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January 31, 2023 | Ranges

The Most Popular Types of Kitchen Ranges

The most popular types of kitchen ranges

There are those kitchen appliances that you think you need. And then there are those kitchen appliances that you truly need. And a range is the latter. So, why not invest in one to ensure you’re cooking your best meals? There are many types of kitchen ranges to choose from and each offers features and perks to get the job done.

Still on the fence? Let’s think about it – what if you had a kitchen you couldn’t cook in? What would be the point of the kitchen at all? A cold drink from a refrigerator is great, but when all you can pair it with is a pb&j, it can lose its joy rather quickly.

Popular Types of Kitchen Ranges

With a range, you can bring your kitchen to life. You have endless meals that you can prepare and desserts that you can bake. You can fill an oven with a turkey or even a frozen pizza. You can make soup on the stove or melt chocolate to dip strawberries in. There is no doubt that life is sweeter with a range. 

So, how do you know which range to choose? Let’s take a look at 3 of the most popular types of kitchen ranges.

1. Gas Ranges

Gas ranges are one of the most popular ranges on the market. You turn it on and get instant heat – a constant flame on your stove that you can visibly see and adjust if you need to. They are said to bring your water to a boil much faster than electric ranges, which means when you are trying to get your dinner on the table after a busy day at the office – there is a good chance that a gas range may get it there quicker.

Another bonus that comes with a gas range is that it is often less expensive to use – especially if your home is already set up for natural gas or propane. Keep this in mind as they may be a little more costly upfront – but you’d be saving for years to come. 

Of course, there are many features that come with Thor Kitchen’s gas ranges, such as: 

● High powered burners ranging from 650 BTU to a whopping 18,000 BTU

● Luxglide telescopic racks that extend all the way without tipping

● Infrared broiler for even heating

● Commercial convection fan

LED control panel lights

● Large 5.2 cubic foot oven capacity

● Blue porcelain oven interior for a stylish appearance

● Continuous cast-iron cooking grates for durability

● Black porcelain spill tray on the stovetop for easy cleaning

● Heavy-duty control knobs

● Automatic re-ignition feature

Plus, with Thor Kitchen’s gas ranges, you are able to decide whether you prefer natural gas or propane. 

2. Electric Ranges

If you are more interested in electric ranges, you will find that they come with their fair share of perks, too – and are a preferred option of many. After all, they typically can provide a higher level of steady heat than gas options yet perform better at low heat, too. Their even flow of heat means that you have a better chance of evenly cooking your food, too. And, let’s not even mention how convenient the smooth top is when it comes to keeping your appliances looking sharp and staying clean. 

Electric ranges at THOR Kitchen don’t come without their features, too, including:

● Smooth glass top that offers a sleek design that is easy to clean 

● Five heating elements (on the 36-inch option), ranging in power from a 100W warming zone to a 3,000W Lightning Boil Element

● The Lightning Boil Element provides intense heat for boiling but also a controlled simmer, too

● A true convection fan that blows heat from the 1300W heating element for even, optimal baking

● LED control panel lights

● Large 6.0 cubic foot oven capacity

● Stunning blue porcelain interior

● Heavy-duty control knobs

● Multiple cooking modes, including bake, convection bake, broil, and convection broil

3. Dual Fuel Ranges

The dual fuel range gives you the best of both worlds as it comes with an electric range and a gas stove. In other words, it takes the best aspects of each of the other ranges and combines them into one phenomenal cooking experience. 

Ask any chef, and they will tell you that a gas stove is the best option for cooking. Not only do you get heat, but you get precise heat. When you turn the burner off, the heat disappears. There is no residual heat to keep cooking something delicate that you left on the burner. Just as when you turn the heat up, you get full heat instantly – without having to wait for burner coils to heat, too. That means you can cook your food faster from the get-go. 

And, of course, a baker will tell you that an oven with electric heat gives you a much more even baking experience–even more so with a convection fan. An electric oven has a steady, even flow of heat, whereas a gas oven heats to the right temperature and then kicks off. It constantly lights and re-lights in an attempt to keep the temperature inside the oven even – except it only results in a fluctuating temperature. 

While this alone should be the biggest perks of a dual fuel range, Thor Kitchen offers quite a few more must-have features to make your experience enjoyable. These include: 

● High-powered BTU burners ranging from a simmering 650 BTU burner to a high-powered 18,000 BTU burner 

● Luxglide telescopic racks that easily extend fully without tipping 

● Energy-efficient heating

● Commercial convection fan

● LED control panel lights in a snazzy blue

● Large 5.2 cubic foot oven 

● Beautiful blue porcelain interior 

● Continuous cast-iron cooking grates for durability and easy cleanup

● Heavy-duty control knobs

● Black porcelain spill tray under burners

● Automatic re-ignition features on the stovetop 

Putting together a kitchen you love and enjoy requires appliances that you can both count on that also look great, too. With THOR Kitchen, your range will come in timeless stainless steel that is as functional and durable as it is shiny, versatile, and easy to clean

You will want to take the time to decide what matters most to you when it comes to cooking – and whether your preference lies with a gas range, an electric range, or a dual fuel range that offers you the best of both.