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May 1, 2023 | Outdoor Kitchen

Assemble the Backyard Kitchen of Your Dreams this Summer

backyard kitchen

Summertime was made for backyard cooking. And the perfect backyard kitchen is all you need to set the vibe.

These are the days when you invite your friends and family over to spend time together under the clear blue sky – or under the bright moonlight. Talking, laughing, drinking, dancing, and, of course, eating on your back patio can create some enjoyable memories for years to come. 

To get the most out of these days, though, you will want to assemble an outdoor kitchen suite to create the backyard kitchen of your dreams. 

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Kitchen?

As you begin putting together your summer plans, consider the following benefits of having an outdoor kitchen:

  • Entertain your guests. This summer, make your outdoor kitchen space your go-to spot for entertaining guests. Make it comfortable and inviting.
  • Expand your livable space. As you create a space outdoors for cooking, eating, and socializing, you are essentially opening up your home and creating more living space. 
  • Cook with ease. When you have assembled the backyard kitchen just right, you will have everything you need to cook with ease. 
  • Boost your home value. Not that you would want to create an amazing outdoor kitchen and then sell your home, but should you choose to do so in the future, having a backyard kitchen could boost your home’s value.
  • Save on your energy bills. When you cook outdoors, you can save on your utility bills. You won’t be making your kitchen hotter in the summer (and ultimately your home). And your AC won’t have to work extra hard to cool things down again. 
  • Keep smells outside. While your range hood works beautifully to reduce the smells and steam inside your home, cooking outside doesn’t require any sort of ventilation. 
  • Eat healthier. Grilled food is much better for you – and tastier, too. Everything from veggies and fish to steaks and burgers can taste incredible. 

Whether you are cooking, prepping, or just sipping cold drinks from the fridge, having your outdoor kitchen will allow you to relax in the fresh summer air. With everyone hanging outdoors, cooking outside means that you don’t have to go in and out to cook, get drinks, etc. You will have everything you need right on your back patio. 

If you have ever questioned why you should invest in an outdoor kitchen when you have a beautiful, functioning indoor kitchen – perhaps these benefits have given you the answer you needed. 

Setting Up Your Backyard Space

Alright, now that there is no way to deny the benefits of a backyard kitchen, it is time to create your backyard space

There are at least two main sections that you are going to need. The first will be your seating area. This may just very well be seating or it could include small tables or an actual dining table setup. Or it could include all of the above. What you choose to do with this space will depend on your space and what your intentions are for it. 

The next section you will need to have is your outdoor kitchen. This is more than just a grill. This is a fully functional kitchen… outdoors. For instance, it will have counter space, a refrigerator, a grill, storage, and more all for your convenience. 

A few additional things to consider include: 

  • Lighting 
  • A canopy or other type of covering
  • Fireplace
  • Plants and other decors

What’s In a Backyard Kitchen?

Let’s take a closer look at the backyard kitchen. What are the different pieces that come together to create it? 

The Grill. When it comes to your outdoor kitchen, the grill is going to be the star of the show. This option from THOR Kitchen not only gives you all the benefits of a premium quality grill, but it also comes with a built-in rotisserie, too. There are so many different foods you can create.  

The Sink. Washing your hands is important to reduce the spread of germs. But a sink is also helpful for washing dishes and otherwise cleaning up in your backyard kitchen. 

The Refrigerator. Your backyard kitchen can come with a 24-inch refrigerator drawer or a 24-inch dual-zone wine cooler. This is the perfect way to keep drinks cold and handy, as well as any other perishable items you may use outside. You won’t have to keep going inside to your refrigerator – you will have everything handy outdoors. 

Counter and storage space. Just as you are cooking indoors, you will need a countertop and storage space outdoors, too. This is great for prepping food and the storage area can hold cleaning supplies, spices, utensils, or anything else you’d like to store and have readily available when you need it. 

Pizza oven. Because why not? Do you know how many amazing dishes you can create with a pizza oven besides pizza? And who doesn’t love pizza? Allowing your guests to create their own pizzas is always a fun time. 

Each of these pieces – and more – can be arranged to create the perfect backyard kitchen space. 

Bringing it All Together

Okay, you have your outdoor kitchen and you have your seating area, decor, lighting, and the works in place. So, what do you do now? 

It is time to test it out. Try it out for yourself, with your significant other, or even the besties. Or, if you prefer, dive head first and have a dinner party. 

From the very moment you spend time in your outdoor space, you will feel confident that your backyard is going to be a year-round hotspot for hanging out. 

Outdoor Kitchen Suites From THOR Kitchen

Summer is right around the corner – what are you waiting for? It is time to get started on the design of your space and get your outdoor kitchen assembled and ready to go. The sooner you have everything in place, the more summer fun you are going to have. 

THOR Kitchen offers pro-style, professional quality appliances for inside your home and outside – including an outdoor kitchen suite. 

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