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May 13, 2022 | Cooking | Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking Like a Boss with a Rotisserie BBQ Grill

Cooking like a boss with a rotisserie BBQ grill

Maybe you have always wondered what it would be like to have a rotisserie. Maybe you have always just enjoyed munching on your grocery store’s $9.99 lemon pepper rotisserie chicken as part of an easy weeknight meal – but never thought about making it yourself. Maybe the thought of using something like a rotisserie BBQ grill seems a bit overwhelming.

Using your grill can be an easy way to cook without making a mess in the kitchen, but your grill can be used for so much more than grilling burgers and dogs. If you have one with a rotisserie, it is time to take advantage.  If you don’t? Well, perhaps today is the day you get one.

Truth is that cooking with a rotisserie BBQ grill is easy and delicious. It’s time you take some lessons so you can cook like a boss.

Benefits of Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisserie chicken, for instance, tastes delicious – but did you know there were benefits to cooking this way? There are quite a few, in fact.

1. Easy to Use

Once you get the hang of rotisserie cooking, it is easy to do – and it always tastes great.

2. Minimal Grease and Fat

Because your meat is cooking in the air, essentially, and allowing all the fat and grease to drop off of it, you are consuming less. So, in other words, it doesn’t just taste better but it is better for you.

3. Crispy Outside, Juicy Inside

When you cook using your BBQ grill rotisserie, you get a crispy outside and juicy inside every time.

4. Cooking for Many

When you want to create a feast for the family or you are trying to meal prep, rotisserie cooking is an easy way to get that done. It is always a crowd-pleaser and makes kitchen cleanup a breeze.

5. Cooking Options

You may commonly think of a chicken when you hear the word rotisserie, but there are many other options for rotisserie cooking that you may not have considered, such as lamb, whole turkeys, ham, kabobs, and even vegetables.

Using your Rotisserie BBQ Grill

First, you’ve got to show up with confidence. You may have no idea how to work the contraption, but no one needs to know that. No one, got it? Here’s what you need to know.


Attach the rotisserie. You will want to make sure that your rotisserie attachment is on and ready to go. You may have to read your manual for this one.

A Balancing Act

Before you begin, you will want to purchase your meat – and you will want it to be a symmetrical piece of meat so that it balances nicely on the rotisserie. As you skew the meat, you want to make sure it is in the middle. If you are cooking a whole chicken or the like, you will want to make sure that the legs are tied tightly with twine.

As you place the meat on your grill’s rotisserie, you will want to make sure that it turns easily, without any wobbles or jerks. Test it out by turning it yourself. Make sure it is smooth – or take the meat off and try again. If you don’t take the time to do this right, not only will the meat not cook properly, but it can damage your rotisserie, too.

Add a Drip Pan

Your grill has its own drip pan, but it is important to add a small tray under your meat. As it spins and cooks, this big hunk of meat can get close to the grill. If there are any flare ups, you don’t want the heat to directly touch your meat.

Preheat – And Sear

Preheat the grill to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches the temperature, add your rotisserie rod (with the attached meat). Let it go for about 10 minutes or so. This high level of heat will sear it and keep the juices inside as it continues to cook.


Turn the heat down to about 350-degrees. Depending on what your meat selection, you will want to let it continue to cook until it reaches your desired internal temperatures. Be sure to keep the lid shut so that your food can cook evenly from all sides.

Time for Rest

Once your meat is done cooking, let it rest. Take it off the rotisserie and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before carving it. This will let it remain juicy, tender, and delicious.

Thor Kitchen’s Must-Have BBQ Grill with Rotisserie

Now that you know what a rotisserie can do, how can you possibly keep moving through life without one? Until you make that investment, you are going to feel like something is missing. So, what better time than today? What better rotisserie than Thor Kitchen’s 32-inch, 4-burner gas BBQ grill with rotisserie in stainless steel? That’s one heck of a description for one heck of a grill!

You will get the benefits of this grill and all it has to offer – in addition to the rotisserie. Just check out these features:

● Built-in grill (or it pairs perfectly with Thor’s 32-inch grill cabinet)

● Halogen lights which makes cooking at night a cinch – same with the beautiful blue LED-lit knobs, too

● Four burners so you can perfectly grill multiple things at once

● 10,000 BTU infrared rear rotisserie burner

● Runs off of propane or natural gas, whichever is more convenient for you

The best part is this grill is part of an entire outdoor kitchen suite that can transform your backyard. All decked out in stainless steel, it is a perfect addition to your home. It will shine – without corrosion – and is built with durability and longevity in mind.

Grill it Up this Summer with a Rotisserie BBQ Grill

Whether you have been interested in cooking with a rotisserie and seeing what magic can unfold on your dinner plate – or if you just now realized what you have been missing in your life, then it is not too late. Invest in a rotisserie BBQ grill and start cooking some mouth – watering recipes like the boss that you are!