R600a, which is an advanced refrigerant that is more efficient and better for the environment.

Charcoal Filtration System

A charcoal filtration system is used to keep the refrigerator running efficiently and cooling as it should at all times. It also works to keep odors at bay, too. Every time you open the door to your beverage refrigerator, it will be cool and fresh, thanks to these filters.

Get a Beverage Refrigerator with Glass Door at THOR

Well, there you go. Everything you have ever wanted to know about choosing a beverage refrigerator with glass doors. Decide how much space you have and how much space within the unit you are going to need, and then decide on all the amazing features that you must have.

Make your purchase, plug it in, and fill it up. Then pat yourself on the back. You’ve finally become one of those grown-ups that have it all together.