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August 19, 2021 | Ovens

The Power of this 30-Inch Wall Oven is Undeniable

30-Inch Wall Oven

There are certain things we own that make our day easier because they are there. And there are others that just make us proud to own. Having a powerful wall oven that others just can’t compete with is one of the latter. 

If you have never had one, you may think that it is no big deal. However, for those who have had the opportunity to experience the power of this 30-inch wall oven, they will all agree – its power is undeniable. 

A Powerful, Modern 30-inch Wall Oven

When it comes to us telling you about this 30-inch wall oven and all its undeniable power, you have to know which oven we are talking about, right? It’s like watching the Olympics but not using names or faces, just a “Yay! The U.S. took Gold.” Not cool. We want to see that champion. And we want to see that performance. 

So, to make sure you know what powerful oven we are talking about so you can run out and get one, it’s the THOR Kitchen model number HEW3001. It’s a pro-style design meaning that it has the durability and power of a professional oven but with a softer, beautiful look made for your kitchen. 

It is the one and only contender in its class.

The Capacity to Cook Anything

There are many things worse than not having an oven that will cook your whole meal – until you don’t have an oven that will cook your whole meal. And when we say your whole meal we mean your whole meat all at once. Because, well, nobody likes to eat a meal that was cooked in shifts and is half chilled by the time it is placed on the table.

With this THOR Kitchen oven, this will never be a problem. Why? It has a great enough capacity that you can cook just about anything. In fact, its large 4.8 cubic foot capacity is the perfect size for any large meals you need to make. And if you are making more than one item at a time, the adjustable racks make it a breeze to fit everything inside. 

Who else’s oven can do that? 

Hidden Heat

Have you ever been to a magic show and you just want to know how the magician made that bouquet of flowers appear out of a hat or how he cut that willing woman in half? When you look inside this THOR Kitchen 30-inch wall oven, you will feel the heat, your food will cook, but where’s the bake element? 

Don’t worry – it’s not magic. The bake element is there, but it is hidden. And while maybe our inner Houdini thought this would be a great trick, it was really done for more practical reasons. 

First, not having a bake element on the floor of the oven gives the inside blue enamel a seamless look. It makes the inside of the oven look as fantastic as the outside. Second, every time you bake, food drippings and such fall to the depths of the oven, sometimes hitting a bake element and sometimes burying themselves underneath it. Either way, the element can make cleaning difficult

With a hidden bake element, you no longer have to worry about any of these things. 

Convection Modes for Baking Like a Pro

Many people use their ovens for things like baking brownies or pies. Others bake salmon or chicken. Or even one-dish casseroles that feed the whole family. Ovens in general are great for all of these things. But, what about an oven with convection modes? 

Convection ovens lead to faster baking time thanks to an internal fan that continuously circulates the oven’s heat throughout the oven evenly. Quick brownies? Yes, please! Baking is easy when everything heats at the same temperature throughout it. 

But that is not all this convection oven does. With convection roast mode you can cook a piece of meat and have the heat from the oven wrap it on all sides – similar to a rotisserie. This seals in the juices resulting in meat that is moist, tender, and delicious. 

Stainless Steel Look = Attention-Grabbing Power

With a new oven, though, as much as you want it to work well and make cooking a breeze, you don’t want to sacrifice looks, do you? Absolutely not. You want to bring in an oven that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is good at baking. 

This THOR Kitchen wall oven is designed with shiny, timeless stainless steel. It matches the other appliances in your kitchen and also matches any design style you choose. In other words, it always looks good. 

The best part of having a stainless steel wall oven is that the durable metal won’t corrode or start looking bad at some point during its lifetime. It will always have attention-grabbing power. And you can rest easy knowing that if smudges or fingerprints do find their way onto the surface, simple cleaning with soapy water can turn it around again!

Features are Power-Boosters

Finally, as if you weren’t already convinced that you need this 30-inch stainless steel wall oven, there are other features that make it even better. Let’s take a look at everything this oven can offer you – 

Touch glass control panel. This gives the wall oven a seamless, high-end, modern look. And without all the knobs, it is much easier to clean the surface. 

Heavy heating power. You will find that you always have enough heat with a 3500W top heater and 3000W bottom heater. You can cook the most delicate dish or the heartiest meal — and it will be perfect. 

Self-cleaning function. Keep your oven clean and looking beautiful with the self-cleaning function. It’s one click of a button for quick and efficient cleanup. 

White LED display. Not only is the LED display easy to read the time and functions, but it is also very energy efficient – and has a smooth look. 

When you want the best of the best,  you need the power of this THOR Kitchen 30-inch wall oven. It is a game-changer for the kitchen. You will be in for a treat.