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Creating a Professional Kitchen at Home

professional kitchen

If you’re interested in creating a professional kitchen at home, there are a few things to consider before you get started. There are a variety of ways you can approach this project.

In this article, we’re exploring a few ideas all about creating a professional kitchen at home.

Creating a Professional Kitchen at Home

Are you serious about cooking? Do you want to make the best, one recipe at a time? Whether you are a professional chef or just someone with a love of cooking, then you need to have a kitchen designed just for you.

Think about it – to be great at something, you have to have the proper equipment, right? Soccer players, video gamers, doctors, and even teachers have certain things they need to be the best at what they do. That means if you want to be a great chef or a baker, then you need to have a properly designed kitchen – and the right appliances.

Here’s how updating your kitchen appliances can help you create a professional kitchen at home.

Design the Proper Layout

When cooking or baking, you move around your kitchen a lot. For instance, you grab things from the refrigerator, then head on over to the countertop where you can chop, dice, and then throw your goodies on the stove. Next, you need to wash your hands again and head back over to the refrigerator and pantry to gather what you need to get the next dish started. It’s a constant level of movement throughout the kitchen.

Now, imagine if your kitchen had a layout that made this difficult. Or, imagine if adding another chef into the kitchen simply made maneuvering from one point to another a frustrating dance.

To have a professional kitchen, you need to design the proper layout – and this includes having what is known as the Kitchen Work Triangle. It means having an easy flowing space that foes between the refrigerator, the prep area, and the cooking area. When you design your kitchen around this concept, you allow yourself easy flow from one step of the process to the next.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about wasting time because everything will be close by! It’s the most simple and efficient design for those who are serious about their kitchen.

Organization is a Key Component

Just as your designed space is important, so is the organization of your kitchen. Keeping things organized furthers the idea of having a layout. You want things to flow. Imagine trying to cook a meal – and keep it from burning – when you can’t find the utensils you need to do so!

Create your at-home professional kitchen to include organization tools such as a system to hang your pots and pans, for instance, or a container to allow utensils to be readily available. In addition, don’t clutter your countertops with items that you don’t use regularly, such as your old panini maker or waffle iron. Instead, find a cabinet that offers you the space to store such items.

Keep in mind that organization does not just apply to your countertops and drawers, either. Keeping your refrigerator and freezer organized is very important. As you need to run and grab something quickly, you don’t want to have to stall and look for it. Throw out old leftovers, label everything, and keep the things in your refrigerator easily accessible.

Remember, everything in your kitchen should have a place – and it should always find its way back there when you are done using it. It is truly the only way you will ever know where things are while you are cooking.

Make Sure You Design for Space

If you are wanting this beautifully, functional kitchen to fulfill your cooking aspiration, then there is a good chance you will spend a lot of time here. And, this means you need space.

Your kitchen should be designed to allow for space that is needed. This should include having a space for your food prep, your storage, your cooking, and so on. Sometimes installing an island is a great way to get more space if your kitchen space allows for it.
Invest in the Pro-Style Appliances
Finally, you can have a great kitchen with lots of space and an incredible organization, but if you don’t have pro-style appliances, you simply can’t have a professional kitchen at home.

Not sure what a pro-style appliance is? Let us explain.

Pro-style appliances are designed with serious chefs in mind. They are high-quality, durable appliances that are able to handle the heavy use as you would find in a commercial kitchen – except they look beautiful in your residential kitchen.

Thor Kitchen has an array of pro-style appliances designed in stainless steel that will fit perfectly into your kitchen despite your design style. If a professional kitchen is what you want for your home, then you need these appliances, at a minimum:

1. Range

This should be either gas or dual fuel, for optimal performance. Consider Thor Kitchen’s pro-style dual fuel range. With the proper heating for each compartment ensures that your food will come out right each and every time.

2. Refrigerator

Your food needs to be maintained properly. And, you will want to make sure that you have enough space to keep your refrigerator organized. Invest in a professional style refrigerator that allows you access to both!

3. Dishwasher

With all the cooking and baking you will do in your professional kitchen, it is important to clean your dishes so that they are sterile and sanitized appropriately. Besides, the last thing you will want to do is wash dishes! Installing a pro-style dishwasher will allow you to load them up and walk away, knowing your machine will take care of the rest.

These are just the major appliances that you need. Though, the addition of a microwave, wine cooler, cooktops, and others are a great addition to a professional at-home kitchen.

A Final Tip for Creating Your Professional Kitchen at Home

Finally, consider adding a range hood to your professional kitchen at home. Heavy cooking can lead to many toxins being released into your kitchen – so keep your family healthy by providing clean air. Thor Kitchen has range hoods that are wall-mounted and install neatly under the cabinet.

Just as you would take any other hobby or joy in your life seriously, don’t you think it is time to take your love of cooking to a new level? Create your professional kitchen at home today with Thor Kitchen!