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September 4, 2023 | Ranges

THOR vs. Thermador Ranges

thor vs thermador

Rumor has it you may need a new range – and you don’t know where to turn. Maybe your bestie swears by THOR Kitchen’s selection of professional style ranges. Or, perhaps your Great Aunt Mable never bought a Thermador she didn’t like. 

Who do you trust? Which range will give you everything you are looking for, and then some? It looks like you may have found yourself in a tough situation, friend. Settling in on the perfect range is going to require you to look at both options and weigh them out. 

The good news is that we are breaking everything down for you. Come on, let’s find out where you can find the real MVP range for your kitchen.

THOR vs. Thermador Ranges

THOR offers a very wide selection of professional ranges because they understand that not only does every family have different cooking habits and preferences, but they also have different design styles, too. 

You will find professional gas ranges, electric ranges, dual fuel ranges, tilt panel gas and electric ranges, and the stunning A-Series Ranges

That is a lot to choose from. Perhaps THOR wants to make sure everyone gets their perfect range. 

So, what does Thermador have to offer? Well, here you will find gas ranges, induction ranges, and dual fuel ranges. The options are fairly slim on this side of the fence. 

The winner of this game? THOR Kitchen for its variety of options. 

THOR vs. Thermador: Range Sizes

While the type of your range matters, so does the size. After all, you can find the range of your dreams, but if it does not fit your kitchen… well, you get the idea. 

Both THOR and Thermador offer an array of ranges that can fit nearly any size need or kitchen. 

THOR range sizes: 

Thermador range sizes: 

  • 30 inch
  • 36 inch
  • 48 inch
  • 60 inch

When buying a range, you have to take into consideration your cooking habits as well as your space. If you have a small kitchen, you don’t want to overload it with the 60-inch range regardless of how much you love to cook. Just as it would look silly to have a huge kitchen with a 24-inch range because you don’t cook that often. Know your space and consider your habits. You will know which one will work best. 

The winner in the game of size? Let’s say it is a tie in overtime, shall we? Thermador offers a 60-inch oversized range that you won’t find with THOR. However, only THOR offers a convenient and compact 24-inch range that is perfect for those smaller spaces. 

THOR vs. Thermador: Features and Options

When it comes to choosing a range that will enhance your meal and your overall cooking experience, ask yourself this question— am I looking for practical features that will make cooking a breeze? Or am I looking for the fanciest features because I want the latest? 

Here is an overview of each brand’s 36-inch gas range. 

A few key THOR Features: 

  • High-powered burners
  • Luxglide telescopic racks
  • Infrared broiler
  • Commercial convection fan
  • LED panel lights
  • Heavy-duty control knobs
  • Porcelain spill tray and oven interior for easy cleanup
  • Ability to convert between liquid propane and natural gas

A few key Thermador Features: 

  • Superfast self-clean
  • Precise burners
  • Wireless connection
  • SoftClose hinges
  • Telescopic racks
  • Griddle

If you are buying a new laptop or home entertainment center, you want to play around with the latest and greatest technology. But when it comes to your kitchen range, do you really need it to be connected to the internet, for example? 

Ultimately the choice is yours. But for the sake of determining the winner of this matchup, we are going to to have go with THOR Kitchen for their focus on making power, professional, and practical ranges that can help you #cooklikeagod without all the extra hassle.  

THOR vs. Thermador: Cost and Value

Alright, let’s talk about one of the biggest deciding factors in purchasing a new range for your kitchen — the cost. How much does a THOR Kitchen range cost when compared to a Thermador? Which is more affordable? And, as your grandpappy would probably ask — which range will give you more bang for your buck? 

Here is a general breakdown, sticking with the 36-inch gas range. 

THOR Kitchen’s 36-inch gas range in stainless steel comes with an online retail cost of about $3,000 to $3,500, give or take.  Thermador’s 36-inch gas range, on the other hand, comes with a retail price tag of about $7,000 to nearly $10,000. That is a huge price difference. 

Does purchasing the lower-cost option mean that you are getting less of a product? Does it mean that THOR Kitchen is somehow inferior to what Thermador offers? 

Not in the slightest. 

THOR Kitchen knows that consumers want a highly functional, professional-grade range that offers power and premium features — all at a practical price. After all, does a $9,000 range mean you will never again burn your food? Does it automatically mean your food will taste better? We will let you ponder the answers to those questions.

The winner of this match-up? For the cost vs. value, it is clear that THOR wins in this category. 

THOR vs. Thermador: The Real MVP

There is no denying that both THOR and Thermador offer incredible ranges that will fit beautifully in any kitchen. They are both made with quality and performance in mind. As Thermador goes over the top with its enhancements, THOR puts time and energy into offering a professional product that won’t disappoint — giving you everything you need and want all wrapped up in a timeless stainless steel package. 

After all, even those who want a little bit more can be deterred by such a hefty price tag. 

Looking at all the match-ups, there is only one real winner. Congrats, THOR Kitchen. You’re the real MVP.