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October 20, 2021 | Kitchen Design

5 Smart Kitchen Remodeling Tips

kitchen island with stools

Change feels good sometimes. It happens all around us – just look at the seasons. It’s only natural to seek opportunities for change and growth. You may buy yourself some new clothes, reorganize the furniture in your living room, or even switch from having oatmeal to frittatas for breakfast. With every change, no matter how big or small, you get a sense of freshness and a feeling of renewal. 

In this article, we’re exploring a few smart kitchen remodeling tips to help you get started.


Smart Kitchen Remodeling Tips

How wonderful, then, do you think it would feel to remodel your kitchen? Imagine it – the space where you spend so much of your time. What if you could suddenly transform your kitchen space into something that will allow you to enjoy cooking rather than feel like you have to cook? You know, a kitchen that just feels good. 

Before you head off into dreamland – or get stuck in the feeling that it only ever is a dream, consider a few of these smart kitchen remodeling tips that will help you get started on creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Tip 1: Have a Strategy and Plan it Out

To achieve perfection, you need to have a plan that is well thought-out and flows easily. If you are going to put money into your kitchen and do a huge remodel, you better make sure it works. And, believe it or not, your planning period should last a while. Like, a long while. 

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (yes, there is one of those) you should take about 6 months working out the planning of your new kitchen space. Why so long? Well, the longer you sit with your decisions, think about them, and make sure they work well with you – and any situations that arise during that time – the less likely you are to make last-minute, irrational changes that may come back to haunt you after the remodel. 

In other words, take your time and make sure you know what you want. 

  • Take time to study your current kitchen. What do you or don’t you like about it? What would you change? Where are there logistics issues? 
  • Consider the ergonomics of your kitchen. Are you comfortable with the height of your cabinets and countertops? Is everything accessible?
  • You can always consult a designer for help and additional inspiration – even if it is only just to get you started on ideas. 

Tip 2: Focus on the Appliances

When considering a remodel, it is so easy to not know what to focus on first. After all – there are so many different aspects that need your attention. But, let’s be real for a moment, ok? Your kitchen may be used for a lot of things, but there is one thing that is needed most for – and that is nourishing your family. That means you need the right appliances to make cooking enjoyable. So, focus on them — and build the rest of your kitchen around them. That way you make sure you get the tools you need to have an efficient, functional, and absolutely beautiful kitchen. 

Oh, and you can eat well, too. 

  • Consider opting for an appliance suite to help save money. This means ordering four (or more) appliances together, rather than one here and there. In the long run, you will find you save much more when you buy a suite. 
  • Stainless steel is a great option that will go with any design style. If you invest in durable appliances, then they will last a long time. So, if you choose to redesign your kitchen, you can feel confident that your stainless steel appliances will match any decor. 
  • Buying appliances in an appliance suite means they will all be uniform and match beautifully.

Tip 3: Keep the Same Layout

When remodeling, there are certain things you will want to do to make things a bit easier. For instance, keeping the same layout. Just as your kitchen is now, you can change out everything in the kitchen, but if you can reduce the need for moving the plumbing and vents and forego knocking down any walls, you can not only help the entire process move along more smoothly (and perhaps faster), but you will also save some time, too. 

To recreate the kitchen exactly how it was, just keep the same layout you had. 

Tip 4: Invest in Quality For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one space that acts as a hub in your home. A lot goes on there. And, let’s be real, if you are going to be doing a remodel, you will be sinking a nice chunk of change into it, right? Well unless you want to do this every decade or sooner, choose to invest in quality products. They will look great and serve you well. And, should you decide to sell, updated kitchens boost the value

It is so natural for us to be swayed by a deal. Who doesn’t love a bargain? But when it comes to the look and durability of your kitchen, you want to opt for quality – even if it costs a little bit more. 

Tip 5: Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Many people have the misconception that they need a bigger kitchen to house all their stuff. But, really, it isn’t space that they need, but storage. They need to be able to fit all of their dishes, small appliances, and more into a designated space. They also need to have a pantry and more. 

There are so many innovative ways to create storage. Take the time to review your options so that you can find something that works for you. That way everything has its place – and you won’t have to increase your kitchen space to find it. 

Ready, Set, Go

Now that you have a few smart kitchen remodeling tips, making the decision to remodel your kitchen can be exciting. You get all these new options, from countertops to refrigerators and lighting to flooring. So, don’t rush the process, but take your time so you get it all right the first time. Choose quality, add more storage, make the same layout work for you in new ways, and always choose an appliance suite.