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November 19, 2022 | Ranges

Dual Fuel or Gas Range: A Comparison

Dual fuel or gas range: A comparison

If you’re in the market for getting a new range, you might be wondering which is best for you. For example, dual fuel or gas range? Both are excellent choices, but each offers something different for your cooking needs. And having a range in your kitchen is incredibly important if you want to be able to cook. Which, let’s be real – it is what you expect to be able to do in your kitchen, right?

Before you run out and purchase that gas range, you should know about its big brother from another mother – the dual-fuel gas range. Offering both electric and gas heat, it could give you the best of both worlds.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, but it is important to be informed of your options when you make such an investment in your home. So, let’s jump right in and look at a comparison between a dual fuel or gas range.

Understanding Dual Fuel: What Does it Mean?

We cannot very well move forward with the details comparing two contenders if you don’t know who they both are, can we? Since a gas range is well-known, let’s focus on a dual-fuel range.

As its name suggests, this type of range offers two types of fuel to heat it, including gas and electric. In most models, it is the stovetop that uses gas, whereas the oven uses electricity. Of course, investing in a dual fuel range means that you must have access to both types of fuel in your kitchen.

How a Dual Fuel Range Works

Ask any professional baker or chef, and they will tell you that there is a specific type of heat that works best for both baking and stovetop cooking. For instance, baking a dish in the oven requires steady, consistent heat throughout the space. Nobody wants a casserole that is crispy and juicy on one side – and raw on the other. Having a gas oven means that the pilot light heats it up until it reaches the desired temperatures. The pilot light then goes out.

Eventually, the temperature inside the oven will begin to drop, and the pilot light will have to relight in order to heat it back up. The result? A constant fluctuation in temperature. Not to mention that those areas closest to the pilot light tend to have access to higher heat, causing inconsistent baking results. Well, unless you have time to dedicate to rotating your dish in the oven.

A professional baker knows that electric heat inside the oven provides the best results. The heat is consistent and thorough throughout the space. This leaves your dish evenly cooked – and at the right temperatures, too.

Now, when it comes to stovetop cooking, the best heat source becomes a different story. A professional chef – or anyone who spends a lot of time cooking – will tell you that gas heat provides quick, precise results.

With electric burners, the coils take time to heat up. And if you decide you want to turn the temperatures down or even turn it off, the coils take time to cool down. This means that your pan is still getting a higher level of heat than you anticipated – which could result in a negative impact on your food. This is no bueno.

Gas heat works beautifully on a stovetop. This is because as soon as you turn it on, you’ve got heat from a flame. There is no need to wait to start cooking. And when you need to turn the temperature down or off, there is no residual heat. The temperature changes just how you want it to, so your food is not negatively impacted.

As we said, a dual-fuel range may be the best of both worlds.

Dual Fuel or Gas Range: The Comparison

For many, it is already clear that a dual-fuel range is quite the winner. However, for those who are professionals in the kitchen, its small details may not be significant enough to warrant the purchase. On that note, let’s get on with the comparison.

Performance: Both ranges will be able to offer you the cooking experience you need to nourish your family. But the differences in the heat consistency and timing we discussed above can impact one’s overall performance. Dual fuel ranges will give you the best method for both the oven and the stovetop, so you always yield the best results.

Price: The price of each type of range will vary based on the model and features, but it is safe to assume that dual fuel ranges are typically in a higher price range. Remember, it does come with the perfect method of cooking, and it can also boost your home’s value. Consider all the angles before focusing too hard on the cost.

Quality: When you purchase your range from a reputable manufacturer, such as Thor Kitchen, you can feel confident that you are getting high-quality, pro-style appliances that are built to last for years to come. Both dual fuel and gas ranges come with this.

Benefits of a Gas Range

36 Inch Professional Gas Range in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen
36 Inch Professional Gas Range in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen

If you believe that a gas range is your kitchen’s ideal choice for a contender, then you are in good company. Many others have this preference, too. Plus, they can come with some great benefits:

-Heat up quickly

-Provide precise heat

-Easy to clean

Great for use when the power is out

-Cost-effective and more budget-friendly

-Pro-style built with durability and long-lasting quality

Benefits of a Dual Fuel Range

48 Inch Professional Dual Fuel Range in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen
48 Inch Professional Dual Fuel Range in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen

Just because there are some benefits to a gas range doesn’t mean we can overlook the benefits that come with a dual-fuel range. Let’s take a look:

-The right heat for your cooking needs, depending on whether you are cooking on the stove or baking in the oven

-Easy to care for and clean

-Thorough and efficient cooking every time

-Pro-style built with durability and long-lasting quality

Dual Fuel or Gas Range: The Choice is Yours

You are the only one who truly knows the best choice for your kitchen. When it comes to selecting a range, would you prefer all that a dual-fuel range has to offer? Or are you content with a gas range?

Because this is an investment rather than just another purchase, be sure to put some thought into the best option for your kitchen before you buy.