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March 10, 2020 | Ice Makers

The Benefits of an Ice Maker at Home

ice cube maker

An ice maker is a kitchen appliance dedicated to making a large amount of ice in the comfort of your own home. This prevents you from having to stock up on ice for parties and special occasions you host at home.

In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of having an ice maker at home.

The Benefits of an Ice Maker

There are some things in life that you need. Then, there are other things that you know just wouldn’t make much of an impact if you had them. Of course, then there are those things that you never even knew you needed – until you had them!

Most things in life can fall into one of these categories.

So, where would an at-home ice maker fall for you? And, no, we aren’t referring to that delightful automatic ice maker in your freezer. Instead, we are referring to the stand-alone, mass-producing ice machine.

No matter how you answered that question, you should know this: an at-home ice maker truly is one of those appliances that you never knew you needed until you had it – thanks to all these benefits.

Convenience at its Best

We are a society of instant gratification. When we want something, we want it now. Standing in your kitchen with glass in hand, you want ice – and you want ice now. You don’t want to have to wait for your freezer’s automatic ice maker to drop another load. You don’t want to wait for the water in the ice cube tray to freeze. And, you surely don’t want to hop in the car and head to your local convenience store to purchase a bag of ice, right?

With an at-home ice maker, you won’t ever have to drink a warm beverage – or wait patiently for ice again. Rather, having ice becomes a convenience. In your home, ice is something that is just always there – something you can count on.

Easy to Use

Yes, you have options when it comes to having ice in your kitchen. You can use the automatic ice maker in your freezer, assuming you have one. Or, you can use the old-fashioned method of filling ice trays with water and then freezing them. Or, you can purchase a bag of ice and stash it in your freezer.

But, what if we told you that having an at-home ice maker could be a simple solution to your needs? You don’t need to worry about making your own ice or buying ice. And, you surely don’t have to worry about those bulky portable ice makers that take up counter space and have a terrible effect on the aesthetics in your kitchen.

This ice maker is installed in your kitchen, much like a refrigerator, dishwasher, or range would be – except smaller, of course – and it is always there, automatically taking care of your ice needs.

The best part is its ease of use. This ice machine does not require you to take any extra steps to use. It will do its magic and always have a ready supply of ice for you whenever you need it. No extra work on your part!

Cleanliness and Good Hygiene

Take a moment to think about how stuffed your refrigerator and freezer are. How many times do you access these each day? How many items do you keep in there that you wouldn’t want to just open and eat? For instance, do you purchase and freeze raw meat?

The automatic ice makers that are located within your refrigerator and freezer combo almost always come with an open bin to store your ice. Sure, it provides you convenient access to the ice. But, think about this – how many times have you looked inside that ice bin? Have you ever dumped all the ice out to see what is sitting near the bottom of your ice bin? There is a good chance you will find unwanted debris – often of unknown sources – accumulated in the bottom with all your ice. So, besides the fact that you could be getting ice that is conveniently stored next to all of your raw meat and other grocery items that have been handled by unknown people in the grocery store, you are also dropping things into your open ice bin, whether you realize it or not.

Here’s the difference – with an at-home ice machine, you don’t have to worry about what gets stored around your ice or what you may find frozen within it. Instead, you have a safe, secured bin full of ice – and a ice scoop to get some out when you need it. Remember, you won’t access this ice machine except when you want ice. This means you will find it is a much more sanitary option.

Be Hospitable – and Offer an Ice-Cold Beverage

If you are big on social gatherings, then you know the importance of having enough ice. There is nothing more frustrating ice maker having to serve your guests’ a semi-cold drink in an attempt to ration the ice you do have – or leaving your guests to run out and purchase ice.

With an ice maker at home, you will never have to worry about this again. You will always have ice readily available for your guests.  Their drinks will always be ice cold and they will be thankful and in awe of your handy machine.

So, you can go on – be hospitable and no longer worry about your ice!

Thor Kitchen’s Under-counter Ice Maker

Now that you see the importance and delight these at-home ice makers can bring, you may be wondering where you can find one that will give you all these perks and more, right? Well, Thor Kitchen offers a 15-inch under-counter ice maker that will always have pounds upon pounds of ice readily available for you.

To be more specific, here are a few of the features of this ice machine:

  • 50 lbs of ice production each day
  • 25 lbs of ice storage capacity
  • Cube-shaped ice
  • Automatic Ice Level Control/Shutoff
  • Removable Basket
  • White LED interior light for energy efficiency
  • Reversible Door, allowing for right or left swing

This ice maker comes in beautiful, shiny stainless steel that fits nearly any kitchen design style – and will look uniform with other stainless steel appliances.


If you want an appliance that will impact your life in ways you didn’t even know you needed, invest in an at-home ice maker. You’ll be glad you did.