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November 2, 2021 | Range Hoods

The Benefits of Proper Kitchen Range Hood Ventilation

kitchen range hood ventilation

Have you ever heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home? That is because your family spends a lot of time here – it is a gathering space. You cook, have conversations, bake cookies with the kids, have drinks with your friends, etc. You meet in the kitchen first thing in the morning before you all head out for the day ahead – only to return and unwind at the end of the day. 

It’s a hub. 

It’s the heart. 

Your kitchen is a vital part of the home. 

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the many benefits of proper kitchen range hood ventilation.

Kitchen Range Hood Ventilation Benefits

Imagine walking into this important room in your home and all you smell is last night’s salmon lingering. Nobody likes a lingering fishy smell. Nobody. Well, maybe the cat. 

If you have a range or cooktop in your kitchen, then it is not complete without a range hood. Both aesthetically and functionally, this is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen area. If you want to continue to enjoy the space for years to come, then you need to understand just how beneficial proper ventilation is to your home and your health. 

Here are several essential benefits of kitchen range hood ventilation.

Breathe Better

When you cook, the air around you becomes filled with food particles, and debris, toxins, smoke, grease, and other things make their way into the air. This can, on occasion, also include carbon monoxide. And to think, you and all those who are important to you, are hanging around in the kitchen breathing it all in. 

With the proper range hood, you would have that dirty, unhealthy air removed from your kitchen and it would be replaced with clean, fresh, breathable air. 

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Along with all those toxins and grease, heat is also released in the kitchen. Obviously, you are cooking with heat and it has to go somewhere, right? Without proper ventilation, the heat will just hover in your kitchen – and slowly make its way into the surrounding areas. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience while you are cooking, it could actually be costing you money. 

When your kitchen is sweltering due to cooking and the heat has nowhere to go, your air conditioning system will have to work even harder to keep the area cool. This means you will have to pay more in energy costs to keep your house cool. 

If you had proper range hood ventilation, the heat wouldn’t be an issue. Everyone would be cool and comfortable and your AC wouldn’t have to work so hard. 

Reduce Odors

Just like the heat and the toxins, odors are a problem, too. Remember that fish smell? While the smell of food can be subjective, we can all agree that foods that smell delicious when cooking dinner tonight may not smell so good when waking up tomorrow. We want our kitchen – and our home – to smell good and fresh and not like stale grease or burnt pancakes. 

With the proper kitchen range hood, you have the ventilation necessary to get rid of the odor and keep your kitchen smelling like you want it to. The system will pull out the air and either filter and return it or carry it all the way out, depending on what type of system you have. Either way, your odors will be long gone. 

Great Lighting

Who couldn’t use a little extra light in the kitchen? Sometimes it is hard to tell when dinner is fully cooked. Or whether you are actually getting any salt and pepper out of the shakers. With the lights for the range hood being directly over the range, you have the perfect beam of light while cooking. The right amount of brightness and in the right spot. 

And when you walk into the kitchen for a midnight snack, nobody turns on the big bright light. That’s how you get busted. Instead, you can just flip on the light under the range hood and get the perfect amount of light for your late-night grubbing needs. 

Think of great lighting as being a stellar bonus when it comes to your range hood. 

An Eye-Catching Addition

Range hoods offer an eye-catching addition to any kitchen, all decked out in a classy, shiny stainless steel. With different styles such as wall-mounted range hoods or under cabinet range hoods and those with touch control display and LED lighting — these appliances serve a great purpose for the kitchen while looking great, too. 

Sometimes, depending on the size of the range hood and where it is located, it could very well turn out to be the centerpiece of your kitchen. 

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Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

Cleaning up after cooking is never fun. But having to clean up when things are really messy — such as splattered grease and moisture that has turned into a sticky mess – is something we all want to avoid. When you have proper kitchen range hood ventilation, you don’t have to worry about having a big cleanup. That is unless you make a mess with your prep work or spill food. 

The airborne stuff that leaves the nasty residue? That will be cleaned out of your kitchen and off of your chore list thanks to the range hood. 

Raise Your Home Value

Range hoods raise your home’s value. They bring in that great, centerpiece look to the kitchen which not only entices people (a.k.a. potential buyers) into wanting the kitchen but can also increase the actual monetary value of the home. 

Studies have been done and reflect the power of kitchen upgrades when listing a home and determining selling values. 

There are many reasons we love our kitchens. Sure, we can cook and bake some really good (and really terrible) things in the kitchen, but it is more than just a space for food. Memories are made in kitchens. Relationships are solidified here. And bonds are created. All of which are very important parts of life that are all taking place in your kitchen. 

Now, do you want to do all that breathing in some dirty air in a hot and moist environment? Or will you and your family reap the benefits of proper range hood ventilation?