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April 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

The Benefits of a Compact Electric Range

Compact Electric Range

A compact electric range brings many benefits to the kitchen. Our 24-inch professional electric range features a smooth glass top that’s easy to clean, the high-power burners provide the heat you need, and the compact size is a perfect fit for smaller kitchens.

For so many years, our society had a bigger is better mentality. Today, however, things are very different. We have entered a world in which tiny houses have become dream homes and experiences are cherished greater than material possessions. 

It only makes sense that when consumers go to invest in new appliances they will seek those that will best fit their space – without going overboard. For many, that means investing in a compact electric range. 

What is even more important is that investing in a compact range doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices. And that is always something to be excited about. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? 

Benefit #1: Fits Any Size Space

A compact electric range may be a small but mighty addition to any kitchen. And, while it is ideal for smaller spaces, it will essentially work anywhere.

At 30 inches in width, a compact range will fit well within most small kitchens without taking up too much space. Remember, you want your range to fit the space you have so that it looks uniform.  It doesn’t matter how incredible you think the range is, the last thing you want is for someone to walk into your kitchen and only see your range because it stands out above everything else. 

You want your appliances to blend within the space. So, for a small kitchen, a 30-inch electric range is a great size. 

But does it only fit a small space? Believe it or not, a compact electric range can make a great second range in a large kitchen. It is not uncommon to find them installed on a kitchen island or in another area. 

If you are someone who loves to cook and you have the extra space – the additional range could be very beneficial. 

Benefit #2: Many Great Features

When you choose a compact electric range that has been designed by a top-notch company, then you will benefit from having all the best features. See, just because you are choosing a range that is smaller in size does not mean that you want it to lack features. 

THOR Kitchen’s 30-inch tilt panel professional electric range comes with a lot of different features, such as: 

  • A true convection fan. If you are interested in even baking (who isn’t, right?), you need a true convection fan. This one blows heat from the 800W heating element for optimal baking and cooking. 
  • A large oven capacity. Having a small range does not mean having a small oven. This range comes with a 4.55 cubic foot oven that can handle more than one dish at a time. 
  • Air Frying. A new feature lets you save counter space by including an air frying with the range. Create delicious air-fried meals without having to have an additional appliance on your countertop.
  • Five powerful burners. You may think that a smaller range would leave you with fewer burners. But that is simply not the case in this featured compact range. Instead, you get 5 powerful elements that go from a warming zone to a 3,000W quick boil element. 
  • Tilt panel. Easily control the cooktop and the oven using a tilt panel. This allows you to customize your cooking experience. Do you know what else it does? It reduces the need for knobs that protrude. When you are working within a small kitchen, getting rid of the knobs opens up more space than you’d think.
  • Multiple cooking modes. You will still have access to cooking modes, such as bake, broil, roast, and air fry that can help you create delicious meals. Plus, a ‘keep warm’ function to keep food hot until you are ready to eat.
  • Hidden bake element. With the bake element located under the oven floor, your oven surface is smooth and easy to keep clean. 
  • Self-cleaning. Speaking of keeping your range clean, a self-cleaning function takes care of the cleaning for you. All you have to do is wipe it down at the end of the cycle. 
  • Halogen oven light. A brightly-illuminated oven allows you to see just how your baking and cooking are coming along – without having to open the door and cause heat to escape. 

Benefit #3: Glass Ceramic Cooktop

It is common for today’s compact electric range to come with a glass ceramic cooktop – and this includes THOR Kitchen’s range. 

What is so beneficial about a glass ceramic cooktop? A couple of things. For one, easy cleanup. Any drips or spills will not find their way down into a burner that is time-consuming to clean. Rather, you can just easily wipe them up. 

Also, a glass ceramic cooktop always looks sleek and stylish. With its simple lines, it looks beautiful in any kitchen – and fits any design style. 

Benefit #4: Greater Efficiency

Does a bigger range lead to better cooking and baking performance? Not at all. In fact, having a smaller oven increases its efficiency. You get the same great cooking experience while spending less energy to achieve it. 

Using a smaller compact electric range gives you just as much power to cook and bake and create delicious meals while using less electricity. This is not only great for the environment, but you can see improvement on your utility bill, too. And that’s always great for your bank account. It’s a win for everyone.  

Benefit #5: Timeless Stainless Steel

You can invest in a compact range and still find one that will blend beautifully with your other appliances. Not only will it look great, but it will give you long-lasting durability that is unmatched by other finishes. It is super easy to keep clean, too. 

THOR Kitchen’s 24 Inch Professional Electric Range

If you are looking for the perfect compact electric range, you have found it. The 24-inch professional electric range by THOR Kitchen, model number HRE2401, will make a great addition to any kitchen space. 

To learn more about this range, contact us today. Or, if you are ready to make your purchase, find out where to buy this tilt panel electric range.