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July 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

12 Tasty Summer Cooking Ideas to Try

Summer Cooking Ideas

It is summertime – days lounging by the water, kids laughing and playing, and the smell of a delicious barbecue grill. For many, this is likely the first thing you think about when you hear tasty summer cooking. After all, what is summer if you are spending your long, sunny days outside, right?

Its all about getting hot then jumping in the water to cool off. A nice glass of lemonade or tea (or, of course, a frozen adult beverage such as Bahama Mama or a Pina Colada), some sliced watermelon, cool summer salads, and anything the grill can cook up.

And, the best part is that you don’t have to have a grill to make it happen. Bring the barbecue indoors – and enjoy the air conditioning. Use your professional range or range top to make the delectable eats.

Hold tight. We’ve got some great ideas for you for tasty summer cooking that you won’t want to miss.

Here are 12 tasty summer cooking ideas you can try today.

Summer Cooking Ideas

Face it, when your family is out and about playing, swimming, or sitting still hoping to make it by without totally melting, they are going to be hungry. They are going to want to munch on some food – especially since the majority of them will be working up an appetite.

So providing some small bites or appetizers for your friends and family is crucial to keeping everyone happy and full.

Fresh guacamole. How about some cool, creamy guacamole served alongside some tortilla chips? With hints of tomato and onion amidst the flow of avocado – it’s a great summer treat.

Jumbo shrimp with cilantro and chilis. Fire up that grill and enjoy some grilled shrimp stuffed with a kick of spice. Filling finger food that is actually good for you – imagine that!

Grilled chicken caesar salad crouton cup. You know how cool and refreshing salad can be when it feels like an oven outside. But, who wants to deal with all that mess? Instead, opt for a pop-in-your-mouth type of salad like this.

Main course

People sit outdoors soaking up the rays, smelling the food that is to come. As stomachs growl, you want to cook up some great – yet simple – foods that can be easily enjoyed at the table or poolside. You can use your outdoor grill or your range or cooktop indoors for these light and filling main courses.

Paella. This Spanish rice dish is a signature for many during the summertime. This rice dish filled with things like chicken, pork, sausage, shrimp, mussels, etc. is very versatile. You can switch it around adding the ingredients you have on hand at the time. There are no set of rules.

Grilled chicken with white BBQ sauce. Grilled chicken is a crowd-pleaser. It’s healthy and it tastes good. That makes it a win-win. Adding some white BBQ sauce – yes, white – made of mayo, horseradish, cayenne, sugar, and cider vinegar gives it a yummy yet tangy flavor.

Red snapper with chunky tomato and watermelon salsa. For those who love fresh fish, this red snapper recipe is wonderful. It brings in the flavor of the fish on the grill as well as the cool summer addition of a unique and tasty tomato and watermelon salsa.


Are you ready to take your BBQ and summertime eats to a whole new level? If so, then you will not want to spend all your time on the main course. Instead, you will want to devote just as much attention to the side dishes. Like these!

Grilled veggies with honey-thyme vinaigrette. Veggies are good for you. And even those who don’t like them can get fooled by how great the grill can make them taste. With the addition of a sweet and tangy vinaigrette such as this one, and you can sit back and watch your guests gobble them up.

Watermelon, tomato, and feta salad. Back on this red combo of watermelon and tomato, combined with feta cheese, and you’ve got yourself a cool, delightful salad. Of course, some mint, red onion, honey, and olive oil top it all off. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. It is definitely a crowd-pleaser –, especially on a hot day.

Grilled pineapple salsa. Eat it with your main course, use it as a side with chips, or eat it all on its own. This delicious recipe is sweet and spicy and truly a summertime must-have.


Finishing up your summertime menu with a bit of dessert is going to make the meal seem complete. Light and cool desserts work best for the heavy heat. Of course, so do various popsicles and ice cream.

Key lime pie. A summertime staple in the south – key lime pie – is a light dessert that will be a great finisher to any barbecue. It is a tart taste with a sweet crust that gives you a sense of pure perfection.

Caramel delight cookie apple salad. Perhaps one of the most uncommon dessert choices, you will soon discover why it should make this list. With a mixture of pudding, cookies, apples, and coffee creamer, you will be surprised at just how tasty this treat is.

Frozen fruit kabobs. Take your favorite fruits, such as pineapple, mango, strawberry, etc. and add them to a stick. Drizzle chocolate over them and freeze. Delicious and on the healthier side of dessert eating.


Your summertime meals should be easy to make and easy to consume. After all, don’t you want to spend all the time in the kitchen while your family and friends are out enjoying the long summer days, right? Don’t let that happen.

Instead, create menus based on delicious and healthy meals that you can throw together in no time. Some you may even be able to plan ahead. Then, surprise your guests with a delicious meal that kicks hamburgers and hot dogs to the curb. No one will know how easy it was unless you tell them.

So dust off that grill or fire up that cooktop with a griddle and get yourself cooking. Enjoy the rest of your summer.