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The Convenience of an Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet. Keep the Mess Outside.

close up of vegetable prep

Left view of outdoor kitchen sink
Modular Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen



Introducing your grill’s ultimate wingman – the outdoor kitchen sink cabinet. Your grill needs a friend. A friend that can stick by their side and lend a helping hand when needed. A friend that enhances what your grill has to offer. This friend is not co-dependent and has a lot to offer even on their own. The outdoor kitchen sink cabinet functions as such. And, the convenience factor is certainly a 10/10. Here’s why.


What is an outdoor kitchen sink cabinet?

First, let’s get to know the kitchen sink cabinet. If you’re new to the realm of high-functioning backyard spaces, then you may or may not be 100% familiar with this product. Don’t fret – we’re here to help you learn all about them.

A sink cabinet – like the THOR Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet in Stainless Steel –  is a premium professional appliance that can take your backyard space to the next level. Sure, you have a grill. Maybe you even have a table or some comfy outdoor lounge chairs. But…

Do you have a sink?

A sink cabinet is designed to bring many benefits to your barbecue experience. It’s a convenient outdoor addition to any backyard. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Close Convenience

You can skip the age-old routine of prepping the food inside and carrying it to the grill. The running back and forth from the house for that extra seasoning. Maybe a little oil or BBQ sauce.  And, when you’re done grilling, having to haul all those utensils and ingredients back into the house for cleaning and organizing.

Sound familiar? There’s nothing wrong with routine. We just want to add some spice into it – spice that’s stored away within an arm’s reach. The outdoor kitchen sink cabinet allows you to prep the food, get it on the grill, quickly access the storage area, and clean up all within the vicinity of your outdoor cooking area. Of course, no grilling expedition would be complete without an ice-cold beer in your hand. And, since we’re talking about convenience, you know that this cabinet has to come with a bottle opener, right?

An absolute UNIT

The outdoor sink cabinet by THOR Kitchen is entirely designed with shiny, timeless stainless steel. This unit has been tested to withstand the outdoor elements.

It will not rust.

It will not corrode.

And, it features a convenient bottle opener. You’ll find it to be a long-lasting, easy-to-clean appliance that will match all of your other kitchen appliances. And, uniformity is always a good thing.

Prepare Your Food Outside

Who doesn’t love a clean kitchen? We all do. Sometimes, if your house is clean, the idea of cooking is enough to make you order takeout. Grilling, though, is much easier. And, when you have the benefit of a sink outside – you don’t even need to use your in-home kitchen.

With this outdoor kitchen sink, you don’t just get any sink, you get a stainless-steel sink. It’s well-designed with a drain hose and a water pipe. This way you can prepare everything outdoors without having to dirty your kitchen!

Since you’ll likely be using raw meats in this sink, knowing that stainless steel is a non-porous surface can be huge a relief. There is no place for germs to hide, so you can reduce the chance of contamination and protect your family’s health.

Outdoor Storage Space

Let’s talk about storage for a minute. We discussed above just how much of an inconvenience it is to have to lug your food, utensils, and spices from the kitchen to the outdoor grill every time you want to use it. It takes time and sometimes even requires balancing skills. Not to mention that you’re going in and out of the house – which expends your home’s energy (increasing the cost of your utilities) as well as your own.

This high-quality outdoor kitchen sink cabinet was designed to make your grilling life a bit sweeter. While it does have a sink, and a bottle opener – which we know is a nice little bonus – the features don’t stop there. You are going to find plenty of storage space. You can keep all of your grilling essentials inside the cabinet so they’re nearby and ready to go when you need them. When you’re done cooking, you can wash them in the sink using the cleaning supplies you also have stored in the unit. And, who would we be if we didn’t include a storage tray to hold all the flavors of your special spices and rubs?

Easy to Move

While this stainless-steel outdoor kitchen sink may look heavy and solid, it’s rather easy to move. Underneath you will find two 3-inch fixed casters and two 3-inch locking casters. Both make it extremely easy to move. And, when you’re ready to have it settled in the perfect spot, you can lock it in place.

Most importantly, getting outside presents a wonderful opportunity to breathe in some fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and stock up on some natural vitamin D.

Whether you’ve got grilling weather now or will have it shortly, don’t go another day without a pro-style outdoor kitchen sink cabinet on your back patio. Your grill needs a friend – and this convenient appliance is it.

Hero image by Max Delsid