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March 1, 2023 | Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy a Backyard Cooking Station During Spring Break

backyard cooking station

Spring has sprung. That means longer, warmer days full of sunshine surrounded by bright, beautifully-colored flowers. It also means garden parties and outdoor get-togethers with those that matter most. And breathing in the fresh air while soaking in vitamin D. 

Really, what more could you ask for? 

Oh, yes. You’re right. You need a backyard cooking station. You need a space where you can hang out and socialize while you cook delicious foods – much like you do in your kitchen! Except, who wants to be stuck indoors during spring break? 

So, consider this your reminder to go ahead and create that outdoor kitchen in your backyard that you’ve been dreaming of. Bringing it all together is easy. Let’s talk about what you need. 

Invest in an outdoor kitchen suite that will give you everything you need – as well as some comfortable seating, tables, etc. Add some bistro lighting for those days that turn into nights and you’ve got the perfect backyard setup

A Clean Backyard Space

Before you can consider doing anything in your backyard, you need a clean space. Step outside and envision your backyard cooking station. Do you see where you will put it? Be sure you have space for more than just a grill. A cooking station means having a prep counter, storage, a sink, a mini fridge, and so forth. 

Also, determine where you will put your seating and/or dining area. Make sure there is enough space for both. Then clear off the space, getting rid of any dirt or debris that has gathered there. Sure, it will come back because it is outside, but it is always nice to have a clean space when you move it all in. 

An Outdoor Kitchen Suite

Your outdoor kitchen suite is the number one thing you need for a backyard cooking station. These suites are often versatile, letting you piece them together in the configuration that best suits your space. 

THOR Kitchen offers you a modular outdoor kitchen suite. Decked out in a sleek, stainless steel finish with recessed handles and large surface areas, it comes in 6-pieces that you can arrange, including: 

A 32-inch Grill. This THOR Kitchen 32-inch grill with four burners and a rotisserie gives you plenty of cooking ability in your outdoor cooking space. Designed to sit on top of a THOR’s stainless steel grill cabinet and storage space, this grill is powerful. It comes with one infrared burner and three tube burners. It also comes with an infrared rotisserie burner so you can keep your meat juicy. 

Blue LED lights on the knobs make it even more aesthetically pleasing – especially after dark. And halogen lights inside the grill help you to see as you cook. 

This BBQ grill is ready to use with liquid propane or it can easily be converted to natural gas. 

Outdoor Kitchen Sink. In matching stainless steel, THOR offers an outdoor kitchen sink. This comes in handy in your backyard for food prep, cooking, and cleanup. It saves you from many trips into the kitchen. 

In addition to the sink, you also get a storage space within the cabinet which conveniently comes with a built-in spice rack and bottle opener. 

Corner Cabinet. Storage space and countertop space are always welcome – even with a backyard cooking station. This fits beautifully in the corner, linking your suite together. The storage space within it is large – and is the perfect space to hold your grilling essentials, cleaning supplies, or anything else you’d like to store securely from the outdoor elements. 

Outdoor Pizza Oven. You can’t have a backyard cooking station without a pizza oven. Think about how many times you and your friends and family can hang out in the backyard, each creating their own little pizza. It is fun and it tastes great, too. THOR Kitchen’s pizza oven comes with a pizza cutter, pizza peel, pizza service, brush, and a smokey wood flavor! Plus, it has a storage cabinet underneath to hold all your accessories – and more.

Refrigerator Drawer and/or Wine Cooler. Finally, you may want to consider adding on a stainless steel refrigerator drawer or wine cooler. Keep foods and drinks cold and easily accessible outdoors. Again, saving you from having guests going in and out of your kitchen. 

Of course, since THOR Kitchen thinks of everything, they even have a refrigerator cabinet to go over your unit, building it into the suite. That way, the top can be used as additional counter space, too. 

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Decide on your backyard furniture. Do you only want to have a dining table and chairs? Do you prefer to have a separate seating area? Do you even want a dining table – or just stick with smaller tables? Do you have a covered patio – or should you invest in some shade? 

The outdoor patio furniture you choose will set the tone for your backyard cooking station. Keep it fun, functional, and beautiful. 

Also, this is a great time to throw in some decorative touches, such as candles, rugs, pillows, plants, and so forth. Make it your space – and make it welcoming. 

Bistro Lighting

If you make your backyard space inviting, then there are bound to be days when you just aren’t ready to go inside – even when the sun goes down. Since nobody wants to sit under the glare of your backyard motion-sensor flood lights, enhance the mood with bistro lighting. 

There are many different ways to hang these lights above your patio, though how you will do it will depend greatly on how your space is set up. With a quick Google search, you are sure to find many stringing ideas to help you get started. 

Send Out the Invites

Alright, well there you have it. Your backyard cooking station can come together with everything we just discussed. Once you have a functional space, invest in your outdoor kitchen suite, add some furniture, bistro lighting, and decor – and you are golden. 

Decide on the menu, send out the invites, and kick off spring break with a backyard get-together at your place. This is how memories are made.