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November 30, 2019 | Kitchen Design

10 Inspirational Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen Ideas

If you’re interested in updating your kitchen or want to redesign it so it’s more modern, you’re probably looking for inspiration ideas.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top 10 modern kitchen ideas.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Are you currently designing your kitchen? Are you considering a remodel?

There are so many kitchen design styles to choose from. From country farmhouse and cottage charm to coastal, traditional, and Mediterranean, you are sure to find something that fits your tastes. For many, however, it is the modern design style that beckons to be followed.

Maybe it is the sleek look or the minimalistic approach to the clutter that has drawn you in. Or, perhaps it’s the stainless steel surfaces or the sophisticated look. Whatever your reason for falling in love with the modern kitchen, we’ve got some ideas that you won’t want to miss in your modern kitchen.

Here are the top 10 modern kitchen ideas.

1. No Raised Edges

The modern style is all about sleek and smooth appearances. This means that you want no raised edges – especially when it comes to your cabinets, flooring, backsplash, etc. Everything should flow in a horizontal manner and seem like one.

Raised edges, textures, and so forth bring a jaggedness to the smooth design style and are a bit disruptive.

2. Reflective Countertops

In any modern kitchen, you will see the reflective surfaces. It is one of the main staples of the design. For countertops, your modern kitchen will want to stick to surfaces that will show the power of lighting. These include granite, stone, concrete, and marble.

3. Modern, Stainless Steel Appliances

Kitchen appliances catch the eye when you walk into a kitchen. So, in a modern kitchen, these appliances need to appear shiny, sleek and fit the part.

Stainless steel, pro-style appliances are the best option for a modern kitchen. The stainless steel shines and is reflective. Opting for, say, a refrigerator with recessed handles and such will also add to the design style. Because they are such a huge part of your kitchen, your appliances will need to match your style – and for a modern design, you need stainless steel appliances.

Want a tip? Consider purchasing an appliance suite. Because of the role they play in your design, you want your stainless steel to be uniform and match entirely. Since this finish will vary between manufacturers, you want to purchase the same brand of appliances for all. An appliance suite is a way to do this and save money with the bundle. It’s a win-win.

4. Incorporate a Rustic Look in Your Modern Kitchen

Having a modern kitchen is all about having smooth, sleek surfaces. By adding a touch of rustic, you can still have your modern look, but you are adding some texture, as well. For instance, if you have stainless steel appliances and smooth countertops and cabinets, then you can pair this with, for instance, a more rigid backsplash. Also including exposed beams in the ceiling or architectural design in the ceiling, as well.

Sure, it deviates from the sleek look, but it’s a great combination of both worlds. If rustic is not your best choice, then go ahead and mix your modern kitchen with another design style – you may be surprised at what happens!

5. Brighten it Up with Color

Many modern kitchens are often neutral in color. But there is no guidebook that says they have to be. By including one bright piece, whether in artwork, backsplash, barstools, or the like, you will see a bright pop in a color that will brighten up the entire kitchen. There is no limit to what color you can choose to make this happen.

6. Recessed Lighting for Reflection

Remember that modern kitchens want smooth edges and sides. This applies to light, too. Having bulky lighting or a massive centerpiece will take away from the entire look. Your lighting should be bright and reflective, but out of the way. This is exactly why recessed lighting is perfect.

Recessed lighting can give you all the light you need in your kitchen – and is bright enough to get the reflection off of your surfaces – without disrupting the flow of your kitchen’s surfaces.

7. Streamlined Layout for Simplicity

Modern kitchen design is a flowing kitchen. You move freely without any disruption from one area of the kitchen to another. Cooking is a breeze, cleaning up is a breeze. When designing your modern kitchen, you will want to make sure the layout is streamlined for simplicity.

In other words, as you cook, you move easily from the refrigerator to the prep area to the range to the sink and so on. There is nothing to get in your way. It is streamlined and simple.

8. Little Ornamentation is Enough

You don’t need to try to go overboard to decorate a modern kitchen. Less is more with this design style. In fact, trying to add to ornaments will only ruin the look you are going for. Stick with one or two decorative pieces at most. This may be a vase or decorative picture. Nothing more.

9. Ditch the Cold Kitchen and Bring in Warmth

Many people complain that a modern kitchen is cold and stark. Of course, the idea behind the modern kitchen is bare, bright spaces that could be interpreted as cold. But, it does not have to be. There are ways to incorporate some warmth into a modern kitchen that feels a bit too cold.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by bringing in some darker cabinets that have a less-reflective surface. If these cabinets can show some of the wood grain for texture, that, too, will be a bit warmer. Of course, you can always keep your shiny, reflective cabinets and opt for a more textured-appearing floor or wall. The choice is yours. Just remember that it is the texture and reduction of shine that brings warmth.

10. You Need Windows

Windows allow more light into the kitchen, which can affect how much space is actually available. In a modern kitchen, windows can add to the reflective nature – and they can also make the sleek space seem larger. Windows are especially helpful in smaller modernly-designed kitchens.

When adding windows, be sure to make them large, with very minor – in any – window dressing.


A modern kitchen design style has been around for years and shows no signs of diminishing. In a world full of chaos and clutter, a modern kitchen can bring simplicity and peace.