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December 31, 2019 | Ranges

The Benefits of a Prostyle Range in Your Kitchen

protstyle range

If you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen next year, you may be interested in considering switching to a prostyle range.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the many benefits a prostyle range offers.

Prostyle Range Benefits

Do you love being in your kitchen?

Are you someone who enjoys cooking a delicious feast for your family and may even be the best baker in any baking competition?  They say that cooking and baking are therapeutic. And, if you can vouch for this, then you ought to be using nothing short of the best when it comes to the range – or all appliances – in your kitchen.

Of course, not everyone can afford commercial appliances for their kitchen. And, even if money is no issue, who wants the boring appearance of professional appliances in a beautifully-designed kitchen? Talk about drab!

So, what if there was a way you can have the best of both worlds – the professional quality you find in a commercial range combined with the elegance that comes with a personal range? There is. It is called a pro-style range. And, it is time you consider an upgrade.

Here are several benefits you will enjoy with a prostyle range.


Pro-style appliances are built to live up to heavy use – and this is especially true when it comes to a pro-style range. They were created for those who want to turn their home kitchen into a professional kitchen without harming the design style. This means that they are durable. From the materials they are built with to the way in which they are put together, these pro-style ranges will handle all that you put them through without worrying about breaking a knob or losing their beautiful appearance.

Regular residential ranges are designed for light cooking. Work them too much, and they will not only wear down in their performance but also in their appearance. If you love to bake and cook, you need someone dependable – and durable.

Additional Burners

Have you ever tried to cook a large meal and realize that four burners just is not enough? Well, sure, you can cook in shifts, but then half the meal is cold!

With pro-style ranges, you get the option for additional burners. In fact, five or six burners are very common. Some of these ranges even add special features, such as a griddle in the middle which can provide you with quite a bit of extra cooking space.

Never worry about having a half-cooked meal again with a pro-style range in your kitchen.

Double Ovens

Just like that burner situation, oven space can be hard to come by. If you need to bake multiple things and at different temperatures, you are going to run into a problem. You can try it, but there is a good chance something may end up too done or not done enough. Besides, who wants the sweet potato pie to taste like turkey?

One option that comes in so handy with pro-style ranges is the double oven. Here you will find yourself able to cook multiple items at once, and at two separate temperatures. Imagine it – lowering your frustrations and increasing your cooking ability – all in a durable, long-lasting, double oven pro-style range.

Can life get any better than that? Well, believe it or not, there is something better than a double oven range. What is it? Its called a dual fuel range.

Dual Fuel

The dual fuel range is a special range that offers two types of heating – gas and electric. For those serious chefs and bakers, such as yourself, cooking with the right heat is essential for a perfect finished product.

With a dual fuel range, you get an electric oven and a gas stove. Here’s why:

A gas stove heats up burners instantly. There is no need to wait for the burner to heat up before the pan and, ultimately, the food can heat. Instead, there is fire heating it instantly. In addition, the control over the temperature is much more precise with gas. When you need to turn the heat lower, you turn the flame down. When you are done, you turn the flame off. You don’t have to worry about a hot burner or food that will continue to cook.

When it comes to the oven, electric heat provides even, thorough baking. There is no need to rotate your dish around. Instead, the even layer of heat will penetrate your dish perfectly, leaving you with a perfect outcome every time.

These pro-style, dual fuel ranges are a great addition to a kitchen – and can make your life in the kitchen much easier.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel finish is another great addition to pro-style ranges. Have you ever noticed that commercial kitchens are filled with stainless steel? Do you know why? Despite the fact that stainless steel finish is timeless and it looks spectacular no matter what your design style is, there is a real serious reason why this is the finish of choice for commercial kitchens: it is non-porous.

So, what does that mean for your kitchen? Well, kitchens are full of germs and bacteria. The more you cook in them, the more these germs get spread around your kitchen. This is why it is so important to properly clean your kitchen so kill the spread of the nastiness.

Unfortunately, some materials have pores or grooves. No matter how hard you try to clean then, you cannot always reach the germs. But, when you have a surface – such as stainless steel – it doesn’t allow for that to happen. When you clean this surface, you are removing everything you don’t want, leaving you with a healthier kitchen.


Last, but certainly not least, is the quality that you get when you invest in a pro-style range. You don’t have to worry about cooking too much or wearing down the range. You don’t have to be overly gentle so you don’t break something. And, you don’ have to worry about your range looking used up over time.

Quality materials give you a quality product that will outperform other options. And, that is what you get with a pro-style range.


Now that you’ve learned about some of the many benefits a prostyle range offers, you can consider which professional range is right for your kitchen. Whether you’re interested in upgrading to a dual-fuel range or a range with a griddle, the choice is up to you.

Time for your upgrade? You should have all the information you need to consider upgrading your range to a pro-style range today!