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October 8, 2018 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

Updating Kitchen Appliances: 10 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Updating Kitchen Appliances

There are many wonderful things about your home, but none can be quite as popular as your kitchen. So, it should come as no surprise that when you want to remodel or update the look of your home, it is common to start with the kitchen.

Adding a splash of color, a wall treatment, or new cupboards can be simple choices. But when it comes to updating your kitchen appliances, you may be left scratching your head. Does energy efficiency matter? Should I splurge for high-end? Should I even update my appliances if I plan on selling soon?

Here are 10 things every homeowner needs to know about updating kitchen appliances:

1. The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Our world may renew itself in some ways, but – truth be told – our planet is not going to be here forever if we don’t take care of it. Do your part and reduce your carbon footprint by setting up your home with energy efficient appliances. Not only will they benefit the environment, but they will also benefit your bank account thanks to the annual savings you’ll receive.

2. Finding the Kitchen Appliances You Need

Take your lifestyle as well as your budget into consideration when deciding on your appliance purchases. Do you have a large family? Do you host social gatherings often? Would you truly utilize the commercial-style range? Or could you get by with a regular-sized range?

Appliances that cost more money don’t necessarily mean they are better. However, some cost more because they are larger and/or offer more features to the homeowner. If you will use them, then you may find the extra cost worth it. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money.

3. An Updated Kitchen May Help You

People love kitchens – and not just for cooking. They provide a place for socializing and family fun, as well as a functional place for cooking. Today’s home buyers are seeking modern or updated kitchens. If you intend to sell your home anytime soon, you will want to consider updating the appliances.

4. Microwave Drawers Are Trending

Clunky microwaves sitting on countertops are becoming a thing of the past, but an over-the-range installed microwave can be hard for kids to utilize. Since microwaving is the way to go for young chefs, microwave drawers are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to reach and can be placed in an unused area – such as the end of a kitchen island –which frees up space in the kitchen.

5. Correct measurements are important.

All appliances are not created equal. So when it comes time to purchase updated appliances, you will want to make sure your space measurements are spot on. This is especially the case if you currently have old appliances.

While you may not find an exact fit, at least you will be able to find the one closest to your needs. Having to fit a border around a new appliance (so that it looks like it fits properly) can be difficult and frustrating.

6. The Range Hood As A Focal Point

When choosing the appliances you want to update in your home, discover ways that you can use them besides their intended use. For example, update your kitchen with a new range hood. Instead of simply looking for a practical range hood, why not splurge a little bit (just a little!) and make it a focal point in your kitchen?

This is a common trend that can help you accomplish two tasks for the price of one. And, it’s a great way to give a functional, updated look to your kitchen.

7. Stick to Timeless Stainless Steel

Colors are common these days: pale blue, red, plum, bright green, yellow, etc. And, while it may be incredibly tempting to jump on the bandwagon, don’t. There may come a day when you want to redecorate your space and, well, with brightly colored kitchen appliances, your options will be limited. Or, of course, your redecorating budget will have to include a cushion for new appliances – again.

8. Your Appliances Should be Functional

Why would you spend money on something that wasn’t functional? Don’t get caught up in the latest fads or gadgets when it comes to appliances. Spend your money on those that look good, work well – and that will also meet your needs. Anything else is just a waste of money.

9. Matching Appliance Finishes

You want your kitchen to look nice. And, having mix-matched appliances can really be an eyesore. Avoid this situation by updating your appliances with those that match. Even though a range and a dishwasher may both be made of stainless steel – without buying them as part of the same set, they will likely have different knobs, buttons, and may even be slightly “off” in color.

If buying more than one appliance, consider purchasing an appliance suite. This is a bundle of the appliances you need that all come from the same line (and will likely save you money, too).

10. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Don’t go for the biggest refrigerator because you think it’d be cool to have (pun intended). Being the envy of your friends for a short period of time won’t compensate for the kitchen space you will lose because you wanted the largest refrigerator you could find. This situation will be amplified even more if you don’t even need the fridge space. Buy what you need and you will have no regrets.


Updating your appliances can be stressful, but it can also be a fun time for a homeowner. It is a chance to give your kitchen a fresh look. Purchase your appliances responsibly, buy what you need, don’t waste money on things you won’t use, and stick to timeless colors. Your kitchen should be a welcoming place for all who visit your home.