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September 23, 2022 | modern kitchen appliances | Warming Drawer

How to Use a Warming Drawer

How to use a warming drawer

There are some kitchen appliances that are necessities, such as a refrigerator or oven. And then there are those appliances that are just an absolute must-have, such as a warming drawer that’ll bring you so much extra joy – and make your life easier (hey, sometimes you have to factor in convenience!). But, just what is a warming drawer? And do you know how to use a warming drawer with all its features?

While it isn’t going to keep your non-perishables from perishing, and it isn’t going to do the cooking for you, it can really warm your heart – along with your food.

Let’s find out how it works.

What is a Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer is just like it sounds – a drawer that keeps things warm. While traditional warming drawers are those that come at the bottom of your range (which most people use to store pans), a modern warming drawer comes with a purpose.

This is a premium professional appliance that is bought with intention. They can be used in different ways, but their main goal in your kitchen is to keep dishes warm and ready to serve. After all, who likes to eat a hot meal on a cold plate?

How To Use a Warming Drawer

There are many things you can use your warming drawer for – some ways that you would already consider and others that may be considered outside the box. The good news is that by adding a warming drawer to your kitchen, you are benefiting yourself in numerous ways. Here is how you can use your warming drawer.

Warm Your Dishes. A hot plate will keep your food hot longer – and make it taste better in the long run. Even a hot mug will keep your tea or coffee hot longer, too. Use your drawer for dishware and reap the cozy benefits.

Keep a Meal Hot and Ready. How many times have you cooked a meal and a teenager, spouse, or someone else missed it, so you saved a plate? And how many times have you put that plate in the microwave so that they’d have a lukewarm rendition of the meal when they arrive home?

With a warming drawer, you can keep it hot and just as good as it was when it was ready. And it is sure to be appreciated.

Prepare a Feast – and Serve it all Hot. Cooking a large meal is tough enough, but even more so when you want to keep it all hot. There is nothing worse than having warm eggs and cold pancakes. The good news is that with a warming drawer, you don’t have to worry about anything being cold when it hits the table.

As you prepare your feast, place items in the drawer while you continue cooking. Then, when you are done, it will all be hot and ready to go!

Activate Yeast in Baking. Need your dough to rise quickly? Getting the warm temperatures necessary to activate yeast can be tricky – especially when you need it quickly. Leaving it out on the countertop can cause other concerns to arise, such as contaminants in the air.

With a warming drawer, you have the perfect solution to help get the yeast working. Whether you are making bread or homemade pizza dough, you can whip up your dough and use it quickly once it begins rising in this beneficial appliance.

Warm Towels. Lastly, you can use your warming drawer to warm towels. Like we said – a little outside the box. Yet, oh-so-enjoyable. Think about those cold months coming up and how good it will feel to put on a pair of warm slippers or wrap yourself in a warm robe or towel. You may even warm wet washcloths to be used for opening pores.

What’s not to love?

While warming drawers are most often associated with the kitchen, there is nothing that says they can’t be installed elsewhere in the home. Those who have already benefited from toasty slippers will tell you that a warming drawer makes a great addition to the bathroom.

Thor Kitchen’s 30-Inch Warming Drawer

Thor Kitchen’s 30-inch warming drawermodel number TWD3001, is designed with multiple different functions and temperature ranges so that you can get the most out of it. It comes in a timeless stainless steel finish to blend with your other appliances and looks beautiful, too.

Plus, it comes with some pretty amazing features, such as:

Flexible temperature control: To get the most use of your warming drawer, you need options when it comes to temperature. This unit can vary from 86 degrees to 185 degrees to address all your heating needs.

Multiple modes: You can use this warming drawer in different modes, depending on your need. For instance, you can keep plates and mugs warm, or you can activate yeast for baking. And that is just a small part of all it can do.

Sleek design: Its sleek design fits smoothly into any kitchen. It looks great and fits perfectly. It is sure to fit perfectly regardless of your kitchen style or design.

Humidity control: You don’t want things to get wet due to high humidity when you place them in the warming drawer. Having a hidden humidity control valve can reduce that issue altogether.

Hidden LCD display and controls: The hidden control display helps maintain the sleek design. From it, you can adjust the timer, temperatures, and functions.

Soft close drawer: Easy sliding – and quiet, too – no one will ever know you have been sneaking small nibbles.

Serving pans: For your convenience, it comes equipped with three serving pans and two removable serving rails.

Drawer open alarm: Leaving the drawer open too long can let out a lot of heat and waste energy. The door alarm will alert you so that this does not happen.

Shop Warming Drawers at THOR Kitchen

If you have never had any experience with a warming drawer, now is your opportunity. As we are heading into the fall and winter seasons, what better time to invest in some warmth for your family?

Take advantage of all Thor Kitchen’s warming drawer has to offer you. When you’re ready to shop, just find a THOR dealer near you!