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April 30, 2023 | Warming Drawer

How to Use a Warming Drawer like a Pro

how to use a warming drawer

Have you ever invited your friends and family over for a big feast? You probably had a stunning image in your mind of everyone sitting around the table together, with all types of delicious dishes and perfectly placed centerpieces. Everything went well until that first bite. 

Unfortunately, regardless of how diligent you were, half of the food was cold. 

If this has ever happened to you, know that it was not a novice chef’s error or a case of bad timing. 

If you go into any professional or commercial kitchen, you will find a warming station. This is because different foods will be ready at different times in any kitchen. And warming stations keep them warm, just like their name suggests. 

Designating a large warming station in your kitchen is not likely feasible – nor is it aesthetically pleasing. But, do you know what is?

A warming drawer

Let’s talk about what it is and why you need one. 

What is a Warming Drawer?

Some kitchens have a warming drawer connected to the bottom of their range. Yet, most people don’t even realize what it is for – let alone how to use it. Instead, it often holds pots and pans for easy storage. 

A warming drawer can be a stand-alone unit that is conveniently installed anywhere in your kitchen. This will give you easy access to it so that you may benefit from all it has to offer. 

A warming drawer maintains cooked food’s temperature without overcooking. Though this is a small appliance with mighty power. Take a look at the many ways you can use a warming drawer. 

How to Use a Warming Drawer

A warming drawer makes it very simple to cook a large meal – and have it served warm. You will have no more stress as you begin to focus less on perfect timing and focus more on creating the perfect dish. 

Make dishes ahead of time and place them in the warming drawer so that they stay warm until you are ready to eat. 

To use a warming drawer, preheat the drawer to the desired setting (usually 120-200°F), place cooked food in oven-safe dishes, and close the drawer. Avoid stacking or overcrowding to ensure even heat distribution. Use within 1-2 hours for optimal food quality and safety.

Here’s how to use a warming drawer like a pro:

1. Serve Food on Warm Dishes

Hot food served on warm dishes will stay warm longer. This is a trick that many restaurants use to keep food warm as it makes its way to your table. Just as salads, for instance, are served on chilled plates to keep them cool and crisp. 

Storing your plates and bowls in the warming drawer makes this easy to do. 

2. Help Your Dough to Rise

If you have ever tried to make bread, then you know how important it is to allow the dough to rise – especially if you’d like to avoid a hard, nearly inedible loaf. But, without a warm enough temperature, the rising just isn’t going to happen. 

Leaving the dough on your counter for a couple of hours before your kitchen feels warm often does nothing but waste time. 

With a warming drawer, you can let the dough sit in a perfectly warm environment and rise just the way you want it to. 

3. Keep Yourself Warm

Just because your warming drawer is in the kitchen does not mean it can only be used for food. 

Warming drawers can work for warming towels, slippers, robes, washcloths, and more. On a cold day, these things will feel even more incredible – especially after taking a bath or shower. 

Who knew a kitchen appliance could be such a treat for your self-care? 

4. Keep Leftovers Warm

Did someone miss dinner? No problem. Rather than leaving a plate on the counter to get cold and need reheating, place it in the warming drawer. The leftovers will stay warm and delicious. 

THOR Kitchen’s Premium Warming Drawer

Once you understand the importance of a warming drawer and how it can positively impact your life, it only makes sense that you would begin your quest to find one in order to reap the benefits. 

Well, here’s some good news for you. THOR Kitchen already has a professional and powerful warming drawer that checks all the boxes for must-have features. Plus, its stainless steel finish not only makes it a timeless classic, but it blends beautifully with the rest of your appliances and any kitchen design style. 

Want a closer look? Of course, you do! Below are the features you will find on THOR Kitchen’s warming drawer, model number TWD3001.

  • Flexible Temperature Control. Temperature settings from 86 to 185 degrees allow you to keep things warm based on your heating preference. 
  • Humidity Control. Keeping food warm without moisture can easily dry it out. With a hidden humidity control valve, you can keep your food moist and delish. 
  • Multiple Modes. Depending on what you are warming, you can choose the right mode to get it done. For instance, dishes and towels will likely be warmed at a higher temperature than dough. 
  • Hidden LCD Display. The controls for the warming drawer are hidden within the unit so it keeps its sleek outward appearance. And the easy-to-read LCD display makes it a breeze to change functions and temperatures, as well as adjust the timer.
  • Sleek Modern Design. Stainless steel looks great in any kitchen. With the hidden display and lack of knobs, this warming drawer is sleek and seamless. 
  • Soft Close Drawer. The warming drawer opens and closes quietly – even when fully extended.  
  • Serving Pans. Because you are investing in a warming drawer for convenience, this one goes the extra mile and brings you 3 serving pans and 2 removable serving rails. 
  • Drawer Open Alarm. Last but certainly not least is the door open alarm. You put items in your warming drawer with the intention that they will be kept warm. However, if the drawer is left open, all the heat escapes. But, don’t fret – this drawer has an alarm that will let you know it needs to be closed properly. 

So, before you invite your friends and family for another feast, invest in this premium warming drawer from THOR Kitchen. This time you will feel confident that the entire meal is warm when you serve them.