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June 5, 2023 | Microwaves

The Sleek Benefits of Our Undercounter Microwave Drawer

Undercounter Microwave Drawer

Microwaves have been around for decades, but microwave drawers are a bit newer in homes. They are popping up in luxury kitchens everywhere since they can be neatly tucked away. 

With a microwave drawer, there is no longer a swinging hinged door in the front, but rather a drawer-type opening that fits snugly underneath the countertop. You open it just like you would any other drawer, sliding it out and placing your food into it from the top opening. 

It is convenient, sleek, and comes with a long list of benefits. 

Why Are Microwave Drawers So Popular?

As much as we don’t like to admit we use the microwave for cooking, sometimes we do. There is no denying the fact that it is fast and convenient. And on those days when pulling out the pots and pans just isn’t going to happen, a microwave can mean the difference between a warm meal and a cold bologna sandwich. 

But, if we are being real, then it is safe to say that nobody wants an ugly, bulky microwave taking up their beautiful countertops. It is definitely more about the space and added bulk than it is the benefit of fast food.

Ding, ding! That’s right – the reason microwave drawers are so popular is because they give you the best of both worlds. They do not take up unnecessary space and they still provide quick eats! It is the optimal solution.

The True Meaning of Sleek

Webster’s definition of the word sleek is “smooth and glossy,” as well as “elegant, stylish.” And that is quite accurate when it comes to describing THOR Ktichen’s undercounter microwave drawer. It is beautifully designed to fit under the countertop without taking up any precious counter space. 

A smooth, classy stainless steel finish not only allows the microwave to fit in and look uniform with the other appliances around the kitchen but it also gives it an incredible shine. 

Finally, the fact that it fits flush to the cabinet and doesn’t contain any protruding knobs makes it so easy to operate – and maneuver around. It has soft lines, an elegant look, and is very stylish. 

All in a microwave? Oh yes. Only from THOR Kitchen. 

Sleek Benefits of an Undercounter Microwave Drawer

As you can likely already tell, the probability of enjoying your investment in a microwave drawer is quite high. And that is because they provide you with some sleek benefits, such as:

  • Save your countertop space for other things you need
  • Provide you with plenty of space inside to cook dishes of all sizes
  • Easy enough for everyone in the family to use
  • Modern design
  • Do not take up space above your range – leaving you more space for a range hood and better ventilation
  • Reduce the chance of spills and messes due to the angle when using it
  • Fit any design style
  • Often come with a lot of features that make cooking fun

Features Found on THOR Kitchen’s Microwave Drawer

THOR Kitchen always creates well-designed, pro-style appliances – and their microwave drawer is no exception. They did not leave off any features that can make the experience of using it one of ease and efficiency. In fact, whether you are making a bag of popcorn, a mug cake, or simply heating up your leftovers, you are sure to find it enjoyable. 

Let’s take a closer look at what sets this microwave drawer apart from the competition. 

  • The perfect design. Not all microwave drawers are created equal. At THOR Kitchen, their 24-inch offering can accommodate any kitchen design. For instance, it can be used in an island or a peninsula, or it can be used in standard cabinetry or placed adjacent to the wall oven. 

There are so many options that do not include sitting it on your countertop!

  • 12 sensor modes. Each of these sensors helps to create the best cooking experience using a microwave drawer. Are you defrosting food? Heating a beverage? Softening ice cream? These and more can be done carefully with the use of the sensor.
  • Multiple power modes. There are 10 different power modes for precision heating. After all, the way you heat a leftover steak is going to be different than the way you melt chocolate. From delicate to high power, it has everything you need to maintain control of your foods. 
  • Spacious design. Fitting small and large items into this microwave drawer is a breeze with 1.2 cubic feet of capacity. Even bulky-shaped items fit. 
  • Keep foods warm until you are ready. If you have ever served a hot main course with cold side dishes, then you know how disappointing it can be. Nobody likes cold mashed potatoes and gravy. With the keep warm function that comes on THOR Kitchen’s undercounter microwave drawer, you don’t have to worry about that happening ever again. 

This function delivers brief pulses of power to keep the food warm without overcooking it. When you are ready to serve the entire meal, everything can be served warm. 

  • Easy to open and close. You will no longer have to worry about a clunky handle when opening and closing the microwave. Instead, this unit comes with an auto touch open/close control. You can easily open and close it using the touch of a button. 

Hands full? No biggie – just tap your hip on the drawer and watch it pop open for you. It’s a piece of cake. 

Grab Your Undercounter Microwave Drawer

Take a look at your kitchen at imagine the extra space you would have if you didn’t have a microwave sitting on your countertop. Or, if your microwave is above your range, what if you could replace it with a stunning range hood instead, giving your kitchen some fresh, clean air? 

Microwave drawers can serve many purposes and provide you with many benefits. And, when they have as many amazing features as THOR Kitchen’s appliances then the investment just makes sense. 

Shop online today – or find your undercounter microwave drawer at a local retailer.