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January 5, 2022 | Ovens

The Many Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Oven

roasted turkey in an open electric oven

In order for an oven to offer you its peak performance, you have to make sure that it is clean. For years, people have put in the elbow grease, time, and effort cleaning and scrubbing their ovens in an attempt to maintain their quality. Those same people would likely faint due to the astonishment of this advancement in the world of ovens. 

Thankfully, today, self-cleaning ovens are incredibly accessible for all of us. And you will surely find that their many benefits will make your life so much easier. 

Do You Have to Clean Your Oven?

Most people will remember to clean their floors or wipe down countertops, but it isn’t very often that we get the bright idea to clean the oven, right? But, truth is, we should – for many different reasons – including:

  • Grease and debris along the bottom can lead to an increased risk of fire.  
  • Heat will not distribute evenly in a dirty oven. 
  • Contamination between old food and new. 

In other words, if you don’t want your pizza to smell like last night’s salmon and you prefer not to have to deal with a fire, then clean your oven. 

Self-Cleaning Ovens: How Do They Work?

Self-cleaning ovens work in a relatively simple manner. They heat up to extremely high temperatures and, in turn, cause everything left in the oven – all those drippings, food particles and pieces, and so forth – to turn into ash. 

Depending on your oven, you may have various cycles you put your self-cleaning on based on how soiled it is. Though, typically there is one standard setting for self-cleaning the oven. It can take quite a while for the cleaning process to finish – and then cool down – so you definitely don’t want to start it just before dinner. That is unless you’re looking for an excuse to have dinner delivered instead.  

Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Oven

Now that you know why it is so important to clean your oven as well as an idea about how it works, it is time to get an understanding of the benefits that come with a self-cleaning oven. Let’s check them out. 

Avoid the Fumes

If you have ever cleaned inside your oven with a cleaner, then you know just how potent the fumes can be throughout your entire house. And no matter how hard you try to remove the smell it just doesn’t go away. These powerful fumes can cause your respiratory system to experience irritation and can leave you with a runny nose, headache, and even nausea. One experience like this will likely keep you from ever wanting to clean your oven again. Yet, if you try to clean your oven with no cleaner – or with just soapy water – it seems impossible to get it all clean. 

With a self-cleaning oven, it just cleans! There is no need for you to use any harsh chemicals – just let the heat do the job. Not only does it do a great job but it is so much healthier for your family to breathe!

Save on Energy

There are two ways you save on energy costs when you invest in a self-cleaning oven. First, because they are designed to handle such high temperatures, you can have confidence that they are built well. That means they are very well insulated as they would need to be able to handle the extreme levels of heat without allowing it to escape. Not every oven can pull this off – only those made with a high level of energy efficiency. 

Next, you could save on your own energy, of course! If you have ever tried to clean your oven – scraping off food drippings that have taken up residence in the bottom of your oven for the last year – then you know how hard of a job it is. And, if you haven’t, well – just take our word for it. Or, give it a try. It won’t take long for you to realize the power of this oven. After all, with an oven that offers a self-clean feature, you won’t have to put in the work – and instead can rely solely on your oven to clean itself. Talk about some energy savings!! 

Save Your Time

Just as having a self-cleaning oven can save you energy it also saves you time. As we said – the amount of time you spend scraping and trying to clean the oven, the more time you waste doing something else. 

Investing in a self-cleaning oven means being able to have a home that is full of love, laughter, and an oven you didn’t clean. You will be able to still do the things you want to do without sacrificing your time – and yet still have a clean oven. It’s easy to put off doing the things we don’t want to do so we can spend time doing the good stuff. That is probably why so many people have filthy ovens. So, you can think of your self-cleaning oven as a way to have your cake – and eat it, too. 

Save Money

Finally, you may be asking yourself if investing in a self-cleaning oven is worth it. Why not opt for the cheaper oven and clean it yourself, right? Well, you could very well do that, but then you probably wouldn’t clean it, you’d leave yourself at risk, and you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of all of these benefits! By opting for a self-cleaning oven, you can save yourself money throughout the life of the oven as you are saving energy and time – and there is a dollar amount on that, too. 

THOR Kitchen is all about making appliances that benefit your kitchen – personally, functionally, and aesthetically. Their ovens with a self-cleaning feature can give you a chance to maintain a beautiful stainless steel oven that is clean and safe without ever having to lift a finger. Designed with heavy use in mind, the durable range can handle the biggest family meals without ever looking like it put in the work. 

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