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July 8, 2021 | Outdoor Kitchen

An Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven is Next Level

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we? Your best friends, your family members, that guy from work — anyone of those people can invite you over for a backyard barbecue. When you get there, you may find a nice assortment of brats, hot dogs, burgers, steak, or chicken. For the more bougie types, you may have citrus salmon with a side of grilled parmesan asparagus. 

These are the things that are expected when you eat in someone’s backyard. They are typical. And, well, they are boring. 

If you want to invite your peeps over for an unforgettably tasty meal under the sun (or stars), then you need to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level – with a pizza oven. 

Don’t Lose a Minute of Socializing

When your friends and family come to visit and hang out in your backyard, you would probably like to enjoy their company, right? When making a meal inside the kitchen, you won’t be able to socialize too well if everyone is hanging outside. And, if you decide to grill up some grub, then, even though you are outside, you still have to watch the grill and cook the food.

But, with a pizza oven? 

You build the pizza and place it in the oven until it’s done. That’s it. So, that means once it is heating you can set a timer and go about your business with your guests until it is time to take the pizza out. 

An outdoor kitchen pizza oven is a very convenient tool for entertaining and dining in your backyard.  

Make it a Creative Experience

Pizzas are the type of food that can be created in so many different combinations and varieties. You have your base of the crust and a choice of sauce, such as marinara sauce, ranch, alfredo, garlic and olive oil, or even bbq sauce. And then cheese with traditional topics of pepperoni, grilled chicken, ham, peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms. 

To get creative, you can make Mexican pizzas, taco pizzas, hamburger pizzas, macaroni and cheese pizzas, even dessert pizzas. There are so many ways you can mix up what type of pizza to make. Look up new recipes or just use your imagination and go for it. 

Perhaps the best part is that you can make dining outdoors with your pizza oven an experience for everyone to get involved. Let each person create their own pizza. So not one person is the chef, but each person gets to take part in cooking the meal. Besides, this way you don’t have to worry about what each person prefers – they can make it themselves!

pizza with basil
Image by Metin Ozer

Eat the Most Delicious Pizza – That’s Better For You

You have heard time and time again that eating out is bad for you. You get exposed to lots of things that you wouldn’t typically use in your own food. And most of the time you don’t truly know the ingredients listed in what you consume at restaurants. 

Ordering pizza for take-out or delivery is no exception. 

When you have an outdoor pizza oven at home, you can make your own dough and put together your own pizza. You control how much cheese or toppings you put on that pizza – and you decide just how big or small you want it.  You can be sure your ingredients are fresh or are from your favorite brand. And you have control over how much oil, sugar, etc. makes it into the meal.  

Eating at home is healthier in general. Eating homemade pizza in your outdoor kitchen’s pizza oven is healthier, too – and much more delicious. 

A Centerpiece for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever walked into a backyard and had your attention pulled directly to a pizza oven? Probably not. They are not overly common which makes them stand out even more as a centerpiece to your backyard space. 

This outdoor space is an extension of inside your home. Together, you have the perfect place for entertaining and socializing. Installing an outdoor pizza oven can make it feel cozier and welcoming outdoors. 

Designed with a stainless steel finish, you have shine and durability to keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. So, go on – give your friends and family a reason to drop their jaws as they step out into your outdoor kitchen. 

Increase the Value of Your Property

Speaking of having something as fantastic as an outdoor kitchen pizza oven at your house — it may also increase the value of your property. This unique addition with functionality and guaranteed social enjoyment can be a selling point for some. 

Many people don’t have an outdoor kitchen pizza oven. If you do, you are going to stand out — and you are likely to turn heads when it comes time to evaluate the property. 

The Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven of Choice

Are you wondering just what type of outdoor kitchen pizza oven you should choose? If so, you have come to the right place. Thor Kitchen has designed a magnificent outdoor kitchen pizza oven with a cabinet. This wood-burning pizza oven adds smokey and savory flavor to your pizza and – and it is so easy to use. Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven comes with some bonuses, too, including the following: 

  • A classic ceramic pizza stone
  • Flue damper to control heat
  • A pizza cutter
  • A pizza peel
  • Pizzer/pie server
  • Brush
  • A handly accessories rack to keep everything nicely organized

This pizza oven comes with a large storage cabinet under the oven. It could be used for anything, including holding your pizza creation tools or everything you need to man your grill. 

With its shiny stainless steel design, the pizza oven is another one of the accessories that go hand-in-hand with other Thor Kitchen appliances, such as an outdoor refrigerator or grill. This addition helps you complete your appliance suite in your outdoor kitchen space. 

Summertime is right around the corner which means there is going to be a lot of outdoor get togethers that are sure to be memorable. Take your fun to the next level with your outdoor kitchen pizza oven so that every guest has the chance to make exactly what their tastebuds desire. 

And, hey – you and your pizza oven are sure to be the talk of the social circle.