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January 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

The Best 24-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator

Best 24-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator

Looking for the best 24-inch undercounter refrigerator?

It may not be the first appliance you think of. And, perhaps you are even asking yourself – why would I need another refrigerator? While that is a great question, it also has a great answer.

Why wouldn’t you want an under-counter refrigerator?

Without the need to take up too much space in your kitchen, you will, believe it or not, find out that there are many perks to having this additional cooling spot.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at several features to consider when shopping for the best 24-inch undercounter refrigerator.

Benefits of an Undercounter Refrigerator

The main refrigerator in your kitchen is there to hold your food and your beverages. It is there to make sure that your orange juice is cold and tasty and that your carrot sticks remain fresh and crunchy. These refrigerators are large and able to hold all sorts of items. And, although you may think that it would be silly to bring in an additional refrigerator to your kitchen, think again.

The benefits of having an under-counter refrigerator – in addition to your kitchen’s full-size:

  • You will have a place to store those special items that often tend to get lost in the depths of a large refrigerator. For instance, a special sauce or seasoning.
  • Use your main refrigerator for food and store drinks in the under-counter refrigerator.
  • You can store adult beverages in the refrigerator, allowing them to remain out of your children’s view in the regularly accessed refrigerator.
  • If you meal prep, use the under-counter refrigerator as a place to store your weekly, pre-cooked foods.
  • Hide items that you don’t want your family members to easily access.
  • There is no rule that these under-counter refrigerators must be installed within the kitchen. Instead, you can install them in all areas of your homes – even on your outdoor patio kitchen.
  • Simply, free up space!

Here’s the thing – under-counter refrigerators are easy to clean and care for. Because they don’t get as much traffic as your full-size refrigerator, you are able to keep them looking sharp in no time. Plus, they are definitely a compact appliance that will offer you great solutions without taking up much space at all. And, well, that is a win-win for your kitchen.

What Features to Look for

As you have probably guessed, there are many options that come with kitchen appliances – including under-counter refrigerators. Thankfully, you have found your way here so you can get an idea of all the best features you may find on these additional refrigerators. Here are the top features to look out for:

  • Energy efficiency. First and foremost, if you are bringing an additional appliance into your home, you want to make sure it is not going to be an additional burden on your wallet or the environment. Opt for one that takes this into consideration. For instance, look for LED lighting.
  • Quality and durability. You don’t want to invest in an appliance to have to malfunction or begin to deteriorate, right? Exactly. Therefore, look for a reputable and respectful company that is known to deliver high-quality, pro-style products. Then, choose a refrigerator made of stainless steel that is highly durable and easy to care for. You will be glad you did.
  • Organizational factors. You may think that you can’t get lost in a small, under-counter refrigerator, but you can. It is easy to toss things in and have them get pushed to the back. Choose a refrigerator that offers drawers so that you can keep things organized.
  • Indoor/Outdoor. Having a refrigerator that allows options is important. In other words, choosing one that allows both indoor and outdoor capabilities is great.

There are many features available on under-counter refrigerators. Determine what you will use yours for, where you will install it, and what matters most.

Best 24-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator

Now that you know all of the reasons why you should have an under-counter refrigerator in your home and what features to look for, you are probably wondering where you can find such a wonderful appliance, right? Well, look no further than Thor Kitchen. Their 24-inch under-counter refrigerator, model number TRF2401U, in stainless steel is a magnificent option.

See, with Thor Kitchen, you get the high-quality, durable, pro-style appliance that will last you for years to come. And this applies to this under-counter refrigerator, too.

Here are some of the other features you will find:

  • Convection cooling system provides a quick cool down and consistent temperature, regardless of where you have your refrigerator installed.
  • Digital touchpad control with blue LED display gives you an elegant and modern look.
  • Stainless steel cabinet which is both easy to clean and durable, germ-free metal that looks great despite the design of your kitchen.
  • Bright white, energy-efficient LED light for both drawers making it easy to view everything you have stored in this space without requiring additional light.
  • Two full-extension stainless steel drawer to help you maintain a bit of organization within the unit.
  • Built-in or freestanding, four adjustable leveling legs, and indoor or outdoor ability. All of these things allow you to have great options. Where will you install it? In your kitchen? Basement? Den? Outside? Regardless of where you decide to install, the under-counter refrigerator will continue to work optimally.
  • Noise Level: 41db – so you definitely will never hear it running. This is great, should you decide to install it elsewhere in your home, too. After all, you can’t comfortably watch a movie in the den if you have to compete with the noise level of a refrigerator, right?
  • Anti-fingerprint surface. Maintaining a clean, healthy-looking appliance is usually the goal.
  • Come with a stainless steel basket and a silicone pad to help you organize and maintain your under-counter refrigerator.

It does not matter what you intend to use your under-counter refrigerator for. Investing in one and installing it in your home will be a choice that you won’t regret. Just be sure to choose a high-quality appliance, such as the one mentioned above by Thor Kitchen.