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January 11, 2024 | Refrigerators

The Award-winning 2-Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator

2-drawer undercounter refrigerator by THOR Kitchen

The holidays are right around the corner. Do you have everything you need to be ready to feed and entertain your guests? 

When asked about one of the frustrating issues in the kitchen during the holidays, many people say there is not enough space in the refrigerator. 

So, THOR Kitchen created a solution to address the situation — and a lot of people agree that it’s a great fix. So much so that this 2-drawer refrigerator is the winner of Good Housekeeping’s Best Kitchen Gear award in 2023. 

And, let’s be real — if you are looking to display an award-winning prize in your home this holiday season, a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator drawer in your kitchen looks much better than a leg lamp in the front window. 

24-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator: What You Need to Know

We design high-quality, professional appliances that you can use at home. They are durable and efficient – without sacrificing their appearance. And they come at a practical price, too. 

It’s what we do here at THOR Kitchen. 

This refrigerator provides an additional cold space within any kitchen. While it can hold just about anything, it is fantastic for beverages. Cans, juices, bottles, and even jugs can all fit and stay perfectly chilled. The two-drawer design makes it easy to open and see what is inside to grab just what you want. 

The unit fits under the counter so that it is out of the way and blends in nicely with the cabinetry. In fact, it looks so great that you wouldn’t even realize it was a refrigerator if you didn’t already know!

You can expect this under-counter unit to bring you convenience and cold drinks. It is all about making life easier. 

For the holidays, having a refrigerator drawer means having a place where everyone can grab their drink and always count on a cold one. If you are hosting the festivities outdoors, you won’t have to worry about everyone running inside when they need a refill. And, if inside, they know right where to go without disrupting what you have going on in the main refrigerator. 

This is also a great way to keep everyone out of the feast that is being stor in the fridge. 

The Features Make the Refrigerator

Big or small, refrigerators come with many different features — and each can be different from the next. But there is no denying that the features make the refrigerator. 

You need reassurance that your food and drinks will remain cold at the optimal temperature. You need to feel confident that you can visibly see and access everything within it as easily as possible. And, you will want to have enough space that you can store the big things – like gallon jugs – while still keeping your refrigerator organized

Of course, during the holiday season, you want to know that when you have to stuff your refrigerator with ingredients and then again with leftovers you will have the space to do so. 

Again, the features make the refrigerator. Here’s what you will find on THOR Kitchen’s award-winning 24-inch refrigerator drawer. 

  • Large storage space — 5.4 cubic feet of capacity. There won’t be a warm beer in sight, that’s for sure 
  • Soft close drawers with no slamming required (tell the teenagers)
  • The convection cooling system will help keep the fridge cold and at a consistent temperature throughout the unit
  • Beautiful blue LED display and digital touchpad makes it easy to control the temperature
  • LED lighting within the unit shines bright enough to find just what you are looking for
  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish ensures that its design aesthetic is always on point

In other words, with all of these features on your new sidekick, you can #cooklikeagod with ease this holiday season. 

Indoor Outdoor Versatility

One of the most incredible features of this refrigerator drawer is that it is rated for use inside or outside. It can essentially go anywhere! So, if you are someone who likes a cold drink wherever you go, you don’t ever have to be without one. 

You could place it in the kitchen, in your home office, in your backyard, in your garage, in the living room, or anywhere else. Hey, who says you can’t have more than one refrigerator drawer? 

On a more serious note, this refrigerator is a great option for those seeking a solution for keeping drinks cold or when a refrigerated overflow space is needed. Both are often necessary during the holiday season or when entertaining guests in general. 

Whether you tend to host your social gatherings outdoors or indoors, you have stumbled upon the perfect solution. Fate? Perhaps. 

An Everyday Refrigerator

As quickly as the holidays arrive, they disappear. But that does not mean the benefits of your refrigerator drawer have to also. You can continue to enjoy all it has to offer, as part of your kitchen or your outdoor kitchen suite. 

Inside your home, you can use it for storing drinks. This not only removes them from your main refrigerator and keeps them in one designated location, but it also frees up space, making it much easier to keep things organized.  

Outdoors, it is a perfect fit for an outdoor kitchen or simply a refrigerator in your backyard oasis. When you are entertaining, it is wonderful to have so that your guests don’t have to go inside. But even if you are enjoying the fresh air outdoors by yourself, it is nice just to be able to reach over and grab a cold one. Wouldn’t you agree? 

While it does make a great addition to holiday gatherings, it is very much an everyday refrigerator that you and your family will begin to rely on. 

Get Your Undercounter Refrigerator Drawer

You could keep sitting here reading about all the reasons why you need this award-winning 2-drawer refrigerator in your life. Or, you could just go get one. The choice is yours, but those of us at THOR Kitchen would recommend the latter — especially if you’d like to take advantage of what it has to offer you for the holiday season.  

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