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November 22, 2021 | Dishwashers

Go Green with an Eco-Friendly Dishwasher and Products

front view of dishwasher

You are turning over a new leaf. You have been hearing for years that we all need to go green and that even the actions of one person can make a huge impact on the environment. But, like many others, you may not have known where to start. 

You vs. the world? What? How can you possibly make a difference on your own? 

Then, it hit you. If each person did one thing, that would be billions of people taking action – and that’s enough to change the course of our planet. And, face it, your interest was piqued when you realized that difference could be made by changing the way you do dishes. This makes going green a no-brainer. 

So, here is how you can go green simply by investing in an eco-friendly dishwasher and dishwashing products. 

Why Going Green Matters – And How Your Choices Matter

Our planet is ailing and global warming is very real. The generations before us – and ours, especially – have caused so much damage to the earth. It is our responsibility to take steps to protect it for future generations. 

Any small step in the right direction toward sustainable, green living can have a positive outcome and a reduction in your carbon footprint. When you purchase new products, you are making the choice to invest in those that are better for the environment, both in the short and long run. But you are also supporting those companies that care, too. This means you are helping them grow and get their product out there for others to buy, too. 

Investing in good breeds good. And, well, the outcome is just… good!

The Power of an Eco-Friendly Dishwasher

Before you can begin using your eco-friendly dishwasher, you need to find one. And Thor Kitchen has just what you are looking for. A 24-inch built-in dishwasher is a perfect addition to your kitchen. This dishwasher is durably built yet looks modern and light. 

front view of open dishwasher with kitchenware
Thor Kitchen’s 24 Inch Built-in Dishwasher

What makes it so eco-friendly? 

Believe it or not, dishwashers, in general, are thought to use less water than hand washing – and water conservation is a big part of going green. But, when you invest in a dishwasher that is designed with the environment in mind, it really takes steps to conserve water. For instance, this dishwasher from Thor Kitchen comes with a smart-wash system. Using sensors, it can determine the load of your dishes and adjust its water usage accordingly. For smaller loads, it will use less water. And for those large loads with pans in all corners of the unit, it will use a wash that will reach it all. What’s more, it can determine just how soiled the dishes are – and how heavy to wash. With the right wash, the dishes always come out clean without the need to waste water re-washing. 

Sure, many dishwashers on the market have buttons you could press to try and determine the load. But, truth be told, many people pick their favorite general setting and leave it there, good intentions or not. Come on, you know it’s true. 

Since we are talking about features of this eco-friendly dishwasher, we may as well look at the rest of them, too, right? Thor Kitchen has equipped this incredible dishwasher with the following:

  • Powerful spray arms that can reach all areas of the dishwasher for fully clean dishes every time. 
  • Fingerprint-resistant, classy stainless steel that matches any decor. 
  • Adjustable racks and a removable utensil basket for convenience and to cater to any size load. 
  • A quiet system that won’t disrupt the life going on in your kitchen and home. 
  • Delay-start button so you can set it and have it run when it’s most convenient. 

This dishwasher is both water and energy-efficient thanks to a multiple filtration system created for optimal performance – using less water and energy.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Products?

What good is it to invest in a dishwasher that is eco-friendly to fill it with products that aren’t? Stick with the plan, my friend. Keep that green mindset when you purchase dishwashing products. 

Environmentally friendly products are safe for your home – and, ultimately, your family. Think about it – when you cook, your food has grease and leftovers stuck to it so you need something that will remove it. You have a choice of using a bunch of harmful chemicals. You will get clean dishes, yes, but at what cost? How much harm is being done to those in your home – and to your environment? 

Surfactants are used to pull the grease away from dishes. Phosphates work to increase the effectiveness of the dishwashing detergent. Bleaching agents are chlorine-based and help remove stains. Fragrances hide the smell of these toxic substances and many preservatives can have negative health impacts on us and the environment. 

All of these are common ingredients in dishwashing detergent. 

And let’s not even get into the damage that the packaging choices have on the environment. Instead, let’s just keep your dishwasher running properly and your dishes thoroughly clean without the use of toxic chemicals. To help you find what works for you, give one of these brands a try: 

Dropps. These are pods that you order that give you clean dishes with mineral-based ingredients. They come in both lemon-scented or unscented. And, of course, compostable packaging. 

Blueland. These dishwasher tablets come to you with no plastic, no artificial dyes, fragrances, phosphates, petroleum, and more. Blueland’s cruelty-free products take the toxins from your home and the environment, keeping everyone safe. 

Puracy. Made with plant-derived enzymes – and without bleach, sulfates, dyes, fragrances, and more, these dishwasher pods clean your dishes without bringing toxins into your home. It keeps the toxins from the environment, too. 

Etee. Made with environmentally friendly ingredients and without damaging the environment in the process, you can feel good about using Etee’s dishwasher detergent.

Feeling inspired to do better? If so, then invest in a dishwasher and dishwashing products that are good for your family and the environment around you. One small step in the right direction may just lead to a chain reaction. And you were born to be a leader.