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8 Things You Need for the Modern Day Kitchen

8 things you need for the modern day kitchen

If you haven’t remodeled in quite some time, you are due for some upgrades. Though even if you have updated your kitchen recently, there are new things for the space that come out every single day. New ideas to make it more functional. New ideas to make it more inviting. New ideas to make it more organized. And more so, new ideas to transform it into a modern day kitchen.

The Necessities for the Modern Day Kitchen

We have sorted through all the new ideas to find those that can make the biggest impact in every way. Check out these eight things you need for the modern day kitchen you are trying to create.

1. Switch to Stainless Steel

Any time you think about a modern kitchen space, the mind’s eye is going to show you stainless steel appliances. They are a timeless classic that looks phenomenal in any kitchen – especially for those that are trying to upgrade to a more modern space.

Invest in a kitchen appliance suite in stainless steel. While you can purchase just one appliance, you want them to all look uniform since mismatched appliances in a kitchen can throw the look off entirely. When you purchase a suite, the finish will blend perfectly between all of the appliances, giving your kitchen the best look imaginable.

Want to take it a step further? Add stainless steel countertops, too. They can look very modern without looking like a commercial cooking space.

2. Sliding Sink Panels

A kitchen sink is one of those things that will never go away. You need one. But that doesn’t mean you have to look at the big hole in your countertop every time you walk into your kitchen. Technically beautiful drain panels, these sliding sink panels are rather versatile. They can either sit next to the sink, covering one side of the sink (perfect for drying a few dishes), or directly covering the entire sink.

So, whether you are hiding a sink full of dirty dishes due to unexpected company (though you should really invest in a dishwasher) or you just want to keep the space looking sleek and beautiful, sliding sink panels can do the trick.

3. Organize Your Drawers

How many times have you spent digging through your drawers, looking for the pizza cutter or a certain serving spoon? It is so easy to just throw everything in a drawer and call it a day. Well, easy until you need something.

Quit telling yourself that you are going to organize your drawers and just do it. There are a few things that will help you get the job done. This includes drawer organizers that break the big space up into smaller sections so that each type of utensil can have its own space – as well as the addition of strip lighting that will automatically light the space when the drawer is opened. Talk about a modern day space for a modern day kitchen!

4. Countertop Storage is a Must

There are many different types of countertop storage available. Roll-back countertops that expose storage underneath them. Shelving that stacks along the wall at the back end of the countertop. And so many more. Different designs look more like a flush countertop space than they do a storage space. And as time passes, designers are bound to get more and more creative. Being able to order these storage options in a way that is custom-fit for your kitchen presents you with a great opportunity.

Modern-day kitchens opt for minimalist storage and clean countertops. So finding just the right fit for your kitchen can give you access to both.

5. An Uncluttered Island

Having an island in your kitchen can come in handy as it can be used for dining, unloading groceries, and even as a prepping space. Some may have a sink and a cooktop, too. But too much on this island, and it can look clunky and even unsightly.

Cooktops with big knobs, for instance, may look wonderful in a traditional kitchen, but for those seeking a modern-design look, it is too much. You need a clean, sleek cooking surface with digital controls. This will keep the space looking flat, clean, and uncluttered.

6. Separate Drink Storage

Modern kitchens need a drink fridge. It’s that simple. And it should have a glass door as if it is putting those beverages on display. Sodas, water, juices, and more can neatly be housed in this small refrigerator – and free up space in the main refrigerator.

42 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler by THOR Kitchen
42 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler by THOR Kitchen

For wine drinkers, a wine refrigerator is a must-have, too. One or both may be ideal for your modern kitchen. Just try not to combine them together so you can preserve the temperature and optimal taste of your wine.

7. Improve your Kitchen Lighting

A modern kitchen is not going to have lighting sources that stand out unless it is a focal point in the room. In that case, make it dramatic and beautiful. The rest of the lighting should be along the edges, under counters, at the floor level, and so forth. LED lighting strips can give you the sleek modern look you are going for. The space in every kitchen is different so use it accordingly. But whatever you do – get rid of the old fluorescent lighting fixtures. They are outdated in both their looks and their ability to provide you with the most effective and energy-efficient lighting source.

8. An Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops and cooking has been around for a while, but it is just now growing in popularity here in the United States. It uses a sleek glass cooking space (perfect for the uncluttered island we discussed above) and cooks your food using magnetic heat – without ever getting the cooking surface hot.

36 Inch Built-In Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements by THOR Kitchen
36 Inch Built-In Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements by THOR Kitchen

Induction cooktops are safe, efficient, and perfect for a modern day kitchen.

Turn Your Space Into a Modern Day Kitchen Today

Are you ready to rejuvenate your kitchen space? Take some time to see what is trending and take a look at your space. You may be surprised at just how simple it is to bring your kitchen current with the help of a new appliance, some better lighting, organization, and more.

Visit THOR Kitchen and search for a dealer to get started now. Your perfect appliance is just a click away!