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April 6, 2020 | Ranges

Upgrading to a Professional Dual Fuel Range


Thor Kitchen 48" Dual Fuel Range

Every now and then something comes along that sparks our interest and cheers us up a bit. For some this could be receiving a bouquet of flowers, for others, it could be a trip to Paris. Yet, for those who genuinely enjoy all that the kitchen stands for, upgrading to a dual fuel range can be the icing on the cake.

Sure, it may seem silly to get so excited over an appliance – but don’t be fooled – this is not just any appliance. This is a professional style dual fuel range. And, if you are not too sure what that is just yet – you should keep reading. It is time you learn why you should be beaming with joy about upgrading your range. Dual fuel is a game-changer.

What a Dual Fuel Range Does

Just as its name suggests, this type of range works using two types of fuel – gas (either natural or propane) and electricity. But, you should note that this doesn’t mean you have a fuel switch on your range that allows you to choose which type of fuel you want each time you go to cook. They are not designed in that manner.

Typically, as is with Thor Kitchen’s design, dual fuel ranges have a gas stovetop and an electric oven. Because professional chefs everywhere will tell you that this is the best of both worlds, it is the most common type of dual fuel range on the market.

The Electric Oven

The electric heating of ovens tends to work much better than the fluctuating heat of gas when it comes to baking or roasting. This electric heat tends to be drier and distributed more evenly throughout the oven. Everything you bake, every time should come out baked evenly on every side.

Gas ovens do not give such award-winning outcomes. Since hot air rises, the higher racks will cook much faster than lower racks. Plus, because the heat is not evenly distributed, you will have to rotate your food as you bake it. This can be a bit frustrating if you are working on cooking other parts of your meal.

The Gas Stove

When it comes to the stove, gas is usually always the preference. And, it’s no wonder – it heats up instantly and gives you a very precise temperature. When you are done cooking and turn off the burner, it goes off. Just like that. You can even leave your pan on that burner and it will not continue cooking your food.

Electric stoves don’t do well. They are designed with heating coils which means they take time to heat up – and they take time to cool down. You cannot turn off an electric burner and leave your pan on the burner expecting it to not continue to cook.

Features You Will Want

Dual fuel ranges are designed with strong cooks in mind. They know what professional chefs want – and they want you to be able to have that in your kitchen. So, when it comes to upgrading your range to a professional dual fuel range, you will love these popular features:

  • An oven convection fan to ensure even baking.
  • Stovetop griddle with thermostat controls.
  • Extra-low simmer function to keep food warm.
  • Multiple burners, up to at least six burners, designed with durable continuous cast-iron grates.
  • Stainless steel finish for a stellar look that is easy to clean and fits any kitchen design.
  • LED lighting for energy efficiency.
  • Porcelain stovetop and interior oven for easy cleanup.

And the best part is that these are just a few of the features available. Remember, this professional style range was designed with those who love to cook in mind.

Why You Should Upgrade

If you want to make good food for your loved ones, family, and friends, then you require certain tools in your kitchen. Combining your gas range with an electric oven gives you a dual fuel option that gives you the best of both worlds – and simplifies your life.

No longer will you be stuck rotating your baked goods to make sure everything is baking evenly. And, no longer will you overcook your side dishes on the stove. Everything you do can be done with ease – when you upgrade to a dual fuel range.

And, you don’t have to be a professional to reap the benefits. Even novice cooks will look like pros with the use of a pro-style dual fuel range. It is amazing how much easier cooking a great meal is when you have the right fuel to get the job done, right?

So, now that you are going to upgrade, let’s take a look at a couple of your options:

Thor Kitchen’s Model Number HRD3088U

A smaller, space-saving model with great ability is this 30-inch dual fuel range in stainless steel with some awesome features:

  • Continuous, sturdy cast-iron cooking grates.
  • The porcelain cooktop under the grates makes cleanup simple and easy.
  • 4 gas range top burners, with heating ability as high as 18,000 BTU.
  • An oven with LED lighting with ample space to bake your favorite treats.
  • Porcelain walls are found inside the oven, as well, which allows for very easy cleanup.
  • Two moveable oven racks.
  • An electric broiler.

Thor Kitchen’s Model Number HRD3606U

This is a 36-inch dual fuel range with these great features:

  • Cast iron continuous burner grates for sturdy, durable cooking.
  • Six burners so you can be sure to cook all those tasty dishes.
  • Porcelain drip pan for easy cleanup afterward.
  • Oven with a commercial convection fan for even baking.
  • Blue porcelain oven interior for design and easy cleaning.
  • Blue LED illuminated knobs for that perfect final touch.

Thor Kitchen’s Model Number HRD4803U

If you need space, this 48-inch double-oven, dual fuel range is the upgrade you need. As if all the cooking and baking space wasn’t enough, check out all these features!

  • Continuous cast-iron heavy-duty grate.
  • Porcelain stove drip pan and inside of the oven for easy cleaning.
  • Not one, but two ovens – allowing you plenty of cooking space at multiple temperatures.
  • Commercial convection fan to ensure even baking.
  • Blue LED lights behind the control knobs for an elegant look.
  • Stovetop with 6-burners and a griddle.


Now is the time to upgrade to a professional dual fuel range. It’s simple: a pro-style by Thor Kitchen is a long-lasting investment for any kitchen.