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May 12, 2019 | Ice Makers

Looking for an Ice Machine for Home?

ice machine for home

Image by dibaglin

Whether you’re hosting a party or live in a warm climate and enjoy ice-cold beverages daily, an ice maker will ensure you never run out of ice.

There are a few options to consider when shopping for an ice maker, so we thought we could help.

Here’s how to find the best ice machine for home.

An Ice Machine for Home

Do you love your drinks icy cold? Do you love to munch on ice? Do you have a busy, social household? Whatever your reason, if you find that your house just goes through the ice faster than your ice maker can freeze it, then maybe you ought to consider investing in a freestanding ice machine.

Picture it: You just walk in from an afternoon run in the middle of July. And, you are hot and thirsty. For the last three miles, all you’ve been thinking about was getting back home to a large glass of ice cold ice water. Except, well, when you open the freezer, the ice bucket is completely empty.

What if this scenario never had to happen again?

The Benefits of Having an Ice Machine

If you are trying to decide whether or not you should purchase an ice machine for your kitchen, then it is imperative that you learn the benefits of having one.

ice makers

First and foremost, you will never run out of ice. Your ice machine will work to give you plenty of the frozen stuff as you use it. This is especially handy when you are hosting a family dinner, party, or another social gathering.

You will no longer have to find space for big bags of ice. Everyone knows that an ice maker cannot keep up with a large crowd. That is why you can find huge bags of ice in the grocery store, gas stations, and convenience stores. But how many times have you had to try to find a place to store the ice once you receive it? Most freezers aren’t exactly giving of their space. And, if you have food in your freezer like most people do, finding a space big enough for the ice is a challenge.

Having an ice machine is a more economical choice. You will not need to be spending money on bags of ice – and wasting the leftovers since it takes up space.

Free up your freezer space because you will no longer need an automatic icemaker. Instead, you can use the space for food storage.

Ice machines fit nice and discreet underneath the countertop. This means they are out of the way, causing no disruption in the kitchen.

Whenever you are having a get-together, ice always seems to be a necessity, but an afterthought. Many times, it isn’t until guests arrive that you think oh no! I forgot to get ice! If you had an ice machine, you would no longer need to worry about forgetting this key item. This will free up your mind to focus on the things that are most important. And, that’s perhaps, the greatest benefit of having an ice machine.

Finding the Right Model for You

When you decide to purchase your ice machine, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

undercounter ice maker

Where will you install the ice machine? Be sure you know the depth and width of the space you have available so that you find an ice machine that will fit your dimensions. If you are remodeling or just building your kitchen, then choose your ice machine and design the cabinetry around it.

Know how much ice you will need and how often.

You don’t want your ice machine to stand out like a sore thumb. Therefore, be sure to find one that has the same type of finish as the rest of your appliances. This will allow your kitchen to flow without any hiccups.

Buying an ice machine is no different than buying a major appliance. You need to make sure the sizing and appearance fit your kitchen. You also need to consider that it will require access to water and a drain, so keep that in mind in your quest.

15-Inch Built-In Ice Machine by Thor Kitchen

15 inch ice maker undercounter

Thor Kitchen offers a 15-inch undercounter ice maker that has a great look and level of production. Just take a look at these features:

– Ice Production per Day: 50lbs
– Ice Storage Capacity: 26.5lbs
– Ice Shape: Cube
– Automatic Ice Level Control/Shutoff
– Removable Basket
– White LED Interior Light
– Reversible Door, allowing you use a left or right swing – whichever is best for the flow of your kitchen.

This stainless steel ice machine is a perfect addition to kitchens that are already decked out in stainless steel appliances. It is the sleek design will nicely fit under counter and add to your décor.


Some people go crazy over ice. So much so that they have a preference in its shape. The choice may be crushed ice, pellet ice, shaved ice, cubed ice, crescent ice, and others. Some crunch the ice, others let it melt in their drink. But, know that adding something as simple as an ice machine in your home can bring such enjoyment and convenience. Take time to find the right fit for your needs and preferences.

Say goodbye to the days of bringing in bags of ice and say hello to the easy and convenient life with an under-counter ice machine.