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December 21, 2021 | Range Tops

The Stylish Benefits of Gas Range Tops

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If your kitchen feels like it is missing something and you find yourself looking for an appliance that stands out – and benefits you – in ways that you may not have otherwise considered, you may need a rangetop. But, wait – you have a kitchen full of appliances that all seem to serve their purpose – so why would you need this extra appliance? 

For some style, durability, and functionality, of course! 

Whether in addition to your range, such as added to a kitchen island, or in place of your range, you will find the benefits of a gas rangetop extend far beyond the style. 

The Difference Between Gas Rangetops and Cooktops

Many people use the terms rangetop and cooktop interchangeably. But should they be? Believe it or not, there is a difference. And if you are looking forward to taking advantage of the stylish benefits of gas rangetops, you should want to know the difference. 

Rangetops are typically gas, whether propane or natural gas, though you may occasionally find one that is electric. They are also often built into the countertop with knobs on the front. It is not uncommon for them to give the appearance of a range without having the oven. Cooktops, on the other hand, are sort of dropped in rather than built-in. They are either gas or electric and their knobs are on top of the counter. They tend to take up less space than rangetops but don’t appear as durable, even though they are. 

If you are wondering which one gives off the stylish, classy benefits then a rangetop is definitely what you are looking for. 

Rangetops Are Built Into the Countertop

There is just something more stylish and elegant about something that is built into the countertop rather than just on top or dropped in. It looks like you went above and beyond to customize your cabinets to accommodate one stellar appliance. And that, my friend, is one reason why rangetops are hot. Pun intended. 

Rangetops Are Easy-to-Use

Rangetops are over the top in the way they are incorporated in the kitchen and by their durable design. But they are also made in a way that is easy to use. They tend to have quite a few burners – and they have knobs on the front, rather than the top. This makes them as functional as they are stylish. After all, have you ever tried cooking a 3-course meal on the stovetop and had to reach across the counter to adjust the temperature? That’s an accident waiting to happen!

Keep things looking great – and cooking great – with a rangetop. 

Rangetops Provide Extensive Cooking Space

Speaking of cooking on a rangetop, wouldn’t it look silly to have a rangetop installed into your cabinetry for only a couple of burners? Oh, yes, it would. That is why you will find most of these appliances come with a lot of cooking space. In the world of being a stylish chef, it shouts, “I am a master chef and will work with no less than 4 burners at a time. Anything less is just wasteful and dreadful.” Ok, well maybe not – but it does show that you are serious about cooking and that you won’t settle for anything less than the best.  

Rangetops Have Professional Features

Rangetops are often very durable and sturdy. They are designed to handle the heavy use that would come with surviving a professional kitchen. This means they can handle cooking a few things at once – and with ease. 

Things like drip pans for easy cleanup mean that your rangetop will always look good no matter how much heat you throw at it. Plus, with burners that can handle heating at high temps of 18,000 BTU or at a low, steady heat of 650 BTU, you can always ensure that no matter what you cook, you are going to end up with a delightful final product. Some rangetops may even come with a griddle for an extra, alternative cooking surface. Can you imagine what you can cook with a griddle? There are so many recipes.

Built with heavy cooking in mind – just as in a professional arena – you can rest easy that no matter what goes down in your kitchen, your rangetop would be up for the task. And it will still look great, too. 

Rangetops Have Stylish Features

If you want stylish benefits, then you need stylish features. This won’t come with just any appliance. You need something that is going to go above and beyond in order to be eye-catching. Rangetop models from THOR Kitchen come with brilliant blue LED lighting that looks fantastic. They also come with die-cast metal burner controls that look professional and durable, as well as beautiful. 

These rangetops also have continuous cast-iron grates that add to the appliance’s durability. But the great thing about them is that they can handle heavy use very well – but it doesn’t ever take a toll on their appearance. They will continue to look sleek and stylish (and as if they didn’t just cook that feast for your family).

Bringing it Together

When you have a rangetop that is built into your kitchen, has blue LED lights, sturdy design, and cast iron grates, you’ve got yourself a great, stylish appliance. But, when you add that the rangetop is designed with timeless stainless steel that shines and looks stunning combined with a porcelain drip pan that looks professional, then you’ve got the stylish rangetop in your kitchen. 

THOR Kitchen has a couple of professional style rangetops that can take your kitchen to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you want to keep up with the Jones’s or show them how it is done – a rangetop can transform your kitchen in both style and functionality. You are sure to not be disappointed.