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June 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

12 Delicious Dishes to Try with a Gas Range with Griddle

gas range with griddle - thor kitchen

If you’re interested in purchasing a new gas range for your kitchen, you may be interested in considering a gas range with a griddle.

The griddle can be used for a variety of dishes, which we will explore today.

In this article, you will learn more about cooking with griddle and discover 12 delicious things you can try on a gas range with griddle.

A Gas Range with Griddle

Combine great food with great company and you can’t really ask for anything more, right? In order to make great food, though, you’ve got to have the right equipment. Of course, this includes the appliances in your kitchen. And all appliances are not created equal.

Your range, for instance. Is it gas? Electric? Dual fuel? Does it have a griddle in the middle? Consider this: the more cooking space you have and the more durable your appliance is, the more cooking you can do. In fact, with a gas range and griddle, you have the ability to enjoy these 12 delicious benefits.

12 Delicious Dishes to Try with a Griddle

What is the first food that comes time mind when you say the word griddle?

Pancakes, of course!

You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, for those rare moments when everyone is around to enjoy some – or if you choose to make breakfast for dinner – you will not want to miss these pancake recipes. And, we are not just talking plain pancakes.

Check these out.

1. Red velvet pancakes.

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please! Who wouldn’t want to have red velvet in a scrumptious breakfast version?

2. Whole wheat cherry pancakes

You have undoubtedly heard of blueberry pancakes, but who has ever had cherry pancakes? They are outside the box and that is what makes these so delicious.

3. Strawberry sprinkle funfetti pancakes

These pancakes are like a birthday surprise. With strawberries and sprinkles on the inside and on top. All you need is some whipped cream and strawberry syrup. The kids will definitely love these.

4. Peanut butter cup pancakes

Believe it or not, this stack of delis is vegan and gluten-free! They have an outer ring of chocolate and an inner circle tasting of peanut butter. Serve with a real peanut butter cup (or your own alternative). They taste a bit gooey and this melting cup of peanut butter and chocolate on top just takes the cake.

5. Pancake dippers

Oddly shaped pancakes that look more like an elongated oval than a round pancake. It is the secret inside that makes them look different. What is it? A slice of bacon. Pancakes and bacon have long been a courting combo, so it only makes sense to combine them. Add some batter, gently press in a slice of cooked bacon, then add a little more batter. When done, dip ‘em in some syrup.

Pancakes are tasty, but hey – griddles aren’t just meant for cooking pancakes, right?

6. Apple, Pancetta, and Sharp Cheddar Croissant

For most people, grilled cheese is the epitome of comfort food. Who doesn’t love them? This recipe uses your griddle to make something so simple, yet so incredibly delicious. What a great way to bring people together – kids and adults, alike.

7. Griddle Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

If a grilled cheese doesn’t seem to make your mouth water, perhaps this will. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, roast beef, and melted provolone cheesy goodness.

8. Flour Tortillas

Taco night! Have you ever made your own flour tortillas? This is likely something you haven’t given much thought to and just buy your own. Surprisingly, however, flour tortillas are simple to make and only require four ingredients. Fill them with beef, chicken, beans, veggies, fish, and all the topping you want. Everyone loves tacos – and it’s a great, simple way to bring everyone together.

9. Classic Maryland Crab Cakes

So often the griddle is used as a great way to make pancakes. And, it is. But it can also cook great crab cakes, too. If you follow this recipe it will provide you with everything you need to create this delight that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

10. Stir Fry Singapore noodles with garlic ginger sauce.

A griddle is a very versatile appliance. You can even cook a noodle dish. Bright veggies and aromatic flavors make this a wonderful dish. Cook it up rather simply just by using your griddle.

11. Griddled rump steak

If you are a meat and potatoes person, no need to fret. You can use your griddle for that, too. This rump steak has its flavors sealed in, leaving it with a great taste and a juicy experience. Add some balsamic tomatoes that are cooked right next to it and you’ve got yourself a great meal.

12. Griddled pineapple and ice cream

The list wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Griddle yourself some pineapple until it is just a little brown and caramelized. Remove from the griddle and add a scoop of ice cream on top. It’s a delicious combination of hot and cold, sweet and tart.

Don’t have a griddle but these recipes make you hungry for one? Try this one…

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Spending time with your loved ones is important in life. You spend such a gigantic part of your days fulfilling responsibilities. But, the world today is unpredictable – and time is never a guarantee. It is up to you to make meal-time a priority – every day. By doing so, you and those you care about can fill hearts as you fill tummies.

The recipes above on you Thor Kitchen 36-inch professional gas range is sure to make a difference.