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The Best Electric Cooktop For Any Kitchen

The best electric cooktop for any kitchen

When it comes to filling a kitchen with appliances that will make a difference in the look, feel, and functionality of the space, you are going to need something to cook with. For one, it is an all-in-one range. For others, it is finding the best electric cooktop. And, yes – there are even those individuals that opt for both!

If you are making changes to your kitchen and are interested in the perks of adding an electric cooktop, then you are in the right place. Let’s talk about them.

What is a Cooktop?

Simply put, a cooktop is the cooking area of a range. It is the top area of burners – without the oven. This one-piece drops in the countertop and is connected to a heat source, whether electric, propane, or natural gas. They can be ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. In other words, there are so many variations and different cooktops to choose from. If you are new to the idea, there’s a lot to catch up on.

Cooktops have been around for a while. Sometimes they are found in homes where there is no range, but rather two separate units- a wall oven and a cooktop. In some kitchens, cooktops are used as a place to cook in addition to the range. For instance, many are found on the kitchen island.

Very generally speaking, the parts of a cooktop include a burner (the area that holds and heats the pots and pans), the control panel (the area where you set your temperature, timer, etc.), and the controls (the knobs you use to control each burner). Of course, there are a lot of internal parts that make these appliances work so efficiently.

Cooktops can range in size, so you can always find the right fit. Some smaller 30” cooktops are great additions to smaller kitchens, whereas a 48” cooktop may fit right in larger spaces.

What Makes a Good Cooktop?

There are so many different aspects that come together to make a good cooktop. But there are a few things that stand out above the others, including:

Size: This is great for those that cook a lot and is looking for additional burners. These individuals may be interested in larger cooktops. But the smaller options fit great inside small spaces.

Easy to Clean: Most often, cooktops are easy to clean. This is especially true for electric glass top cooktops. Simply wipe down spills.

Auto-Shutoff: We are easily sidetracked today, so having a cooktop that automatically shuts down for you when the cooking is done can be, quite literally, a life saver.

Energy-EfficiencyCooktops built with energy efficiency in mind are not only beneficial for the world around you but for your bank account, too.

What About Gas Cooktops?

THOR Kitchen has professional gas cooktops in both 30 inches and 36 inches. They are designed of stainless steel and offer many features that can benefit you as you cook. Because of their durable build, they can withstand high heat and heavy use without impacting their longevity.

The long-lasting prostyle appliance will look great no matter what design your kitchen is. That means if you decide to have a makeover a year from now, your cooktop will still fit in, still look beautiful, and still work perfectly.

Let’s take a look at a few of the features of these drop-in stainless steel gas cooktops.

High-Intensity Burners: With a mix of regular burners and two high-intensity 18,000 BTU power burners, you get intense heat – fast.

Professional Illuminated Knobs: When in use, the knobs illuminate in a bright modern blue. Not only does this look great, but it lets you know a burner is turned on, too.

Continuous Cast-Iron Grates: These grates are durable and easy to clean no matter how much you use your cooktop or how many foods spill or boil over.

Automatic Electric Ignition: Unlike an always-lit pilot light, this option uses less gas and reduces the need to light burners.

Liquid Propane Conversion Option: For those who prefer propane over natural gas.

Now, while gas may have its perks and have its own following, we are here to talk about electric cooktops. After all, there is just something about cooking amazing recipes with an electric cooktop that is just different from other options out there.

Electric Cooktops For the Win!

There are many people who have a preference for electric cooktops. And THOR Kitchen is offering two options – a 30-inch and a 36-inch glass cooktops that are durable, powerful, and high-performing, yet also very sleek in their design.

With the electric cooktop, you have precise heat that can slowly simmer or quickly boil whatever it is you are cooking. Plus, there are so many other features, too, such as:

Tri-Zone Lightning Boil Burner: This is a center burner in the middle that has three rings for you to control with the touch of a button. It can do everything from bill water to melt chocolate.

Sync Burner: Heat large pans, griddles, dutch ovens, and more when you have two burners that can heat food in sync. Essentially it gives you one long burner for even cooking.

Automatic Shutoff: For safety reasons, having an automatic shut-off is beneficial. This feature is designed to shut off as soon as it is done cooking.

Cooking Elements: Get rapid, reliable, consistent heat from all your burners every time.

Many Power Levels: You also get control over your power levels when cooking, from simmer to boil and everything in between.

Touch Glass Controls: With touch controls, you get more control over your cooktop.

Easy to Clean: Because of the glass cooktop, spills and grease can easily just be wiped away with ease.

Shop THOR Kitchen for the Best Electric Cooktops

THOR Kitchen offers high-quality, durable appliances that work smoothly and efficiently every time. Our cooktops are no exception. While we do create a fantastic gas cooktop, the sleek glass electric cooktop is one that stands out – in both aesthetics and functionality. This is an addition to your kitchen that you will not want to miss.

For more information, contact us directly. Alternatively, you can find the best electric cooktop for your kitchen by searching for your nearest dealer.