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July 12, 2022 | Outdoor Kitchen | Tips and Advice

How to Prepare a Grill for Summertime Cookin’

How to prepare a grill for summertime cookin

Summertime is here! This is the time for outdoor everything, including cooking scrumptious recipes. As social calendars fill up with all sorts of outdoor fun, you may decide to partake and host a little BBQ get-together. If so, you better make sure your grill is in working order–or at least quickly learn how to prepare a grill for a great time! And, let’s face it – there are few things worse than having a backyard of friends and family looking forward to some grilled burgers and dogs while your grill won’t light.

How to Prepare a Grill this Summer

Follow these four simple steps to ensure that your grill is fully prepared for summertime cookin’.

Step One: Cleaning the Grill

Don’t think for one second that you can ignore this step if you have had your grill covered over the last several months. It has been subjected to all sorts of outdoor elements, not to mention a few possible living creatures too. That means it is time to clean the grill.

To get this job done, you will want to gather a few items you have around your home. You don’t need to go out and purchase a special grill cleaner. Simply grab a couple of towels (choose old ones as they will get dirty), a scrubbing/cleaning brush, and a bucket of soapy water. If you have a degreaser cleaning solution, you can grab that, too, but you do not need to go out and get some if you don’t.

Once you have everything together, the first thing you want to do is take out your grates and scrub them with your brush and soapy water. For seasoned cast-iron grates, you will want to oil them before placing them back on the grill.

Special note: Never use oven cleaner to try and clean your grill. This can damage it, doing much more harm than good.

Step Two: Clean Deeper

Set your clean grates aside and remove your grill plates (or heat tamers), and clean them up using your soapy water solution. Then look for areas of grease or debris build-up. Leaving this alone can cause hot spots and flare-ups while you are cooking, so it is always a good idea to remove it.

Take a close look at the inside areas within your grill and make sure everything is still connected and that it looks good. If something doesn’t appear right – now is the time to investigate it further before you decide to light the grill. Be sure to check all hoses, the gas connection, the regulator, knobs, and so forth. When you think it is good to go, try the ignitor to ensure the grill lights.

Finally, clean up the outside of the grill to keep it looking nice. Here, too, you will use your soapy water solution and towels to clean it up. If necessary, use your degreaser. Though, the idea is to leave your stainless steel grill with a fantastic shine rather than a bunch of ugly smudges.

Step Three: Clear the Venturi Tube

The venturi tube is the tube that runs from the burner to the control valves. It is where the air mixes with gas that is needed to use the grill. Unfortunately, this line can get obstructed, and if that happens, it could be dangerous.

These tubes need to be open to gather air, but they may or may not have a protective screen on them. What happens is that bugs and debris can pile up in this and block the flow of gas. To prevent this from happening, clear the tube using a venturi tube brush that you can buy, or use a suitable length of wire as a DIY tool that you can place in the tube and wiggle around.

This is a very important step in maintaining your grill.

Step Four: Maintenance

Once you clean your grill for the season, keep it clean by taking care of it as you go. Once you are done cooking, and the grill has cooled, clean off the grates, remove any debris, and wipe down the grill. Doing this each time can keep it running well and leave you with less work to do.

Need a New Grill?

Stop for a minute and think about your summer without a grill. Imagine not being able to head outdoors to cook up some grub, smell the grill cookin’ while sipping a cold one with your friends, or being able to make memories with some of your favorite people while enjoying some freshly grilled foods. This just doesn’t sound like summer at all.

Who wants to live that way? Certainly not you. So, if you do not currently have a grill or you aren’t sure whether or not yours is up for the challenge of summertime grillin’ this year, perhaps it is time to purchase a new one.

Thor Kitchen has a wonderful outdoor 32-inch 4-burner gas stainless steel grill that will get you through this summer and many more down the road. Here’s a closer look at its amazing features:

-A built-in grill that sits upon a grill cabinet

-The choice between propane and natural gas

-Halogen lights inside so you can cook after dark with ease

-LED knob lights in brilliant blue

-Four burners

-Infrared rotisserie burner


-Easy to maintain and keep clean

Shop THOR Kitchen for Outdoor Kitchen Products

Ready to take it a step further? Why not transform your grill space into an entire outdoor kitchen space? With an outdoor kitchen suite, you can have everything you need right at your fingertips. There will be no going in and out of the house (letting in flies and letting out the cold air) because you will be able to prep, cook, wash, and store all your goodies right outside. After all, an outdoor kitchen can include a BBQ grill, sink cabinet, outdoor refrigerator with cabinet, grill cabinet, and it may even include an outdoor kitchen pizza oven!

Now that you know how to prepare a grill, don’t let the summertime pass you by without taking full advantage of your backyard and all the summertime cookin’ that can take place out there. So whether you need to clean up your old grill and purchase a new one – now is the time to get it done!

Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor kitchen suite products, grills, and more! To up your backyard game, search your nearest dealer for all things THOR.