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December 21, 2022 | Ranges

Make Cooking Easy Using a Gas Range with Double Oven

Stainless steel range with oven doors open

Cooking can be fun and easy – and feel less like a chore – when you have the right equipment, such as a gas range with double oven.

Imagine trying to make something as simple as boxed macaroni and cheese without a pot to boil water. Having to find ways to improvise may be a fun challenge on occasion, but when it comes to daily cooking, it can turn a simple pleasure into something time-consuming and unnecessary.

The same holds true when you are trying to cook dinner and dessert simultaneously – or preparing a feast that you want hot and on the table at the same time. How do you handle it with only one oven? Improvise? Nah, nobody has time for that. All you need is a gas range with double oven. It’s cooking made easy!

If you don’t see the need, think again.

What is a Gas Range with Double Oven?

As its name suggests, a gas range with double oven is just that – a gas range with a double oven. Unlike the ranges that you grew up with or likely have in your house now, these are a bit larger (yet smaller than adding a second range) and contain two ovens. Everything else is the same, such as having a stove top with burners in addition to the oven.

The two ovens that come with a double oven range are usually two different sizes – one smaller than the other. Some models will have these ovens stacked on one another, whereas other models have them side by side.

Why You Need a Gas Range with Double Oven

Do you really need a gas range with a double oven? Does Brie need a good baguette? While a cracker will work, it loses a bit of its exquisiteness, don’t you think?

Having a gas range with a double oven can’t cause you any harm, but it can enhance your cooking experience in the kitchen. Below are a few reasons why you need one.

1. Keeps Food Moist

Everyone has their preference of whether they prefer gas or electric heat for their ovens. But there is no denying that gas heat keeps food moist. When a gas oven is lit, moisture is a byproduct of the combustion needed – this keeps your dishes, whether a casserole or cake, from drying out.

2. Get More Space

If you want more oven space, logic would tell you to buy another oven. Unfortunately, that means renovating your space, moving your gas line, and making room for another oven. With a gas range that has a double oven, you simply install it and replace your old range.

3. Gas Ranges Are Great for Cooking

Ask any chef, and they will tell you that cooking with gas is an excellent choice. It is quick, precise, and very flexible. Plus, it can often still be used in the case of a power outage – and that’s a win-win.

4. Cook Multiple Dishes at Once

Have you ever tried baking an apple pie and a tandoori chicken curry at the same time? Let’s just say your pie may have a little Indian pizzazz to it. Trying to cook two dishes at once can intermingle flavors. What’s more, having to try to maneuver the pans like a game of Tetris is another issue. With two ovens, you have plenty of space to cook a main entree, sides, and dessert all at the same time.

5. Enjoy a Hot Meal

When you have multiple spaces for cooking, you don’t have to worry about things making it to the table cold. If you have ever had to sacrifice a part of the meal that would be cooked first and sat aside while others cooked, then this is for you. Everything is hot as it makes its way to the table.

THOR Kitchen’s 48-Inch Gas Range with Double Oven

48-Inch Gas Range with Double Oven by THOR Kitchen
48-Inch Gas Range with Double Oven by THOR Kitchen

Amongst all of the many gas ranges and dual fuel ranges that THOR Kitchen is known for, they also offer a 48-inch double oven gas range due to their incredible usefulness in the kitchen. This range is highly functional with a durable pro-style design. And its features are unmatched. Just take a look:

High-Powered BTU Burners: When you need to get stuff cooking, you need a powerful burner – and this one is 18,000 BTU. THOR Kitchen’s double oven gas range comes with a total of 4 burners.

Oven Capacity: The dual ovens each have a different oven capacity. One is 4.6 cubic feet, and the other is 2.2 cubic feet.

Griddle Feature: A 15,000 BTU griddle gives you even more flexibility and space for cooking.

Storage Space: On the bottom of the range, you will find the perfect storage space for cooking trays and utensils.

Convection Fan: A convection fan ensures even cooking that is both fast and efficient due to effective heat distribution.

Continuous Cast-Iron Grates: Heavy-duty cast iron grates are perfect for a beautiful look, but they are also very durable and easy to clean.

Even-Heat Broiler: Broiling food can often be a touchy process – especially when your broiler doesn’t have this feature. Using a reflective gas tube, the broiler distributes even heat to sear and seal your food. Outside and inside are both cooked to perfection.

Pro-Style Knobs: Black ABS burner control knobs give the range a bold, dominating look.

Porcelain Spill Tray: Looking for easy cleanup? When things boil over and spill on the stove, they can create a big, cooked-on mess. A single-piece black porcelain spill tray catches the mess and makes cleaning it up a breeze.

Porcelain Interior: Inside the ovens is a gray porcelain interior. This was done to provide a stylish touch but also a very functional range to keep it clean.

Shop for a Gas Range with Double Oven at THOR Kitchen

And to think that you can get all of this wrapped up in a stainless steel package at an affordable cost. Pinch yourself because you are not dreaming. THOR Kitchen’s gas range with a double oven could be the one appliance your kitchen is missing! Shop now by finding your nearest dealer.