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November 30, 2018 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

6 Luxury Kitchen Appliances for the Elegant Kitchen

Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Are you ready to enjoy your kitchen with some upgrades? You deserve a kitchen of luxury and grace. Your kitchen is where you cook for your family, help the kids with homework and projects, and bake cookies for your neighborhood festival. How about a little something for yourself?

There are a few luxury kitchen appliances that will make your kitchen pop with pizazz, but they will also make your life a little bit easier. Before you make the final decisions on your future kitchen upgrade, consider these six luxury kitchen appliances.

1. Ice machine

There is nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of ice water. Of course, any ice-cold beverage tastes delightful. This includes those frosty blended beverages, such as strawberry daiquiris and frozen margaritas. When it comes to hosting a get-together or party, what is often the first thing to disappear? The ice! Typical ice makers cannot usually keep up with the demand. Buying ample bags at the nearest convenience store can have you juggling your ice while figuring out a storage crisis.

Adding an ice maker to your upgraded kitchen can be a refreshing change. The Thor Kitchen HIM1555BLK 15in Built-in 50lbs Ice Maker in Stainless Steel will make you 50 pounds of ice each and every day.

2. Wine cooler

Are you a wine connoisseur or do you just like to have a glass with dinner occasionally? Either way, having a wine cooler in your upgraded kitchen can be a nice touch. It gives you a proper – and lovely – space to store your wine. It also provides you with more counter or cupboard space, since your wine now has its own place to go.

Wine coolers offer the perfect storage place for your wine. This is especially true if you take your wine collection seriously. It is stored with nominal humidity, perfect temperature, and horizontally positioned to keep the cork from drying out. There is no movement or other vibrations to disrupt the chemistry of the wine.

3. Dual fuel range

Are you an avid chef or baker? If so, then you know that there are certain fuels that work best for certain items. For example, using gas for the stovetop is often preferred over electric. This is because gas burners shut the heat off immediately and don’t result in continued cooking. Also, gas stoves can be used when the power is out. Ovens are often preferred to be electric for more even, thorough baking.

You don’t need to choose between one or the other. Thor Kitchen offers an array of dual fuel ranges that can give you the best of both worlds: the stoves are gas, the ovens are electric. So, no matter what you are cooking or baking, it will be the best version of itself. Our stainless steel dual fuel ranges come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can be sure to find one you love.

4. French door refrigerator

Imagine having space within your refrigerator and freezer. A French door refrigerator with a two-drawer freezer at the bottom is what Thor Kitchen has for your upgrade. It’s beautiful and spacious. And, the HRF3601F French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel has retractable shelves, chiller drawers, low humidity drawers, spacious freezer drawers, an automatic ice maker, and so much more.

Upgrading your kitchen and adding this refrigerator and freezer combo can give you the look – and function – that you have been searching for.

5. Range hood

Looking for an eye-catching appliance that will be unique and stand out? Then look no further than Thor Kitchen’s stainless steel, under the counter range hood. A range hood is something every single kitchen should have. And, if you are considering an upgrade, you will want to make sure you have one of these.

Range hoods remove steam, heat, odors, and toxins from the air in your kitchen. When you cook, grease and oils (as well as carbon monoxide) find their way into the steam floating around your kitchen. Without something to suck them up and either filter them or distribute the pollutants out through a built-in duct system, you could end up breathing them in.

The best part of range hoods is that they are functional as well as beautiful. They have an important purpose and they also work as a focal point for the kitchen. The stainless-steel under the counter range hood can be one of the first things someone sees as they enter your kitchen. How about adding one to your kitchen upgrade list?

6. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are becoming a necessity in our fast-paced culture. If you are upgrading your kitchen, it is time you invest in one – and a good one at that. Dishwashers are wonderful water savers. Water is something that we should all be conserving, and research has proven that dishwashers (on average) use less water than washing by hand. Also, the high-heat factor associated with dishwashers means that you can kiss germs goodbye.

Thor Kitchen’s HDW2401SS 24″ Dishwasher in Stainless Steel is a perfect choice. It looks nice and sleek with the controls on the top – and it fits neatly into your cabinet. Plus, it comes with a plethora of perks such as a delayed start button, four sprayer arms, a Smart Wash System that determines the level of wash based on how soiled the dishes are, and a multiple filter system that uses less water and energy.


Good things come with change. You will find that these 6 luxury kitchen appliances can make a big, positive difference in the way you view and use your kitchen. Whether it is an energy efficient dishwasher, a never-ending ice maker, or even a larger refrigerator, you are sure to find upgrades that will make your life in the kitchen easier – and more enjoyable.