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September 13, 2021 | Range Hoods

Under Cabinet vs Wall Mount Range Hood: Which One to Choose?

under cabinet vs wall mount range hood

There are several key differences to consider when weighing your options between an under cabinet vs wall mount range hood for your kitchen.

There are certain appliances that you just know your kitchen needs. After all, could you imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator? It just wouldn’t be right. 

A range hood is one of those appliances that every kitchen needs, but not every kitchen is privy to. If your kitchen is missing a range hood, then it is time you learned just how important it is to get one — and how to choose the right one. 

What is a Range Hood? And, Why Do I Need One?

If you cook in a kitchen using a stove, then you ought to have a range hood. Every time you start cooking, you are releasing heat, moisture, food particles, and even toxins into the air. The longer you stand over the stove and cook, the more you are breathing them in. All your loved ones in the kitchen get the joy of dirty air, too. 

A range hood is designed to filter out this dirty air and leave you with fresh air to breathe. It takes out the heat, the moisture, the debris, and the toxins. Depending on whether you have a ducted or ductless range hood, the dirty air will either be sucked out and left outside or it will be filtered, cleaned, and returned to the kitchen. 

Both take care of cleaning the unwanted, dirty air. Let’s take a look at two different types of range hoods: wall-mounted and under cabinet. 

A Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall mount range hoods may come in different shapes and sizes, but they are essentially the type of range hood that mounts to the wall – just like its name suggests. Not all kitchens have room for these types of range hoods as they require a wide-open space above the range to the ventilation duct. 

An Under Cabinet Range Hood

Again, as its name suggests, an under-cabinet type of range hood is installed directly under the cabinet, but above the range. Usually, the cabinets above the range are smaller and able to accommodate an under cabinet range hood

These are typically the more commonly used model of range hoods since they don’t take up nearly as much space at all. 

Under Cabinet vs Wall Mount Range Hood

We know there are two different types of common range hoods — and how they are generally mounted — but are they really that different? 

Their Size

As you can already tell from their descriptions, there is a difference in the size of them. It is evident from the moment you walk into a kitchen. Under-cabinet range hoods are almost always smaller. They are designed to fit into small spaces so that you can have clean air without taking up too much space. However, wall mount range hoods can greatly vary in size. Some can be rather huge, making a bold statement as you walk into the kitchen. While others can be more comparable to the under cabinet hoods. 


As we have been talking about the size of the range hoods, we should also look at their appearance. Some look quite similar to one another, but wall-mounted range hoods tend to have more leeway in the way they are designed. For instance, they may be designed to resemble a chimney (often referred to as chimney range hoods).

Under-cabinet range hoods don’t have much substance to them. They fit snugly under the cabinet and don’t have a design or body that stands out. They may even be overlooked as if they aren’t there. This is quite different from the wall-mounted range hood that is hard to miss. 


Perhaps one of the biggest differences is the ventilation type of each one of these range hoods. It comes down to being ducted or ductless. 

Range hoods that are ductless (often under cabinet range hoods) have no vents or ductwork throughout the house. They don’t suck the dirty air out through the ductwork and carry it straight outside. Instead, they filter the air and then recirculate it back into the kitchen. 

Wall mount range hoods are often ducted. This means that they do carry the air through the vent and to the outdoors. If your home doesn’t have ductwork, this could be a tedious task to take on. That’s why most people will opt for a ductless range hood if the ductwork isn’t already present. 

Noise Level

If you have ever turned on a range hood and it tuned out everything going on around you, then you may have a ducted, most likely a wall mount, range hood. These tend to be the loudest due to their ability to push the dirty air and smoke out of the kitchen, through the ductwork, and outside. And, sometimes it has quite a long way to travel. 

Though, it is important to keep in mind that some under cabinet models can also be noisy, too. If quiet is what you are looking for, you aren’t likely going to find a quiet range hood, but an under-cabinet model is as close as you can get. 


The price of a range hood is going to vary based on the size, quality, and type. But, in general, you will find the under cabinet range hood models tend to be less expensive. This is due to the fact that they are smaller and require less complex ventilation systems. Both range hoods, however, do a wonderful job. 

So, Which Range Hood is the Best Choice?

The best range hood to choose is the one that, well, fits your needs. Do you have ductwork? Then consider a wall mount range hood. Don’t have much space? Then perhaps an under cabinet is your best choice. Looking for something that will stand out and be a focal point in your kitchen? A wall mount range hood should be your go-to. Looking for a range hood on a budget? Go for an under cabinet option. 

No matter which one you choose, you will get fresh air.  Therefore, weigh your options and choose the one that fits your kitchen, your needs, and your budget.