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August 14, 2023 | Ranges

THOR vs Forno Ranges

THOR vs Forno Ranges comparison

If you’re interested in upgrading to a professional kitchen range, you may be wondering … THOR vs. Forno?

When it comes to professional-grade kitchen appliances, THOR Kitchen and Forno offer compelling choices. THOR excels in delivering robust, stainless steel appliances that combine premium power with stylish design, ideal for home chefs who want a professional kitchen experience. Forno, while also offering high quality, leans more toward European aesthetics and multi-functionality.

Picking out any new kitchen appliance can be tough. It’s no wonder why doing so has you daydreaming about being on a game show and winning a brand-new kitchen range. What if you were that one contestant to get as close to the price without going over – and you got to go home with a range? Who doesn’t love a free appliance? 

But what exactly did you win? You wouldn’t know about the features or whether or not it had the power to suit your cooking skills. You wouldn’t even know for sure if it would fit your space. You can’t just choose any range. It has to be the right range. For you. 

Since your range is what you use to nourish your family, maintain holiday traditions, and just be there for you when you want a hot bowl of soup on a cold night — you should be the one to pick it out. 

Ditch the game show idea and let us do the breakdown for you. No, you won’t have a great story to tell about how you won, but you will still be a winner. Why? Because you will have a range that lets you #cooklikeagod. And, something tells us that may be more important in the long run. 

Alright, contestant. You have two doors to choose from. What will it be? THOR or Forno?

Door # 1: A THOR Kitchen Range

Looking behind door #1, we find a THOR Kitchen range. 

THOR offers premium pro-style ranges that are both powerful and affordable, letting you have the durability and reliability of a professional range right in your kitchen. The best part is that it doesn’t look like it belongs in a commercial kitchen even though it acts like it. 

Decked out in stainless steel, the unit shines bright. It fits well with any kitchen design – making it easy to adjust the feel of your space over the years without having to exchange your range for a new one. Keeping it clean is easy, too, thanks to the finish, as well as the porcelain drip pans and oven interior. In other words, it will continue to function well and look stunning for years to come. 

Appliances are truly investments, so you always want to ensure you are getting the best. 

Since every kitchen is different, THOR Kitchen offers different size ranges, including 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. This will allow you to find one that works for your space. 

They also offer electric, gas, and dual fuel options with the gas being easily converted from natural gas to liquid propane. A few of the most common features you may find on them include: 

  • High-powered BTU burners
  • Luxglide telescopic racks  – effortless glide without the risk of tipping
  • Infrared broiler
  • Commercial convection fan
  • LED control panel lights
  • Large oven capacity
  • Continuous cast-iron cooking grates
  • Heavy-duty control knobs
  • Black porcelain spill tray 
  • Automatic re-ignition feature

With THOR, you get everything you need without all the unnecessary fluff. 

When you are manufacturing a range dubbed one of the highest-quality brands on the market, you can’t possibly be using one built with anything but the best parts. And with that, comes an increased cost. 

In a very general sense, a 36-inch THOR Kitchen range will set you back around $3,000. Some may be a little higher or a little less, depending on the model

Is it worth paying a little extra knowing that you are getting a high-quality range? Absolutely. 

Door # 2: A Forno Range

Forno’s mission looks to be to provide state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that can be purchased at an affordable rate. They also consider their ranges to be pro-style, with options in gas, electric, and dual fuel. 

Like THOR Kitchen, Forno ranges come in many different sizes, too. They start with a small 20-inch range, then move up to a 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, and 60 inches. In other words, they have a size that should fit in any size kitchen. 

A few of the features you will find on these Forno ranges include: 

  • Enamel range top
  • Continuous cast-iron grates 
  • Convection fan
  • Heavy duty knobs
  • Knob illumination
  • Telescopic oven racks

So, just how reasonably priced are Forno ranges? On average you can get a 36-inch Forno range for around $2,000.

THOR vs. Forno: Which Door Do You Choose? 

Now you know what you have in front of you and it all comes down to this moment. THOR vs Forno: Will you choose the Forno range behind door #2? Or the THOR range behind door #1? 

Both have a distinguished look and a dedication to both performance and style. Yet, they have their differences, too. 

One thing that sets Forno apart from its competitors is that it offers ranges in various colors, such as red, black, blue, and white. While adding a splash of color to the kitchen can be exciting at the moment, it can be a burden down the road should you decide to change the design or color of your kitchen. Something you will definitely want to take into consideration. 

Of course, if the decision to purchase a range was only based on the aesthetics that it brings to the table, then why even bother giving it a working burner? A range can look great, but it needs to function even better. 

Forno seems to offer more aesthetic options whereas THOR Kitchen seems to offer greater features and a stronger overall product. Yet, Forno does come in at a lower price point than THOR. 

It’s going to be a tough call – which door will you choose? Cue the Jeopardy tune. 

THOR vs. Forno: The Winner

When it comes to a kitchen range, quality, and power will win every single time. After all, a pretty range is not going to cook you dinner. 

The winner? Door #1 – THOR Kitchen

There are many options to choose from, including different sizes and styles, each maintaining the level of craftsmanship THOR is known for. And, sometimes, you get what you pay for when it comes to durability, power, and beauty. 

Since this really isn’t a game show, though, you are going to need to purchase your range from THOR Kitchen by shopping online or finding a local retailer near you.