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7 Professional Grade Kitchen Appliances to Get You Cookin’

couple cooking with professional grade kitchen appliances

Whether you currently love cooking, or you want to love cooking, you will be happy to know that having the right appliances can make a huge difference. Sure, you can cook on any type of stove. And, you can store your food in any type of refrigerator. But, having the professional kitchen appliances that are designed to give you the ultimate kitchen experience can make spending time in there that much more worthwhile.

Professional Grade Kitchen Appliances Make the Difference

If you enjoy cooking and appreciate the value of having the best ingredients at your fingertips when you cook, then you’ll appreciate the value of having professional grade kitchen appliances.

These appliances pack both beauty and brawn when it comes to modern design and technology, which work together to create the contemporary kitchen capable of serving your needs at any given time. Whether you’re interested the style and appearance or energy-efficiency and safer cooking environments, you won’t want to miss the following appliances.

Here are 7 professional grade kitchen appliances that make all the difference.

1. A 36-inch Dual Fuel Range

HRD3606U – 36 Inch Dual Fuel Range
Thor Kitchen HRD3606U – 36 Inch Dual Fuel Range

This professional grade range for your kitchen offers dual fuel for the optimum cooking experience. Because the best of the best chefs everywhere know that gas cooktops lead to better outcomes while even oven cooking with the use of electric heat is much more efficient.

The range comes in stainless steel, which is a great fit for just about any type of kitchen design. It also has 6 burners on the stove top and an electric broiler in the oven. Score!

2. A 36-inch Induction Cooktop

36 inch induction cooktop

Thor Kitchen 36 Inch Induction Cooktop – HIC3601

If you want to discover the latest trend in cooktops – and new joy for cooking – then you will want to learn about the many benefits of induction cooking. And, once you do, you’ll want this black induction cooktop.

Induction cooktops are easier to clean and maintain, heat food faster than any other method, and always remain cool to the touch. This model comes with 5 elements (burners), touch controls, and child safety features. Its sleek design makes it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

3. A 48-inch Professional Gas Range

LRG4801U – 48 Inch Gas Range Double Oven
Thor Kitchen LRG4801U – 48 Inch Gas Range Double Oven

Do you do a lot of cooking, but get frustrated when you can’t fit everything you need to in the oven? If so, then you may need a second oven. And, don’t worry, it isn’t a far-fetched dream.

This 48-inch stainless steel gas range offers you two ovens – for double the kitchen fun. The first oven is 4.6 cubic feet, while the second is smaller, at 2.2 cubic feet. On top of these ovens, you will find six burners with heavy cast iron cooking grates. At the very bottom, you will find a large storage drawer, handy for those pans and cookie sheets.

This range and its durability mean that you can cook more in your kitchen without the worry of disrupting your appliances.

4. A 36-inch Professional Range Top

Thor Kitchen HRT3618U – Professional 36 Inch Gas Range Top

Have a wall oven and need a range top? This six-burner stainless steel professional range top may be just what you need to get cookin’. After all, sometimes the delicate cooktops just can’t handle the ruggedness of your kitchen. If that seems to be your situation, then a range top may be a better option for your need.

This is a 36-inch built-in range top. And, the shininess of the finish makes it a perfect fit for nearly every kitchen style. It comes with burners that have heavy cast iron grates to stand up to the cooking methods in your kitchen. Plus, these grates are removable for easy cleaning.

With features, such as extra low simmer and the ability to transform it into a gas range top, it won’t take you long to realize it is your favorite appliance to cook your favorite meal.

5. A 36-inch Professional Gas Range

LRG3601U – 36 Inch Professional Gas Range
Thor Kitchen LRG3601U – 36 Inch Professional Gas Range

If you don’t have a wall oven and you find yourself needing a full range, this is a perfect fit for most kitchens. Its standard size and beautiful stainless steel finish allow it to fit in and flow nicely.

Bakers will especially love this range. It has a 6.0 cubic foot oven with a commercial grade convection fan. That means your food will always be cooked evenly no matter where it is placed inside. Plus, there are 6 stove top burners.

The heavy-duty cast iron grates make this a durable appliance for any kitchen.

6. A 30-inch Microwave

HOR3001 – 30 Inch Over the Range Microwave
Thor Kitchen HOR3001 – 30 Inch Over the Range Microwave

Sometimes you just need something more than a range or a stove top to get you cooking. In this case, it is a 1.7 cubic foot microwave.

Whether you just need to heat up something quickly like steaming a bag of frozen veggies or you are teaching your kids how to cook a simple meal – safely – a microwave is a necessity in every home. And, this one, in stainless steel, makes a nice addition.

The best part is this microwave comes with so many perks, such as sensor cooking, eco mode, softening options, defrost options, and more. And, the fact that it gets installed over your range or range top makes it conveniently located without taking up your counter space.

7. A French Door Refrigerator

Black Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator – HRF3602BS

Thor Kitchen Black Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator – HRF3602BS

Why a refrigerator? Because you can’t do all that cookin’ unless you’ve got the food to do it. And, what better place to store your food than a trendy black stainless steel French door refrigerator with recessed handles.

This refrigerator is smooth and sleek, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It offers a lot of room for storing and organizing. In fact, it has 22.5 cubic feet of space for you to use. The two drawers on the bottom offer convenient freezer storage which makes organization a breeze.

Movable shelving, multiple drawers, and more provide you with a refrigerator that will keep your food items cold and fresh until you are ready to get cooking. And, the easy-to-clean surface will keep your refrigerator looking like new.


Having a kitchen equipped and ready to cook can entice just about anyone to get cooking. These Thor Kitchen appliances are well-designed for your ultimate kitchen experience. Find what entices you to cook – and get it. Then, get ready to whip up some goodness with your new appliances.

Photo by Mantra Media