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October 14, 2019 | Ranges

An Overview of Pro Style Kitchen Ranges

pro style kitchen ranges

If you’re thinking about replacing your old range, you may be interested in learning more about the various pro style kitchen ranges available.

In this article, we provide an overview of pro style kitchen ranges so you can make the best decision for your kitchen.

Pro Style Kitchen Ranges

Prostyle kitchen ranges are a welcome appliance in any kitchen. Unlike regular household ranges, these professional appliances bring with them a standard of durability, strength, and solidity. It does not matter how much they are used or how hard they are worked, they prove over and over to be beacons of the appliance world.

Imagine, if you will, having one of these pro-style kitchens ranges in your home; inside your kitchen. Can you see it? Can you picture yourself cooking your meals on something so wonderful? What delightful dishes could you provide your family and friends if you had the means to do so?

If you do not currently have a pro-style kitchen range, it is time to consider investing in one. In fact, it is time you understood the power of this appliance.

Looks Aren’t Everything, But…

We learn throughout life that looks aren’t everything. You may find a book with an eye-catching cover only to find that the pages inside put you to sleep. Or, you may see a piece of cake that looks so divine you can almost taste it. Only, when you do, it doesn’t taste anywhere near how good you thought it would.

When it comes to just any old range, the same rules may be applied. It may look great and it may try to keep up with you in the kitchen, but you’ll find out soon enough that it just can’t get the job done as a pro-style kitchen range can.

Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to pro-style kitchen ranges, you get the full package – style and ability. Thor Kitchen’s pro-style ranges, for example, come in stainless steel or black stainless steel. This means that they are strong and durable, free from future erosion and rust. And, they look nice, with a shine that will stand out in your kitchen – and adapt to any décor you bring its way.

Gas Ranges or Dual Fuel Ranges

If you are looking for the best pro-style kitchen range for you, there are many different choices. However, it comes down to whether you prefer a gas range or a dual fuel range.

Gas ranges are powered by gas, whether natural or propane, as their name suggests. Both the stove and the oven work off of the gas heat to provide you with an effective cooking experience. These ranges can come in different sizes and offer a variety of features.

Dual fuel ranges are a different type of appliance. They are, as you might imagine, designed to work with two types of heat sources – gas (again, whether propane or natural) and electric. Why would anyone want this? The top chefs around the world will tell you that a dual fuel range gives you the perfect outcome every time.

See, if you’ve ever cooked on a gas stove, then you know that when you turn the burner off, the heat goes off – and the food ceases cooking. This does not happen with an electric stove. When you turn it off, your burner is still hot and continues to heat and cook the food, leaving it overdone.

A gas oven, however, is fine for normal use, but not so great if you are an avid baker. Thorough, even heating is crucial and, with a gas oven, this is often hard to come by. This is why dual fuel ranges use electricity to heat the oven, providing the best, even heat for a great outcome every time you bake.

Think of a dual fuel range as the perfect solution for every cooking experience.

Easy Cleaning

If you are going to be doing a lot of cooking, then you are going to be in need of a pro-style kitchen range. The more you cook, the more mess you will ultimately make. And who likes the cleanup?

With pro-style ranges, cleanup is not a bad word. Instead, it’s a simple task, really. Here’s why: The stovetop burners have black porcelain underneath them. Any spills, regardless of whether they are cooked onto the porcelain or not, are easily wiped up without a lot of effort. This same porcelain is also found inside the oven, although blue in color. When things overflow and get burnt inside the oven, they are easily cleaned up after use.

The outer stainless steel is easily cleaned with nothing but a soft cloth. For tougher jobs, a little soapy water and a soft rag will get your pro-style range back to its shiny self in no time.

The Burners Matter

When someone walks into your kitchen, they cannot see inside your oven, but they can see your burners. The more you cook on them, the more wear and tear they will show, right? Wrong.

Sure, with a regular household stove, you may find this to be true. But, with a pro-style kitchen range, you will see nothing but a brand new appearance. The grates on these ranges are designed to handle heavy use – without dulling down or looking used.

Designed with cast iron continuous cooking grates, these burners are the perfect addition to your pro-style range that will keep it looking new no matter how hard you work it.

Other Features that Stand Out

A range designed for professional use doesn’t have to lack the bells and whistles. Instead, it goes all out, providing you a solid cooking experience all while it looks beautiful. For example, you may find features on your pro-style kitchen range – especially those by Thor Kitchen, such as knobs and controls illuminated by blue LED lights or a commercial convection fan to provide even baking. After all, you deserve a range that does it all – pleases the eye and your inner chef or baker.


When it comes to purchasing your next kitchen range, don’t settle for the basic household range. Rather, find one that will give you the strength and durability of a professional range with all the beauty perks of being designed for the home.

This is exactly what you’ll find with a pro-style kitchen range.