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September 10, 2023 | Ranges

The Small Electric Range Fit for Luxury Apartments

small electric range - THOR Kitchen

Living in an apartment should not mean sacrificing quality when it comes to kitchen appliances.

With a housing market that isn’t as enticing to buyers as it once was, more and more individuals are choosing to rent rather than buy for the time being. This has resulted in many seeking rental apartments  — primarily luxury rental apartments. In other words, they want comfort, security, and convenience with a touch of elegance, too.  

One thing that can make a difference is creating a kitchen space that lacks nothing, despite the space. THOR Kitchen’s 24-inch small electric range is the perfect fit for luxury apartments. 

What’s In a Kitchen? 

The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of a home. And that includes apartments, too. It is the space where the family tends to congregate in the morning before heading out for their day and in the evening after a long day is coming to a close. 

A kitchen is the perfect spot for doing homework, having important conversations, enjoying a drink with friends, and cooking delicious and nourishing foods. It is also where incredible aromas come from that make the neighbors jealous.

So, what’s in a kitchen? Life, love, and good food — and they are all connected to the health of kitchen appliances. For instance, you use a refrigerator to preserve the food and you use a range to cook up nourishing meals that fuel the body and the soul. 

Regardless of how small a kitchen is, you never want to skimp on quality appliances. It’s a good thing they come in all types of sizes.

The Significance of a High-Quality Range

Believe it or not, a range is not just a range. That is equivalent to shrugging your shoulders and saying that scotch is scotch. Any seasoned scotch drinker is going to call you out on a statement like that. 

Any range will afford you the ability to cook a meal. But if you want to be a chef in your own kitchen and create unforgettable dishes, then you need a professional range — one made of high-quality craftsmanship. 

When you invest in a pro-style range, you are getting:

  • Long-lasting durability that withstands heavy use 
  • Quality parts and quality design 
  • A long list of features you won’t want to miss

Most importantly, you are getting a premium range that outperforms all other options. You can feel confident in the product you are investing in for your apartment furnishings. 

THOR Kitchen’s Small Electric Range

Perfect for apartments, THOR Kitchen’s small electric range can fit in the smallest kitchens, requiring only 24 inches of space. Yet, it still comes with all of the benefits of a full-size range, such as the stovetop and oven. In other words, it may be compact, but it surely isn’t lacking in any way. 

For those trying to supply a small apartment kitchen with the right appliances, this is definitely the way to go.

What makes THOR Kitchen’s small electric range perfect for luxury apartments is its beauty and professional quality. Designed with a strong stainless steel finish that is timeless on its own, this range also comes with a sleek glass top stove. This reduces the need for any extra bulk that can disrupt small spaces. 

The range fits uniformly when paired with other stainless steel appliances. And it can transform any kitchen space or fit any design style you are looking for. 

Add the 24-inch Professional Range Hood to ensure your apartment is well-ventilated while you cook.

Must-Have Features

If you are marketing a luxury apartment, you cannot add just any range to your kitchen. In fact, doing so can be an eyesore that ruins the entire vibe you are trying to create. Instead, you want premium, high-quality appliances – like a pro-style range – that will wow your future tenants. And, of course, enhance their stay in your apartment. 

So, what are the must-have features you need to be looking for? What can set apart any range from the range? Here are a few must-have features you won’t want to miss. 

  • Four Heating Elements. When you think of a small stove, you don’t expect to have as many as four burners. But, here, you do. And they range from 1200W to 2,200W so that you can #cooklikeagod in the kitchen with the power of the stove to back you up. 
  • Large Capacity Oven. An oven is just as important. With 3.73 cubic feet, you have room for a turkey — or a few smaller dishes. Did we mention that it has a blue porcelain interior that not only looks fabulous but also cleans up easily? 
  • LED Control Panel Lights. Speaking of blue, the heavy-duty control knobs you will find on the front of this range are illuminated with blue LED lights. This energy-efficient touch is always appreciated. And the durable knobs are, too. 
  • True Convection Fan. What matters more than the size of your oven? How evenly it cooks. A true convection fan blows heat from the 800W heating element to give you ideal cooking and baking results. 
  • Multiple Cooking Modes. Since everyone has a different cooking style and every dish requires its own special attention, it is always a bonus to have multiple cooking modes. 

Does your tenant really need all these features? 

First, in a luxury apartment, the answer is yes. But to help you justify the purchase, consider your own cooking habits — and what would work best for you and yours. Then you can feel good about providing it for someone else. 

A Premium Range in a Small Package

Impressing your tenants with a premium range does not mean you have to break the bank. In fact, when you make smart choices, such as investing in THOR Kitchen’s appliances, you have access to high-quality appliances at affordable rates. 

What’s more, when you install well-crafted appliances into the kitchen of your apartment, you can expect the strength and durability they possess to reduce the need for maintenance calls. 

Ready to give THOR Kitchen a try? You may find that you are just as impressed as your tenants with what you find. 

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