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March 15, 2020 | Refrigerators

Add an Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator to Your Grill Station

Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator

It’s that time of year again. As spring nears, you may be thinking about making improvements to your outdoor grill station. One of the easiest things you can to do improve your grill outside is to add an outdoor refrigerator.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how to add an outdoor kitchen refrigerator to your grill station.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator to Your Grill Station

There are some things that just make sense. You know, having popcorn while watching a movie. Putting blinds up in the windows of your new home. Getting gas in your car before it starts flashing E. And, wearing sunglasses at the beach.

These and more are just things that make sense to do to make our lives a little more content and happy, aren’t they? Well, there is something else that just makes sense, too – and that is adding an outdoor kitchen refrigerator to your grill station.

Whether you have your backyard decked out or you are just starting to build your place of blissful escape, you need a refrigerator.

Here’s how to add an outdoor kitchen refrigerator to your grill station in time for spring.

Finish Your Outdoor Oasis

Your backyard can either serve as wasted space. Or, it can be transformed into a space that you will use regularly – you know, a private outdoor oasis. Many people work to make this a reality and it doesn’t require too much effort.

For instance, think of the feelings and such that you want to try to achieve with your upgraded outdoor space. Perhaps you want it to be welcoming, comfortable, enjoyable, lit up, and so lyrical. Sound about right?

By adding some outdoor furniture, an outdoor rug, bistro lighting, and some speakers, you have already begun creating a magical space. Now, add a table, a grill, and a refrigerator – and you never have to leave your backyard! In fact, you have created the perfect entertaining spot for your friends and family.

Added Convenience at the Grill

When you are spending time outdoors in the nice space that you transformed, grilling some delicious eats can be tasty. In fact, just as the kitchen is the heart of the home and it becomes a social area when cooking, so can be your outdoors.

Create a comfortable outdoor setting for your friends and family to congregate in addition to that kitchen of yours. But watch out – there is a good chance that this outdoor space will quickly become a favorite. It will be cozy and, when you add conveniences like a grill and refrigerator, it makes it that much more desirable. Who wouldn’t want to be here?

Now, let’s talk about that grill for a moment. How many times have you been in the middle of cooking outdoors only to realize that you forgot a seasoning or sauce indoors? Or how the inconvenience of having to juggle all the food, keeping all the cold food indoors while you grill, then having to rush to bring it together.

Enter Thor Kitchen’s under-counter refrigerator. This is a game-changer for your grill station. You can keep your marinades, sauces, and other seasonings in the refrigerator so that it is easily accessible when cooking as if you were in your own kitchen. You can store your other cold food items – or even your raw food before grilling.
In other words, an under-counter refrigerator in this area makes this much, much more convenient.

Have Cold Drinks Handy

Now that you have a backyard escape, you and your friends/family will likely be spending more time out there. Sitting back sipping an ice-cold beverage as you socialize is a common thing to do. Though, having to go into the kitchen and leave a good conversation can be an interruption that can throw off the entire flow.

However – what would happen if you invested in an under-counter refrigerator for your grill station and backyard area? Well, you would continue to enjoy your company while having a steady supply of icy-cold beverages.

Keep Your Space Looking Spectacular

Now when we suggest the benefits of adding an under-counter refrigerator, we don’t mean just any refrigerator. Remember, you are decorating this space so that it has a certain feel, right? You want it to be as beautiful of a space on the outside of your home as you would find on the inside.

Therefore, you cannot settle for just any refrigerator.
Thor Kitchen offers an under-counter refrigerator that comes in a bright, shiny stainless steel – and offers a look of high-quality. Investing in a refrigerator that looks delightful can even be an eye-catching addition that can finally complete your backyard transformation.

Remember – not only do you need something that looks good, but it has to feel right, too.

A Refrigerator You Will Love

As we mentioned, Thor Kitchen has an under-counter refrigerator that will fit neatly under the counter. This refrigerator comes with a shiny stainless steel finish and its own set of great features. To help make your decision easier, we thought we’d break down the details of this under-counter refrigerator for you here:

Thor Kitchen Model Number TRF2401U is a 24-inch undercounter refrigerator. One of the many great things about this refrigerator is that not only does it conveniently fit under the counter, but it also counter-depth as well. This means it will fit perfectly in your space without protruding or giving you unattractive, hard lines.

Thor Kitchen’s under-counter model doesn’t open like an ordinary refrigerator. Rather, it consists of two drawers which make it easily accessible – and easy to keep organized.
You will find that this model of under-counter refrigerator also comes with these wonderful benefits:

Stainless steel finish that shines while allowing for minimal fingerprints. Of course, cleaning stainless steel is a breeze. Plus, for an outdoor refrigerator exposed to elements, this finish is durable and will stand up well to the weather.

Digital controls with blue lighting for a look of quality as well as for ease of use.
LED lighting allows you to visibly see everything in the refrigerator – especially after dark. But, that’s not all – LED lighting is energy efficient, helping the planet and your wallet over time.

Four adjustable leveling legs to help you level out the refrigerator regardless of your outdoor surface.

Quiet operating noise level.

The convection cooling system provides a quick cool down and consistent temperature.
Don’t you feel that your outdoor space is missing this?

Well, there you have it. When you find yourself ready to create a magnificent outdoor grilling space, then don’t forget the under-counter refrigerator.